What your nationality?

Curious about peoples backgrounds if your willing to share and if you can remember where your families came from.

I’m Cuban, Filipino, Chinese, Scottish, & Irish.
From what I remember My Chinese grandpa was native of USA, my Cuban grandma was leaving Cuba during the cold war, my other grand parents are from Liverpool and left to the Americans around the 50s.

I am as Brazilian as one can get.
Never heard or met a single trace of family from anywhere else in the world. As far as the family name goes, most likely descendant of Portugal/Spain (the ones that colonized the south America so… yeah).

I have a few ethnicities kicking around in the old dr_monocle family tree, but I usually just simplify it to biracial.

My mother is Cuban and came to the USA when she was a kid. My father is black and was born on a farm in South Carolina. Sometimes I get a kick out of when people try and guess what my heritage is based on their perceptions of identifying features. It fascinates me.


I hail from the great Yorkshire, crown jewel of P I S S L A N D

it’s alright


My mother is from the Netherlands and all of her father’s family is as well, and her mother and her family are from Suriname, the smallest country in South America that I often have to convince people is actually a real place. My father is primarily Scottish as far back as we can tell.

I’m Irish / Jewish. My mom’s family came to the US from Ireland in the 1890s and my dad’s family came to the US from eastern Europe in the 1930s, and they both ended up in NYC.

I’m full on Pinoy but I have roughly 1/4 Chinese heritage from my mom’s side. Heard from my grandma on my dad’s side that I have distant Portuguese ancestors.


I am incredibly Scandinavian.

I’m like 1/8th Scottish, 1/8th Irish, 1/8th Welsh and then the other 5/8ths is English. all of us have been in Canada for generations though, I have heard unverified reports that one ancestor was a spy in the revolutionary war. So we are basically just Canadian culturally speaking.

To be pedantic, my nationality is American though I have mostly English and German ancestry.

I get the interest in genealogy, my mom is really into it, but it really rubs me the wrong way when Americans (I’ve only even encountered Americans that do this) talk about being “Irish” or “German” because of some ancestry. If your family has been in a the US for at least 3 generations, you’re nationality is American. Even ethnicity only counts up to about 3 generations of interbreeding, so I can’t even say I’m ethnically English only the closest is Western European. Granted, there are valid sub-cultural groups you can claim membership in such as Irish-American or Italian-American, but that isn’t your nationality or even ethnicity (both examples fall under Western European). I don’t mean to be too down on this thread, but generally this kind of attitude tends to go hand-in-hand with othering minority ethnicities and to the extreme: white supremacy.

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Happy to see another Filipino on here!

Also Filipino as hell. Don’t have any interesting heritage from my parents: Mom was born to country folks, old man born to city folks. Lived in Manila all my life.

My family has lived in the same town for around 150 years, so I guess that’s the most interesting part about my background?

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I am a biracial American. Half Black, half White. Mom is mainly Irish Catholic with a little French mixed in. Dad is African-American. We’re all from the Midwest, but somehow mom and I ended up in Florida.

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Cool! Where in Manila do you live? I’m from Paranaque myself (wow never expected to type that on an American forum). Are we the only Pinoys here? Let’s all hang out sometime.

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Mom’s side of the family is Puerto Rican, dad’s side is Polish.

I have a real fun time on employment applications or anything that asks you what your racial makeup is. I’m not completely hispanic but I’m also not white either. All the options are like white(not hispanic) or mixed(not hispanic) and I’m like ??? I’m mixed please just let me say that

Cuban on my dad’s side, Nicaraguan on my mom’s. I wouldn’t say I’m completely Americanized, but my parents never had time to teach me a lot of shit, Spanish among them. I can speak a fair amount and understand more (less embarrassed about my pronunciation when I don’t gotta talk). My mom’s not a huge fan of my more Cuban dialect though, because it sounds “unsophisticated”. There’s a not-unsurprising amount of dislike among certain Latino nationalities down in South Florida.

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My pop was born in Greece, came to Canada in the 60s, met my Canadian as hell mom in the 80s and that was that.

I’m Scottish from Scotland.

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I’m also Scottish from Scotland. (But now I live in London)

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Guess I’m the third full-blown Filipino here! I mean, yeah, I’m 1/8th Spanish, which explains the relatively fair skin, but that’s all the foreign blood in me. I think. Lived here in Metro Manila all my life too!

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I’m Danish, living in London. I don’t know much about my ancestry because I never had much contact with extended family, but I don’t really care either so it works out.