Whatcha Cooking? [Food Pictures]

I dropped my Oreo cheesecake which was a goddamn Greek tragedy, but was able to save it. Use a white chocolate glaze/cement to fill in the cracks, here’s the finished product. It’s kinda like a Japanese porcelain art piece. You accept the imperfections in life


I made a lasagna for the first time, and it turned out great, if a bit flat (the tin was too wide in retrospect). Cutting the veggies was a ton of work, though…

Cheesecake is becoming enough of a routine for me that I’m starting to mess with the recipe (by adding a thin layer of cherry jam in this case).


Yesterday it was a tasty potato omelette made with garlic and 4 eggs.
Creamy and delicious.


Every time I make pizza I get better at making pizza!

Also I made pitta breads!


Made some cheesecake brownies for Father’s Day.


Father’s Day BBQ!


Picked jalapeños!


From the 4th
Strawberry daiquiri

Red Velvet Cake with butter milk frosting and fruit on top

Homemade blueberry cheesecake ice cream with apple crumble

Pina Colada

After the 4th
We tried making our own American Chinese, only thing we didn’t make was the egg rolls. Using actual oranges for orange sauce is much better then the store brand stuff it turns out

Popsicle’s + Raspberry Smirnoff + Bawls


Not cooking but I got a Moka Pot for making coffee and it has completely replaced my Aeropress now.


Crunchy lady sandwich:


Homemade pizza from the dough, this time with wholemeal flour. The basil leaves come from the plant in my balcony.

Oh, and the Detective game was a good time, too!


Sweet and sour pork. This one was a bit intimidating because it was the first time I battered and/or deep fried anything. The sauce is wonderful but I should have boiled it a bit longer, it was still liquid enough to make the meat soggy.

(Recipe from here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4fFSKXIsBs)


No pictures, I just want to commiserate over the fact that I completely botched my most recent batch of kimchi. :frowning: I made a completely insufficient amount of paste, with not nearly enough water, and then foolishly tried to salvage things by adding more water at the end. I knew it was the wrong approach, but I did it anyway, and my poor cabbage paid the price by getting all sickly gray and mushy. RIP cabbage. Serves me right for not refreshing my memory of Maangchi’s recipe before starting.


Normalize sharing failures alongside successes!


sorry to hear about your cabbage! it stinks to put in all that time and not get a decent product at the end.

reminds me that i need to try to get back on the sauerkraut horse…

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Made my first ever cake for little brother’s birthday party.


I tried in the exact same proportions of ingredients thanks for putting the efforts in writing this amazing recipe, keep sharing more. all the undercooking pictures are making me starve more

Risotto with dehydrated mushrooms
First I left the dehydrated mushrooms… well, hydrated, with warm water for about half an hour. I cooked some cut onions with butter, then added the raw rice and the mushrooms (keeping the water on a side). I throwed in a stream of one of my favorite white wine, then stirred for about a minute.
The key is to have the rice cooked with the rest of the ingredients, slowly adding the water that you kept from the mushrooms, damping the rice without flooding it too much. As it gets cooked and evaporated, you have to keep adding more water. If you need more just use common water or cooking broth. I had 200g of rice, and that took about 20 minutes.

Finally I added a huge load of butter, about 40g (it would be about 20g for every 100g of rice), and the cheese (I didn’t have Parmesan cheese, but semi-cured cheese served me well).


Japanese curry with white rice and breaded chicken cutlet with a fried egg and sriracha sauce. Perfect comfort food.


Nice! Got the recipe?