Whatcha Cooking? [Food Pictures]


Jumping back in here to show my girlfriend and mine’s post-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving meal pt. 2. Main highlights include:

Oven baked potatoes and veggies

100% dairy-free mac and cheese

Turkey breast marinated overnight in hot sauce (I was skeptical at first too) and fried in our new airfryer


Got homemade pork dumplings with bok choy, bolognese with homemade, hand cut pasta, scallops with a veggie risotto and beef udon noodle dish!


beef stew in the slow cooker. first I sautéed the meat with olive oil until brown on both sides. Dumped the meat in slow cooker, sautéed garlic and onions in juices for a few minutes, then added beef broth and red wine, cooked until reduced (about 8 minuts)

Added to meat in slow cooker, along with chopped carrots and potatoes, bay leaf, thyme, salt and pepper.

After cooking about 4 hours on the high setting:

I added worcestershire and soy sauce to taste, will continue to cook on low for a few more hours, so the meat will get super tender like it does in a slow cooker.