What'cha reading?


Are the latest books any good? I remember reading the first three Assassin books when they released and back then I loved them to bits. The subsequent sequels though (Fools Fate et al) left me cold. One thing that bugged me was that FitzChivalry’s story felt complete after the first trilogy and I saw no reason to drag his old retired ass back for a new adventure.

Anyway, stuff I’m reading: I’ve been on a GRRM bender the last couple of months and currently working my way through Storm of Swords. So far so good, but I haven’t reached the Red Wedding yet which is the point after which I felt the show began to derail.

I’m also reading Osamu Tezuka’s Ayako, which deals with Japan post WW2. It’s great, obviously, but also highly political and it features disturbing themes including calculated murder, rape and family sexual abuse. Not quite what I expected though in hindsight perhaps it should have been, especially after MW and The Book of Human Insects.


I just finished Jason Schreiers “Blood, Sweat and Pixels” and now I’m looking for other books about the game industry so suggestions are welcome :wink:


I’m in the beginning pages of this. I’m a massive Shakespeare geek, so it’s right up my alley.


Have you read Console Wars? Another goodie, though quite old now, is Steven Levy’s “Hackers”. There’s a great chapter toward the end on Sierra On-Line. The whole book is worth reading infact if you want to know about pioneering programmers during the 60s and 70s.


I haven’t read any books about games before “Blood,…” so thanks for your reply. Will check them out for sure.


I have been reading Leviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey (I wasn’t cool enough to start reading The Expanse before the show). I have been really impressed by both the structure of the writing and the prose itself (note: this maybe because I have just finished reading a bunch of Star Wars books that were churned out in time for the movies).

The interesting thing about the writing structurally is that every chapter alternates between the two main characters and the narration is a super tight 3rd person, never leaving to focus on other characters. This creates a pendullum like rythm as the story swings back and forth on a 1 for 1 schedule between the A and B plots.

I’ve found that this has alleviated something that has always frustrated me in big fantasy and sci-fi books; when the narration leaves a character’s story on a cliff-hanger and then procceeds to spend multiple chapters spinning it’s wheels with filler. Leviathan Wakes has great cliff hangers and tense endings to it’s chapters but they never get frustrating because you know that you only have to read another chapter to find out what happens next. Of corse the fact that the two protagonists are both fairly interesting and their two separate stories are both compelling help immensely but I think it’s this structure that really keeps the plot’s momentum moving ever forwards.

Apart from the cool structure, the plot is nice and conspiracy riddled and the world that the two writers have created feels really fleshed out. It has just the right amount of cool and (probably) realistic space stuff and is always at least consistent with it’s internal logic which I really enjoy. Really looking forward to diving into the rest of the series!


You are in for a treat - I have rarely read a book where the ending lives up to the premise so well.


Just reading the second of the Steerswoman books by Rosemary Kirstein which are apparently some kind of open secret? I had never heard of them but then I mention them and everyone else seemed to know about them already and appreciate their greatness. They start out as pretty straightforward- but well though through and characterised - fantasy but as time goes by it is starting to look as though magic might be working from Clarke’s maxim and that raises a whole lot of interesting questions about what is happening in the world.

Also finished Alistair Reynolds Revenger as an audiobook and that is a lot of fun- kind of like a Victorian age of sail story of adventure on the high seas, only set in the far distant future when people travel between the worlds around the Old Sun in sunjammers sailing the photon winds. It has a real sense of lost and forgotten technology and the sailing folk are a bunch of scowly coves with their own futuristic-dickensian slang.

Both well worth reading.


i really like the structure too altho i found in a couple later books that it got a little tiresome bc Almost Every Chapter Ends On A Cliffhanger

like it’s fine, it doesnt mess up the flow too badly, but it just felt like i was seeing the cogs turning a little too much i think?

i havent quite settled on how i feel about the series as a whole altho im only up to book four. leviathan wakes & butcher of andersen station are prob my fav, i hope you like em!!


I recently finished Forbidden Colours - Yukio Mishima which I read pretty much entirely based on the fact a character in Persona 5 is named after him. It was good! About being sad and gay and beautiful in '50s Tokyo.
There’s a metaphor, throughout, about Fires In The City which I’m not smart enough to figure out beyond noticing that it’s there. (After multiple instances of talking about fires elsewhere our boy encounters one himself in the final chapter). Something with, control or, energy, or, I don’t really know.
Also the point of view of the narration is really… fluid? Which took me a little while to get used to. Like, in a scene with four people having dinner the narration will sort of constantly swing between them whenever it feels like it, not even bothering to start a new paragraph half the time.
I liked it though

Now I’m finally reading Cloud Atlas after not watching the movie like five years ago or whatever because I wanted to read the book.


Yes! I loved the ending, took me by surprise, actually.

Highly reccomend this book. I was terse in my description before because I don’t want to spoil twists…
To sum up, there are two simultaneous narratives: a terraformed planet that a scientist is attempting to seed with human sentience by dumping a pod of monkeys and a very specific nanovirus, and a linguist who spends most of his time in cyrosleep (or whatever the sci fi equivalent is in this book) on an ark ship floating in space with a cargo of frozen humans.

Next I’m reading Bird Box by Josh Malerman, very creepy so far.


I recently binged on a trio of mystery/thrillers by an English author named Ruth Ware. All of them are pretty well paced, fun reads, though they tend to fizzle a bit in the final act. In A Dark, Dark Wood is the best of the lot. Currently, I’m reading the new Stephen King, Sleeping Beauties, written with his son, Owen. That’s been more of a slog, reminiscent of Under the Dome, in that it jumps among a handful of characters I don’t care much about, including a couple of animal POV chapters. The premise hasn’t grabbed me yet, either.


Best bit about these threads? Scrolling through and finding books I have never heard of and adding to my wishlist :joy:

I won’t list them but thank you all.


Yep, I’m the exact same. I don’t read as quickly as I used to, so I only really post in threads like this once or twice a month but I spend the rest of the time adding lots of stuff to my Goodreads To-Read list :laughing:


I literally have 800 books on my kindle I have yet to read, nevermind my wishlist. I need to stop buying books until I’ve read more…


I’m enjoying The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon. It’s about a teenager with autism who tries to solve the murder of his neighbor’s dog. Written in first-person and it’s fascinating reading so far.


mostly i am reading the writings of and books about Erasmus for a term paper.


i’ve started digging into All the Light We Cannot See. i feel like i don’t read enough books to say if it’s good or not? but i’m enjoying it regardless. reading is fun & i feel better for it when i can make time


So 6 months later I finally finished all 5 (plus 1 supplemental book with short stories) PJ&O books and Loved them! Finished The Gunslinger, it was okay, and got halfway through book 2 and stopped because I remember His Dark Materials is getting a TV show so I started that trilogy instead since I’ve been meaning to and I’m loving the first book so far.


currently reading SPQR, a history of ancient Rome, by Mary Beard. great read.