What'cha reading?


I’m a couple of chapters into Space Opera by Catherynne M. Valente and dear god I love this book so far.

When the aliens come, there’ll be one queue to fight them and one queue to fuck them, and the second one’ll be longer by light-years.


I got a new Dune special edition hardcover


I’m always tempted by everything Folio Society put out, they’re all such gorgeous copies of books. That Dune one in particular, wowzer.


I’m reading The Power Broker, Robert Caro’s biography of Robert Moses, aka the guy who got most of New York Cities’ park system (and a lot of highways) built. It is exhaustively researched and absolutely fascinating, much like his work on LBJ.


weird! what’s the deal with this…?


What do you mean?


who made it? how new is it? do they do other things like this? where can i get it? is there anything new in the text? it looks interesting… is that alia on the bottom? is that on the cover?


Oh, it’s from the Folio Society. They do a bunch of books, from history to philosophy and religion to fantasy and sci-fi. Theis Dune vol was done in 2015 for the 50th anniversary. This is the production details:

Bound in buckram, printed and blocked with a design by Sam Weber
Set in Dante with Helvetica Neue and Black Tulip display
576 pages; frontispiece, 11 colour illustrations and a number of black & white tailpieces
Endpaper map by Martin Sanders
Pictorial slipcase with a design by Sam Weber
10˝ x 6¾˝


Original appendices included as follows, including the ‘Terminology of the Imperium:

Appendix I
The Ecology of Dune
Appendix II
The Religion of Dune
Appendix III
Report on Bene Gesserit Motives and Purposes
Appendix IV
The Almanak en-Ashraf



Picked up Jac Jemc’s The Grip of It in my favorite STL bookstore on a whim and loved it. Great postmodern haunted house story. Started Mur Lafferty’s Six Wakes last night. So far pretty intriguing.


beautiful! thanks!


Thank you so much! Seeing how much I love the first and last of those, I’m going to treat that Addison recco as gospel.

I just finished the first two novellas in Martha Wells’ Murderbot Diaries. Definitely scratched that Ann Leckie itch for me. Currently a couple of chapters into Elizabeth Bear’s Karen Memory, still waiting for it to click. I had an irrational skepticism towards Bear’s writing for a long time because of her positive opinions about a TV show I didn’t personally like back when she was reviewing it for Tor.com. Thankfully, I grew up sufficiently in the following half-decade to get over that skepticism, and I read and loved her Eternal Sky fantasy trilogy.


They definitely are! The Left Hand of Darkness especially is one of my favorites.

I actually hadn’t read anything of hers until I got to college, where I actually read Earthesea for a class on hero narratives. But at that point everyone seemed to know who she was, so maybe it does just depend on where you live or what people you’re around.


Loaned one book about Petrarca and one by him. I keep thinking about him standing by the ruins of the Roman Empire and then and there deciding to invent the renaissance. That probably didn’t exactly happen so I’m interested to learn more.


Under The Pendulum Sun by Jeannette Ng

The premise - Victorian missionaries travel to ‘Arcadia’ (Fairyland), to try to convert the Fae to Christianity - instantly piqued my interest.

It’s slow to get moving, but ultimately I enjoyed it. It’s weird, creepy and occasionally a little uncomfortable, but worth it.



Finished reading The Fellowship of the Ring to my eight-year-old. Now onto The Two Towers.


Working on two audiobooks right now

I was wanting to read this after I got out of Black Panther and listening to reviews on it, especially Waypoint’s discussion on it, where the BPP was brought up a few times. I didn’t know much about the Black Panther Party so wanted to educate myself.


This has been an interesting book so far, like how they’re going into Walt’s background without overlooking his flaws and mistakes.


I’ve been picking my way through Alex Wells’s Hunger Makes The Wolf, and it’s pretty good even though i haven’t had much time to actually read it lately. On a distant mining planet a biker gets involved in some Dune-Adjacent Space Magic and I am one hundred percent here for it

after this i think i’m gonna go back and actually try and force my way through Perdido Street Station. I love Miéville’s world building and storytelling but when I first picked it up I just couldn’t keep up.


Just read Shirley Jackson’s We Have Always Lived in the Castle for the second time, and it’s really great. She wrote it long after The Lottery, which is her most famous work, and it feels like it’s working with some similar ideas but bringing so much more complexity and nuance and beauty.

It was written in 1962, but the first time I read it I assumed it must have been written in the 80s or 90s, because it has very modern prose. It’s very deliberately structured, and it’s been a lot of fun for me to read, especially since I’ve been writing my own fiction a lot more recently and it’s a good book to read as an example of craft. I read it in like two sittings, even though I’m normally a very slow reader.


Perdido Street Station has a pretty slow start but once it really gets going and the shit begins to hit the fan story-wise I had a hard time putting it down. I hope you have a better time with it this time through! It’s one of my absolute favorite fantasy/horror novels.


@littlewords @Spacelung Perdido Street Station is so good, it was my first Miéville and it addicted me to his writing by the time I finished it, he’s so amazing at structuring a story and having that structure play into other more foregrounded elements in subtle ways, I think The Scar and Iron Council are even better at that than PSS tbqh but many of the books outside of the Bas-Lag series (in particular The City and The City) do that even better. My fave of his is still Iron Council tho, I bawled like a fucking baby at two particular parts in the back half of that book and cried a few times before that too…China’s gay ass sure knew how to make my gay ass cry with that one.