What'cha reading?


I can’t wait to dig into this list; thank you so much!


Last weekend I read Sennah Yee’s poetry collection How Do I Look? Yee’s poems are often short and always powerful. Here’s an example:

Lost In Translation (2003)

How come my alienation isn’t soft and beautiful?


Just finished reading The Fireman by Joe Hill. A decent beach read, plowed through it quickly although it didn’t hook me as much as his earlier book N0S4A2 did. Anyone who likes them some Stephen King really needs to pick up N0S4A2. The title is just awful but it’s a really great horror romp. As soon as I finished The Fireman I started re-reading it again, but I don’t know if I’ll finish it.

Also been working my way through a bunch of anthology books I’ve never gotten around to finishing. Got some Philip K. Dick I’m polishing off and I might finally get around to finishing The Chronicles of Conan.


I read The Northern Lights by Phillip Pullman because I never read these and so, why not. It’s alright.

I also read The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton which I enjoyed for the most part but ultimately was let down by the ending. It’s a time loop murder mystery, in which our protagonist lives the same day eight times as eight different people. (It is… more complicated than that, but that’s the gist.) The ending bugged me not because it’s an unsatisfying conclusion to the murder mystery part, but because I was all ready going into the final loop like ‘yes this is it time for everything to slot into place’ and then he spends the entire day unconscious or Having Things Explained To Him. Lost all momentum entirely.
It is also pretty appallingly fatphobic, frankly.
I like time loops a lot, and this was an interesting one.


i couldnt quite put my finger on why the end of the book fell flat for me but yeah you definitely got it like… i just felt sort of… deflated? the rest of the book is pretty fun i love Time Nonsense but yeah, fucked the landing lol


Me three who Seven Deaths didn’t quite click with! Couldn’t understand how it had gotten such rave reviews. It’s not bad and I enjoyed it but yeah, the ending fell flat, and It’s hard to explain but I found the writer seems to spend far too much time telling us what the main character wanted to do or was going through his head at any given moment. The protagonist seems to spend so much time thinking about doing things rather than doing things.

Also yeah, the body shaming stuff, what was that all about? I guess he was trying to say something about how different bodies can be it came across as rather mean spirited. There’s a way to do that without being so cruel.


I am current reading Argument of Kings by Joe Abercrombie. I highly recommend reading the First law trilogy if you like epic fantasy books. The highlight for me is Glokta. He is scheming, merciless, and will do anything to survive.

If you like Game of Thrones books, you will most likely enjoy the First Law books. There are also 3 standalone books.


Won’t your child be heading to college by the time you’re done?!


I started reading


The book starts with explaining the economic and cultural factors that gave rise to aristocratic merchants and how is tied to colonialism, before it goes into different strains of black radical thought and how they are more than just a response to colonialism. I’m still in the first third of the book. It’s well written, but I do need to have a certain level of focus to keep track of the information i just read.

To serve as an inspiration for my GMing I bought

The book is very upfront about the fact, that the framework and rules it sets up are not absolute, which I appriciate. There’s also some good humor throughout the book.

Once I’m done with Black Marxism I can’t wait to get into

Comic book writer and former games critic Kieron Gillen recommended the kickstarter to this book in his newsletter. I’m also a fan of Katie West’s writing and I’m very curious.


I recently finished “In Cold Blood” by Truman Capote. I am going to law school next year and heard that it would be a good read for an upcoming student. The funny part was that I was not aware that it was non-fiction until after I had finished the book. Once I found that out I was totally blown away.

I thought Capote was just crafting a story with a lot of detail and suspense. I was more surprised when I realized that he took something that really happened and turned it into an amazing narrative work.

As many probably already know and have heard, it’s a really great book that I recommend reading.


Finished Space Opera, I bloody loved it although I think the pacing goes out the window towards the end. Last chapter kinda feels like “and now the story is over btw” rather than some kind of pay off for the build up.

Other than that one issue though, I loved it. Valente creates a bunch of really unique and awesome alien races with imaginative and distinct personalities and traits and goddamn it’s just so much fun. The story is pretty light and straight forward, it’s more about the world-building and the descriptions of each alien species. It’s positive, it’s bright, it’s flashy and above all it’s very very dumb. And Valente revels in it.

Next up I’m going to read Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik. Uprooted is one of my favourite books of recent years so I’ve got pretty damn high hopes for it.


Literally just finished Spinning Silver just fifteen minutes ago, it was fantastic! Went to it for the exact same reason, too; Uprooted was something genuinely special.