What'cha reading?

I wish I’d bothered to read a catch up when I read this, it’s very confusing. I enjoyed the sequel though, I think it had the potential with the first contact story to go down a really bad path but I thought it was well-handled and the perspective of the new species was really cool.

Can you share that Reddit summary? I am about to start and could use a refresher.

I believe it was in this thread, hope this helps!


Was a little worried entering Piranesi, had heard some mixed things and the beginning was a bit off puttingly written for my tastes. It’s a short book and I’m a slow reader so something taking 50 pages to turn the corner is a bigger time investment for me than most and it takes up a good chunk of the book.

Once I rounded that corner though it turned into one of my favorite things I’ve read in some time. Again, context of me not being a big reader is probably important but for the first time in a long time I got into that “can’t put this book down” state. It’s a wonderful little puzzle box.


Finished A Desolation Called Peace, a few thoughts:
The POV in this book shifts constantly, which informs the main theme, which is first contact/finding common ground with something you consider Other. This story lets you walk a little while in almost every character’s shoes.
I mean, that’s what stories do, the good ones: they are empathy nets. Our brains tune into the point of view, not necessarily the authors, but crafted by them. Part of why I love reading, stories in general, it’s a temporary transformation of identity.
Anyway, sorry get metaphysical. It’s a good book. She keeps it about 90% politics, this time we get a glimpse of how the Fleet, Empire and Station works.


I’m about a third of the way into it and am kind of captivated. I’ve had a really hard time focusing on reading for a while now (so audiobooks have been great). Piranesi feels digestible in a way that is right for me, now. It’s so expansive and vivid, but also at least so far, reads in nice concise bites of a few pages at a time. I also really want to know what’s going on!

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What’s the Discourse.Zone™ opinion of The Priory of the Orange Tree? It has one hell of a cover but I will admit that, in my middle age, I am a little intimidated by the +800 page length.

I am currently moving pretty quickly through Gene Wolfe’s final novel, Interlibrary Loan. It’s a sequel to A Borrowed Man and, like its precedent, it’s a wonderful mystery/noir feeling little novel with, of course, a whole lot of the finer points going well over my head as they often do in a Wolfe novel.

Structurally, the format of entries within a chapter worked for me. Everything a place I could put it down in the near future made it more likely I would keep reading just a little bit further.

I liked that book a lot. A few times a year, I just want to throw myself into some head empty fantasy (not a criticism of the book, more that I just want to read the words on the page and vibe). Priory was that for me last autumn. I don’t remember too much of it now, but it was overall a positive, good experience reading it.

I’m not going to tell you that it’s doing anything revelatory, but it was a nice way to spend two weeks. I’ll probably read more of Samantha Shannon’s books when the time comes.

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I found the first part of the book, which is dedicated to medieval fantasy royalty, long descriptions of royal weddings and so forth, hard to get through.
The end has some huge battle setpeices I enjoyed.

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Got kind of bored with Old Man’s War so I decided to take a break and crack into Dawn.


Really like the set up, but I didn’t realize how old it was until a character mentioned the KGB, ha.

I can see a lot of the film Arrival’s influence in this. The way the main character describes the alien and how they speak felt very familiar.


I’m reading PKD’s Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch. I’ve read a lot of Dick but never this one. It’s pretty cool so far. Definitely dated in some ways but as per usual with PKD a lot of prescient visions of the future.


I just started rereading The Culture novels and started Berserk for the first time


Reading through Narnia for the first time, on book two. Prince Caspian is immediately more interesting than The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe, I found that one a bit boring.

On comic side I’m starting up Hellboy.

used the latest episode of cerebro as impetus to stop procrastinating and finally start reading the mike carey x-men/x-men legacy run. great stuff so far with amazing rogue characterization

Old Man’s War, The Forever War, and Starship Troopers are probably three of the best books one could pick for “military sci-fi with some social commentary.” Great choices. You may like Linda Nagata’s The Last Good Man.

Hah, reading a A Desolation Called Peace as well atm. Saw some people mention Culture series, heck yeah. Patiently waiting for the next Murderbot Diares.

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In the last 5 months I’ve devoured The Expanse books, the last few Harry Dresden books and listened to the Mike Nichols biography. But if I had to pick one book to recommend over everything else it would have to be Behind Her Eyes. It’s a psychological thriller about a woman who has an affair with her boss and tries to befriend his wife without her finding out. And then it gets weird.

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I’ve been flirting w/ reading the Expanse since an eternity ago, but never have. The show really landed with me, sounds like you enjoyed them though? I think I’ll get around to reading them but I’m eyeballs deep in like 4 other extremely long series

I am reading The End of Policing before starting the next Culture book