What'cha reading?

Recently I picked up Brad Duke’s Reflections: An Oral History of Twin Peaks. Before the pandemic, I only watched the original run of Twin Peaks, but a few months ago I decided to rewatched the first seasons and get around to seeing the movies and The Return. It was really a magic experience witnessing the 18 hours, and I became so hyper-fixated on it that my little autistic brain couldnt help but try and read most of the stuff written about Twin Peaks as a whole!

So far the book is about mostly funny anecdotes, even though some sound exaggerated, to say the least (e.g.: the Gorbachev one lol, although in my hearts of hearts I wish it was true). Some of the more insightful bits were the actresses’ accounts of how was it like to suddenly become super famous at such young age and with the little experience they had.

Right now,I just reached at the point they start discussing season 2, and am scared for what will happen lol But being a little more serious, I’m also excited to learn what went wrong. One motivator to keep reading is also the fact that I’m rewatching TP yet again with my friends who never saw it before, so I’m trying to give them a good introduction with trivia from the book haha.

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I just finished Dune. I read it back in high school (10+ years ago now), but wanted to read it again and the other books after watching the movie and hearing the Motherboard podcasts about the series. The world building and atmosphere of the book is so damn good. It’s so easy to create an image in your head while reading. I’m definitely going to continue reading the series.

Though after finishing the book it made me wonder about my experience reading it previously. When I first got this version of Dune it was much larger/longer than the version I had read back in high school. I just chalked that up to all the appendixes in the back of this version. Up until what this version calls Book 2: Muad’Dib and where the movie ended I felt like I war rereading everything. I remembered the major plot points. Then all of a sudden it was all new information. I read and was constantly hit with I don’t remember this at all! Until I got to Paul first riding a worm. It felt more like deja vu than rereading something though. So that might just have been me reading into the story and of course Paul will learn how to ride a worm. It was probably for the best as it wasn’t just rereading what I had mostly retained, but it only made me question my previous reading of the book. Did I get some weird abridged version? Did I just stop reading it after a certain point and don’t remember doing that? I wish I could find that book I read all those years ago and see if it can help me answer some of these questions because I’m so confused.

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