What'cha Watching? (TV or Film)

I figured since we got a thread on what people are reading, what people are playing, and what people are cooking, a ‘What’cha Watching?’ thread couldn’t hurt.

I’ve been watching a variety of things:

The first I wanna talk about is The Good Lord Bird:

This show starts with the line:

“All of this is true. Most of it happened.”

Which really sets the tone of the whole thing.

This show is great so far. Only one episode has been dropped, and already its completely dominated by Hawke and Johnson’s performances. True to life John Brown wasn’t this crazy, according to history Twitter, but his abolitionist adventures with his failsons and company makes for engrossing watching. They haven’t gotten into Frederick Douglas or Harriet Tubman yet, but I’m eager to see where it goes. I think there’s a lot of people who probably see this as a white savior tale, and it is sort of that, but the show also addresses this and gives the perspective of the ‘freed’ slaves under Brown’s wing. They seem to have the perspective of, “Oh, you took me from danger and put me in MORE danger. Thanks.”

But it’s worth watching just to see Hawke goin’ wild. He is like how he is in the trailer ALL OF THE TIME.

The next is Addams Family:

This is exactly the lowkey shit I need right now this spooky season. It’s dated as hell, and yeah there are definitely problematic elements, but I just love the whole dynamic of the Addams family. The subversion of sitcom characters still stands the test of time, and it has been a wonderful time to just get zooted with my boyfriend and zone out to the wholesome spooky family.

Lastly, I watched Zombie. Honestly, this didn’t stand out too much except for the phenomenal zombie effects. My partner and I both thought the plot was lacking, and the characters were bland, and the setting was offensive as hell… But GOD DAMN, the effects in this are really slapping around Savino’s work in Dawn. It’s insane.


Great thread idea! Given everything going to hell lately, my wife and I have been sticking with breezy comedies as of late. First up, CanCon!

The last season of Schitt’s Creek deserves all the praise it’s getting. The writing remains razor sharp as usual, with Catherine O’Hara’s scenery chewing continuing to be an absolute delight. The show definitely fills that void of Parks and Rex of just a bunch of good people doing good things. And the finale! Patrick singing Mariah Carey for his vows, the Jazzigals performing “Simply the Best”, straight tears :sob:. Really going to miss this cozy show.

Next up, Kim’s Convenience, a lovely little sitcom about the immigrant and first generation Canadian experience in Toronto. The show started a little shaky, feeling like another mediocre CBC attempt at portraying racialized Canadians, but it’s definitely found its footing in recent seasons with hilarious writing and confident performers. A highly underrated pick in your Netflix queue!

Finally, we just started pen15. Having only seen the pilot so far, I am intrigued but a little leery. The concept of two adult women comedians reliving their seventh grade experience with actual age appropriate casting around them is pretty funny on its own, but I’m a little icked out by the visual of grown women pining for preteen boys. Still, people are raving about this show so we’ll stick with it and trust that the creators know that they’re playing with fire here and tread carefully.


By the way! I strongly recommend not going to any theaters still!

Unless they’re drive ins! But even then, our ticket handler wasn’t wearing a mask/gloves -_-

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Because it’s spooky season, I’ve been watching the second season of The Terror (subtitled 不名誉 / Infamy). I enjoyed the first season about the Northwest passage, but to be honest it was only okay. I have a bit of a low bar when it comes to horror with anything approaching a novel setting like that, but even I have to admit that it didn’t really stick the landing at all.

The second season is completely divorced from the first with a whole new plot surrounding the internment of Japanese Americans in WWII. This is also a pretty novel setting for horror and so far it’s working for me but I’m only a few episodes in. It deploys some pretty common tropes about traditional family stuff vs integration that I’ve seen a lot before in Nisei stories, but it’s mostly well executed here and has a lot of Japanese American cast in it, including George Takei. The horror elements are kinda basic but still enjoyable.

I dunno it’s fine, unless it takes a drastic turn later seems like solid 7/10 horror TV


Oh so many things. I’m running a 31 Days, 31 Horror Reviews on my blog, so I’ve seen seven horror movies already. Some highlights would be Gremlins 2 and A Return to Salem’s Lot, which was just as crazy as Cameron Kunzelman promised.

I’m running like four TV shows at once right now, which is too many.

Raised by Wolves released too many episodes at once so I’m weeks and weeks behind. I think I’m at episode 5 when the whole season finished already. This thing rules so far. I have no idea where it is going, but its really dark and dark. I figure it has to introduce more to this world because otherwise you couldn’t have a Season 2.

Also Lovecraft Country which is easily the best TV show of 2020 already. Last episode had some Jordan Peele evil twin girls shit. (Isn’t it wild that Jordan Peele only has made two movies but his style is so strong I can use him as an adjective already?)

Been watching Big Little Lies finally, another really great show. Laura Dern rules.

Oh and finally the new season of Fargo… I don’t know about this one. Very excited about some parts, but the mob war stuff seems really stuffy and tedious. Why does every scene need like a five minute speech about the state of the world?

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I finally watched The Death of Stalin due to, you know, reasons. It’s good, it’s really good. Highly recommended. The slowly dawning realisation that you’ve actually been watching the struggle over who will be the new power behind the throne rather than the new guy in the big chair is played off fantastically, and all the performances are great. The dark comedy never diminishes the horror of what’s happening just off-screen, either.


Watched it 3-4 times now and genuinely might be my favourite movie in a long time. You’re right about how the dark comedy doesn’t diminish the horror but lol the comedy is so, so good. Jason Isaacs’s General Zhukov with a Yorkshire might be my favourite comedy performance in years.

“Right! I’m off to represent the Red Army at the buffet.”

“I mean I’m smiling, but I’m very fookin’ furious”

They should bring everyone (okay maybe except Jeffrey Tambor) back to roughly reprise their corresponding roles for the inevitable The Death of Trump.


Steve Buschemi would make an incredible Giuliani.


Ive been rewatching Ahoys documentaries on a TV but it isn’t a TV show series proper so not sure if it fits here. Their new video on video game boxes reminded me how good he is at putting together a documentary on seemingly an out of pocket budget so I ended up rewatching almost all of them. Shocked some streaming service hasn’t offered him money to make something considering his work is on par and above a lot of others that have an actual budget.

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Signed up for HBO Max last month during that discount promotion, mostly watching content from there.
Raised by Wolves and The New Pope are buck wild in completely different ways and I loved them.
A question about Raised by Wolves : did anyone else get a Souls game vibe from the costume designs, sets, and general atmosphere? It was this odd Dark Souls but in the future feeling.

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May fit into the current anime thread so mods feel free to move this. The 90s ghost in the shell film is what I’m going through currently. The sub timing feels off as well as being difficult to match subs to characters speaking so I’ll probably have to find a non YouTube version but aside from those tech issues I’ve been enjoying it thus far

I’m watching Forged in Fire, the knife/weapon-making reality competition because it’s nice to have a crafting-related show to have on in the background and watching people bladesmith is pretty entertaining. I’m also watching the 2014 BBC The Musketeers while I work and finding it very entertaining and fun overall. Both currently on Hulu.

So, I was in a mindless mood yesterday and decided to watch Goldeneye.


Still probably my favorite Bond film outside of Skyfall. (Spectre ruins Skyfall. Don’t @ me.)

I’m curious if there’s a word for the kind of 90s special effects that was all sparks and ricochets and no blood/impacts. There’s no other time period gun fights in movies looks like this except the 90s, and especially in this movie:

My guess is the push towards PG-13 films dominating the box office market, so you get these ‘safe’ gun fights that show no blood or impact but are HIGH on the splashes of light around the characters.


Bond movies are so silly.

I also think Natalya Simonova is probably my favorite ‘Bond Girl’ of all time. She has an arc, she’s pretty competent in her on preservation, and she’s actually super important to the story. One of my favorite lines from the film is when Bond is captured, and Natalya throws back a, “Kill him, he means nothing to me.” As a call back to Bond’s shitty behavior earlier in the film.

The Goldeneye OST FUCKING S L A P S too:


It’s also got the best theme song don’t @ me.

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God damn, Goldeneye is just so good.

I honestly love Skyfall so much because it’s a lite remake of Goldeneye but with the premise that ‘006 wins.’

That said, Skyfall has a ton of problems still. The women in that movie are treated harsher than they are in fuckin’ Connery’s run.


Now that I think about it, the Brosnan flicks might have the best theme songs. KD Lang’s “Surrender” (let’s ignore Sheryl Crow here), Garbage’s “The World is Not Enough”. Hell, even Mad’s weird Eurodance phase that brought us “Die Another Day” was alright in the early 2000s context.

Also, that new Billie Eilish Bond song slaps.

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Brosnan deserved such a better run than the movies he got. I still giggle about his Dad bod in Die Another Day:

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How wild would it have been if Remington Steele didn’t get in the way and he could have taken over for Roger Moore in the 80s? No shade on Moore, but Brosnan in A View To Kill would have been something.

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I thought Dalton was a great Bond too tbh, both him and Brosnan deserved better.

License to Kill felt very reactionary to the Drug War of the 80s, but I like the idea of Bond just going on a personal revenge mission.

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Goldeneye really was an incredible film. Shame that the other Brosnan movies couldn’t match that level of quality, because I really did like his performance as Bond.

(I know a lot of people consider it the worst BrosBond film for some reason, but I felt that The World is Not Enough was the only other one to be nearly as enjoyable.)