What'cha Watching? (TV or Film)

Is it basically Always Sunny but with everyone being rich assholes?

I’ve never watched Always Sunny, but Succession is more about the machinations of dipshit fail-children grasping for a piece of their ailing father’s business empire

It’s like “Hey, what if we made a show about the Koch’s?” basically

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There’s no chance Succession has a character as charming as that Koch failchild who spends millions of dollars designing Hawaiian shirts that can be worn in the boardroom and the discotheque


I forgot about that dude! Do you think Wyatt Koch influenced the work of Dan Flashes?


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On a whim I watched a horror movie with a very bland description on HBO called The Empty Man and right away I was pleasantly surprised. After reading about its troubled production and the directors intent on subverting expectations, I have a better understanding about what was going on with this movie.
Anyway, one of the better horror movies I’ve seen lately, would describe it as a cosmic horror/mystery. Props to whoever designed the monster in its various incarnations.


Watched Fear Street 1978 last night. It was… okay. I think the first one was better, but only slightly. My main issue is actually what I would consider the middle child syndrome. This movie serves as a bridge between the first movie and the third movie, and I think it suffers for that. There’s a pacing that works in the 1970s slasher flicks that they just cannot do in this one because there’s no time. I don’t feel like it’s as fast-paced as the first one, but it definitely feels like the movie has no room to breathe, and I think this is largely due to the film’s need to connect the first and third. I think this could have been a really good throwback film – the writer and director hit all the right beats and tone – but I feel like it ultimately misses the mark because of its function within the series.

That said, they set out to make a fully connected trilogy, so I’m not sure I can fault the creators for doing just that. I think I just wish the film could have stood on its own legs as a legit throwback horror film. As it is, it just won’t. The film just doesn’t work unless you’re watching it as a part of the entire trilogy.

Finished 2nd season of Mythic Quest, the sitcom set in a video game studio starring Rob McElhenney and Ashley Burch amongst others. This show was kind of sold as Silicon Valley but for games. It ends up being closer to It’s Always Sunny - not just because Rob McElhenney stars as the creative director but how it uses video games as a means of exploring some of the injustices of our society. This would be fine, but it is affiliated with Ubisoft - with various Ubisoft IPs being used as the standin for the MMO that the whole show revolves around. It can be a bit broad, but I generally liked both seasons, mainly for the cast who are all really good.

However, the actual highlight of Mythic Quest is that both seasons have had a one off ‘gaiden’ episode that only loosely involves the normal cast, but they generally go back in time to focus on completely different characters. The first season has an episode which revolves around these two developers (Cristin Milioti and Jake Johnson) behind a small survival horror game called Dark Quiet Death. It basically hits on them trying to pitch it, and then the game blowing up before growing into it’s own franchise spawning inferior sequels. Its really good and kind of frames the show nicely.

Similarly, the second season takes one of it’s core characters, a science fiction write and goes back in time to tell a story of when they were younger trying to get published for the first time. As someone who has aspired to write weird sci-fi tales, it really hit home. Again, another really stellar episode amidst the usual It’s Alway Sunny flow of the normal show.


Such a great show! Also, that quarantine episode hit me hard.

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I haven’t watched Mythic Quest yet, but I’ve wanted to, mainly because I love Always Sunny. I just haven’t taken the time. I’m currently binging Murder She Wrote, so maybe I’ll add this show to the list next.

In response to the latest waypoint plus movie pod, I would be SO interested to hear the crew’s thoughts on The Hunt. I just watched it on HBO Max and honestly is was fine. certainly not worth the “controversy” that it caused.

Also on HBO Max, I’ve started watching Warrior. That show fuckin owns.

Tried watching Bad Batch again because I was in the mood for Star Wars. Got about halfway through the episode I left off on. It’s incredibly by the numbers. How do we slow down this hyper-competent team? Oh, a kid! Great! Oh she gets lost in every episode chasing puppies? Wicked. It’s just running the gamut of cartoon plots, some of which The Clone Wars already did.

It also does the really bad Star Wars (and dare I say Filoni) thing of going back to the well of the same characters. Oh you liked Fennec Shand in The Mandolorian!? (Originally, yes, when she rose from the dead in Season 2 because you forgot how to make new characters, no.) Well, great, she’s here again because only 10 different characters occupy this universe! Oh you liked Fallen Order? Great, these guys knew him, too! WHY IS THIS UNIVERSE SO SMALL IT DRIVES ME NUTS.

Like, man, maybe I’m being harsh, but I think Bad Batch sucks. It is super rote and driven by the worst impulses of Star Wars fiction. Somebody else on this site liked it, I think, so clearly it must not be all bad, but I really wouldn’t recommend it even a little bit.


Finished Fear Street 1666 and therefore the entire trilogy. 1666 was by far my favorite of the three. I thought it wrapped up all of the stories nicely, and there’s much more to the story than meets the eye. There’s commentary on sexuality, gender, labor, and class, and it does it all with a great subtlety that doesn’t feel like pandering. At least not to me.

Anyway, the strength of the third entry makes the weakness of the first two entries really stand out, which is disappointing.