What'cha Watching? (TV or Film)

Started Wheel of Time tonight. I really enjoyed the first half of the series when I was a teenager, but fell off them fairly quickly when I realized that Jordan would be taking ten or fifteen years to finish the series at least, and this was before he started getting sick. Anyway, I realized that there were a ton of fantasy series that were already completed and wouldn’t require me to remember thousands of characters from a book series I last read three years prior when the previous book came out.

Anyway, it’s been like 25 years since I read The Eye of the World, so I only remember the major beats. From what I remember, they did a pretty good job with the major stuff, aside from a few additions. (One major addition in particular has potentially huge ramifications for one of the characters). But, I did enjoy the three episodes that are up.

I really like the actors they got to play the main four characters. The guy who plays Rand seems like a dingus, which is fairly well represented. But it seems the actors who play Perrin, Mat, and Egwene are all perfectly cast. Super interested to see where they go.

I just started it and haven’t ever read the books. Seems well done so far!

Meanwhile I’ve also been watching Invasion (Apple TV+) and … I’m four episodes in and it’s mostly lonely people being lonely amid some kind of disaster. There’s a mood for that, and I guess I have to admit that it’s sort of brave to take the story so very slowly. But it’s unfolding pretty darn leisurely.

oh, and! The next season of The Great just dropped on Hulu. I’ve been looking forward to it for a while, now.

Dragon Age sure did rip on Wheel of Time it seems.

Finished Cowboy Bebop Netflix. There’s some solid stuff in it, the changes they made I’m skeptical of but I suppose season 2 will be the determining factor in whether or not it’ll work.

It continued to be really on the nose with its writing and music. When the Syndicate is doing Godfather-like scenes it’s playing cliche Italian folk music, stuff like that kinda tells you everything you need to know about how all over the place it is.

A lot of the casting is just bad.

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I’ve only watched the first ep of Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop, but I do like what it’s going for. It’s not quite the same, but it feels like it at least likes the original anime, in a way adaptations like Death Note or Ghost in the Shell sorely lacked. Cho and Shakir are also very good in the first episode, and in a world where mainstream film has either Bi Lighting or PS360-era brown/grey color palettes, it’s nice to have a show that’s just kind of colorful in a fun way.