Whatever came of the Naughty Dog Sexual Harassment Claims?


Seems like that story came and went in the span of a week. Were there ever any updates? Did Naughty Dog ever do a more thorough investigation?


It was successfully swept under the rug and we’re never going to hear from it again unless someone puts pressure on them.

Seriously tho, they going to protect their people and not give a fuck about the victims as long as it makes them more money to do so.


Has the victim made anymore statements? Has he been public about anymore details?


Which outlets reported on it initially tho?
I’ll try to find time to do some searching.

What role does the public (read: us) play in contacting these outlets and reporters with a vocal expectation to receive more coverage?


I… imagine this is in one of a few places -

  1. It’s gearing up for/entering the court system, and nobody close to it is going to be making public statements.
  2. It’s in the court, and nobody will be speculating on outcome, and will wait for result.
  3. Both parties involved have come to an agreement which involved some sort of non-disclosure.

I’d expect to hear something more later, very likely in mid 2018, or nothing. (Barring it getting settled very quickly, or delayed/drawn out for some reason.