What's a game that took way too long for you to finish?

I’m not talking time-in-game. Rather, what’s a game that you started, put down, and played in spurts here and there until you finally beat it?

The reason I ask is because I just finished Final Fantasy X…which I started about 15 years ago. It wasn’t the same save game (I bought the HD remaster for PS4 awhile ago), but I think it still counts.

What about y’all?

Links Awakening DX - Purchased in '98 didn’t finish until this year.

Sonic 2 will eventually replace this one here, but my sister and I made a deal back then that neither one of us would finish the game without the other one present. So that remains unbeaten as we only ever play it once a year or so.

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It took me i think ten years to finally beat FFIX, and i still have to finish VIII which i bought when i was 9 and still haven’t beat.

Xenogears. It was my first PS1 game and I think I got it shortly after it came out (1998).

And, well, it’s 19 years and 4 restarts later and here we are. I know the beats of that game back to front; I’ve been in the last dungeon and started on some of the final bosses. But I’ve yet to cross that threshold. Every year I say “This is the year.”

Probably GTA:SA on the PS2.
My cousin was the owner of the console, and he lived far, coming to visit, once a year.
First visit, I managed to get far, second visit more progress, third visit and he said the memory card broke and my now 2 year save was gone. I’ve tried to restart it, but the motivation was gone.

Fast forward a few years and I’ve bought my very own PS2 and finally beat the sodding thing.

I still have not beat Ocarina of Time I owned the original on n64 the remake on Wii U and the remake on 3DS. Maybe if it comes to switch I’ll beat it (probably not but I’ll still buy it)

I guess Final Fantasy 2. I think it took me 6 or 7 years. I couldn’t beat the final boss. All the guides I read said use the blood sword for healing. I had sold my blood swords and there are no places to buy more. Eventually what I ended up doing was returning to the first town, bought all the starter weapons, so I couldn’t 1 hit enemies, and grinded my weapon proficiency until it was high enough to beat the boss.

Shameful, I’m calling the Video Games authorities to take away your gamer credentials.

I think I’m still working on the same save-game of A Link To The Past that I got when I was a kid. I just like to wander around in that world too much I guess.

I started playing Shadow Of Mordor when it came out, I think I had even preordered it. Didn’t finish it until recently, when the Shadow Of War hype got me back into the game’s concepts. Didn’t really play it inbetween those two time periods though.

Pokémon White 2 was another one of those. Got it at release, didn’t end up actually beating it until just before Pokémon Sun/Moon came out. The weird thing was, I’d beaten Pokémon X and Pokémon AlphaSapphire in the meantime so it’s not like I wasn’t playing Pokémon games.

You Don’t Know Jack 4: The Ride also took like 5 years to finish. “You can’t finish YDKJ!” you might say. But, this one has an ending. Multiple endings even. You can finish it. I did not realize this until it happened and it blew me and my brother away, since we’d gotten into this rhythm of playing a few rounds of it just at random every once in a while. It’s actually a ton of fun overall, probably the best YDKJ game, and someday I gotta hit it up again once I’ve forgotten the whole thing.

i still haven’t finished xenosaga episode 2

I first played Half Life in 2000.

I finished it for the first time last year.

I always got up to the part in Xen where you have to launch yourself up really high with the jump-pads and do some platforming which it turns out iS LIKE FIVE MINUTES FROM THE END OF THE GAME AAAUGH.

16 YEARS. 16.

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The Witcher 3. It took me a year to finish it, and got the bad ending (All because I didn’t partake in a little vandalism)

The weirdest is probably the 60-70 hours I spent playing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4 in '03, '04. I never managed to unlock all of the levels and characters despite playing so much of it.

When THPS5 came out in 2015 and was a flaming wreck, I played THPS4 again on the PC and managed to unlock everything within a few days or so.

Front Mission took me five years. Fantastic game but the difficulty and the need to spend an hour customizing your mechs every mission makes it a very focused experience

Last time I played Fallout 3 was in 2012. 175 hrs in that game. Still haven’t beat it. It’s not even installed on this computer…

I first played Super Mario World at a friend’s house around 10 years ago, and I just beat it earlier this year. It’s the kind of game I would start over and over again, but always get sidetracked by other games.

I have a similar case right now with Dark Souls, where I’m essentially at the end of the game, but I couldn’t figure out how to beat Seathe the Scaleless (I just get killed by the spikes), and so I put the game down and have been reluctant to go back even after having put 130+ hours into the game.

Is there any reason why you fall off before completing it? I had a similar case with Ocarina, but my problem was centered around the fact that I was emulating it and I would somehow always lose my saves (also the computer I was using wasn’t really up to the task of emulation). I finally beat it in 2014ish when I got the 3DS remake, and it was absolutely worth returning to.