What's a game you adore that you feel doesn't get enough attention?


I guess I’ll start off. For me, without a doubt it’s Metro Last Light. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a post-apocalyptic narrative-driven first-person shooter set in Moscow after nuclear bombs were dropped. Humans now live in the city’s metro tunnels as the surface is no longer inhabitable. You do go to the surface and its easily the most special part of the game.

I’ll keep my praise paragraph short. I think Metro: Last Light does the post-nuclear war setting better than any other game. It might not be an open world that you can explore at your own whim, but its surface is so dense and detailed that it sticks with me. My favourite aspect is how small it makes you feel, not only in comparison to the skyscrapers that line the city but in relation to the newly developed, irradiated predators you’ll come to face. You really feel like the bottom of the food-chain, like you’re constantly being watched by the creatures which the city now belongs to. In short, what really sets it apart for myself is how you’re at constant odds with your surroundings.

I guess what I’m trying to say is give this game a chance, its one of the best narrative driven first-person shooters out there and one my favourite games ever. They re-released this game and its predecessor with updated graphics and gameplay which really improves the first game, Metro 2033. Seriously, the original is a janky mess.

How about you? What’s a game that holds a special place in your heart that you wish more people knew about?


Illusion of Gaia on the SNES. I feel like I’m the only person to have ever played that game. It’s not the best SNES rpg, but it’s my favorite. The music is absolutely top notch and still gets stuck in my head these days. The story is… Well, it’s funny because of how bad the translation is, the main character comes off like a complete asshole. It made me interested in the world because of the historical places that you visit. And it has a suicidal pig.


y’all ever heard of “Metal Gear Solid”


Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts is probably the best distillation of engineering I have ever seen in a video game. The level of freedom it gives you to perfect your designs for the game’s various challenges have yet to be surpassed in my opinion. It’s a modern classic, but sadly it gets crapped on for not being yet another collect-a-thon platformer like previous games in the series.


I rarely hear people talk about Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries, aka one of the greatest games ever made. It had branching plots depending on whether you won or lost certain missions (as long as you didn’t die, don’t forget to eject!), very in-depth management of your mercenary company without being overwhelming with minutia (my 9-year-old brain could handle it), it’s very very good and has not been matched by really any other mech game in my opinion. Though, not many of those being made these days. Hopefully Mechwarrior 5 won’t let me down, and it better not if they’re going to stuff the Mercenaries subtitle on there


I played Illusion of Gaia! I never beat it, but I watched a friend beat it. That game is a head trip.


The Ratchet & Clank Series. Maybe not the best series but a series that actively strives to try new & vastly different things. Not everything sticks the landing but at least they were willing to try. Also Insomniac CONSISTENTLY makes the most unique guns in games & my goodness do all guns in games feel the samey nowadays.


Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale. Yes, I’m serious, I really loved that game. That roster was some amazing nonsense. Heihachi, Parappa, Dante, Sackboy, a Big Daddy, and Isaac Clarke all duking it out. And it played well, too! It always seemed to me like people that were good at Smash Bros. tried to play it like Smash Bros., then got salty when they didn’t win because they didn’t understand how to score points.

Also Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Videogame. It was clearly made with a love for the source material and the soundtrack from Anamanaguchi rocks. Come on, Ubisoft, give us a PC port already! The only reason I can think that it hasn’t been ported is that it’s just a little too much work due to licensing.


I love, this game. I talked about it in another thread but aah. It’s so good.
I feel like ‘heroic darkness fighting back an evil light’, while a really obvious inversion of standard tropes, isn’t seen very often at all.
I like the way the world feels kind of sad and empty.
I like the little story bits (I always talk about the whole section you spend just, on a raft).
I love your friends all travelling with you even though you’re the only one who does any fighting.
I love everyone who died along the way coming to wish you luck before the final fight.

It’s a good game, imo.

(On the music, here’s a neat touch I noticed this last time I replayed it: the Memory Melody that Sam teaches you at the end of the mines is the first few bars of Angkor Wat’s music. Which, presumably he’s from the village near there, so that makes sense.)


Red Steel. That game was weird for it’s time and it’s even weirder now. It’s not a very good game by any stretch of the imagination, and it was too marketed to ever be able to reach cult status, but it was at the very least, weird.

Also, rolling grenades is great and should be in more shooters.


i will holler from the rooftops until every person on earth has played MURDER DOG IV: TRIAL OF THE MURDER DOG, which waypoint’s cameraon kunzelman has written about before. it is both extremely hilarious and a wonderful meditation on the constructed nature of justice.


Else Heart.Break()! It’s sincerely one of the most interesting games to come out in recent years, and it does some really cool things with urban culture and urban space that i’ve never seen done anywhere else.

It’s also a legitimate post modern game and a game about code that’s actually very approachable and fun to experiment with, while still capturing that feeling of breaking things open and messing with their insides!


Red Steel may not have been great, but Red Steel 2 was and it’s a real shame Ubisoft seems to have just completely left that franchise in the dust.


Now that’s the truth. I’m sure it wasn’t enough of a household name to really consider making another game, but like, modern VR headset would be perfect for the game!


Jam With The Band (Daigasso! Band Brothers DX in Japan).

It was never released in North America as far as I’m aware but was released here in Britain. Fairly basic looking rhythm game on the original DS and starring Barbara The Bat (there was a Nintendo-made level based on her on Super Mario Maker on the Wii U). Playing on the higher difficulties is super difficult and frustrating but there are plenty of ways to alter the complexity of the note patterns.

All the songs were basically midis, but you could play any instrument or “vocals” in a song through dpad and button inputs, and there was loads of free user-created dlc for it back at the time. It also had a Wii Channel that let you play the songs through the TV.

I spent so much time playing that game back when it was new, but I gather it sold pretty badly here judging from how quickly the price nose-dived shortly after release…it was pretty well regarded as an import game before it got localised if I remember right, but seems to me like a missed opportunity despite how unflashy it is.

Also Ninjatown. I know it was only a tower defence game but it was a really good one.


I don’t know how much attention it’s actually received, but I’ve been obsessed with Caves of Qud lately. I’ve always wanted to get into Dwarf Fortress and I’ve tried to get into Nethack, but this is the first game like this I’ve been able to sink my teeth into, and it’s got it’s claws in me real deep. The world is so bizarre and fascinating. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen before. The writing is surprisingly stellar. I can’t wait to see where the developers take this game in the future. :smiley:

Also shout out to my high school civics teacher who loves Chaos Overlords

@JCrawford: I’ve had else heart.break() on my radar for a while, but I haven’t taken a good look. I’ll have to check it out! :slight_smile:


I love va11 hall-a so much, and I understand theres a significant fanbase around it, but I feel like I never see people talk about it?


How have you people lived without playing Kentucky Route Zero?!


I know some people have talked about it, but everyone should give The Shrouded Isle a whirl.

Did many people play Westerado back when it came out? I was really into it and replayed it a ton. Really enjoyable little game.


I really liked the soundtrack and art style but I ended up getting bored of the gameplay really quickly. Maybe I should give it another shot. Does the story pick up after the first hour or so?


hoh lord i loved this game. you’re right on the money with this comment.