What's a show you loved that didn't know when to call it quits?


I was watching a block of MythBusters on Science Channel today. I’ve seen a couple episodes with the new hosts, and I actually like them quite a bit. But one of the episodes they showed came from the last season with the original hosts, and it just reminded me how weirdly bad it was.

It’s not just that Kari, Grant and Tory were gone. Adam and Jamie are certainly capable of carrying the show. But for their final season, they made some strange changes that kind of killed the show. They switched from video to film, giving it the feel of a scripted show. Adding to that feeling were little scripted vignettes at the beginning of each episode. It was totally against the unpredictable nature of the show that made it so fun. They had long since stretched the definition of “myth” beyond meaning, but they had an episode in the last season dedicated to the “myth” that the U2 spy plane was the hardest plane to pilot ever invented. Their “test” was Adam going on a test flight then declaring it Plausible. That’s great, guys.

So what were some of your favorite shows that didn’t so much ride off into the sunset, as get dragged off kicking and screaming?


Stargate SG-1.

Boy howdy did I love that show for… I don’t want to put a hard number on it, but I’d estimate 6 seasons? I think it went 9 or 10, with core cast mostly moving on.


Weeds. At some point, the characters’ motivations didn’t make sense anymore, they became cartoonish and flat. It was nightly watching for a while with my wife, and at some point we looked at each other in the middle of an episode, stopped it, and forgot about it.


Definitely The Walking Dead. I remember me and my old roommates used to make it a weekly event. We all made sure our various work shifts gave us Sunday nights off.

Then, a few seasons into it, I just stopped. I remember finishing an episode with my s.o. a few years back and thinking, “welp, there’s an hour I’ll never get back.” I’ve been told the writing got better and the characters are good again, but I really don’t care to pick it back up.


Loved the show from season 1 through 5, where they sort of “soft ended” the series as the show was handed over to a new team, that team kept it running decently for a couple of seasons before it started to run downhill.

The aesthetics changed, the tone changed, the writing kept getting worse and the show prolonged itself (and is continuing to prolong itself) into mediocrity. It’s one of those cases where they had a complete and affecting story, but because of increasing revenue the network (CW) decides to bleed it dry.

I haven’t watched an episode since early season 10, where a group of high school girls had a surprisingly touching musical re-enactment of past events in a sort of 200th episode milestone tribute, but I don’t have any faith that it’s gotten itself back on its feet.

I will recommend the first 5 seasons though, just stop at ‘Swan Song’ and you’re good!


Lost. I’m a Lost apologist but that last season is a mess and it’s very apparent the writers on that show did not plan for it to go on as long as it did. Still have fond memories of the series as a whole though.


i’ll put hard numbers on it: seasons 1-7 were great, 8 was decent, 9-10 were pointless and bad. whoever thought it was a good idea to continue the show after they beat all the bad guys was decidedly incorrect

for my money, DBZ should have ended at the Cell Saga. i still liked the Buu stuff and Super is great, but Gohan becoming the new protector of Earth was the correct end point for the series and it should have remained so.



Got the easy one out of the way.


Probably One Piece if we’re counting comic adaptations. The story arc structure hit a really high point with Enies Lobby, but the general formula hit diminishing returns after that point.


I loved you, Darker than Black, I really did. But that season 2? Eesh.


Yep, Supernatural is mine as well for sure. The peak of that show for me was season 3.

Supernatural has sinned on so many levels, poor writing and character development being its greatest. I think there’s plenty of critique about the characterization of the core cast and about the premature axing of its few, stellar female and POC characters on the Internet. So, I’ll note my second axe to grind: they’ve disrespected the show’s mythology to the point of completely removing angels’ sense of devastation.

When angels were introduced, every single one of them were scary bastards. Now? They’re cannon fodder. That’s more or less what’s happened with any of the regular species, but I think it’s easiest to see with the angels, specifically.


Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. Now let me be clear: My trash brain loved every minute (except for the shitty sexist and transphobic minutes) of that franchise’s 900 or so episodes. I’m honestly pretty sure it does just as good a job at cheering me up as my anti-depressants.

But now I can’t convince any of my friends to watch it with me. They, understandably, don’t find the prospect of spending two years watching the blonde man espouse his love for his friends quite so thrilling.


As for other, less obvious series that should have called it quits:

  • Heroes would have been amazing as a single season, but it goes off the rails about 3 episodes in on the second season and never recovers.
  • Dexter should have finished after the second season, but holy shit it gets so baaaaaddd after that. I don’t even know if I’d like the show if I went back to it, but other than Heroes, that was the quickest I’d ever gone from excited for a show to dropping it like a rock.
  • Rick and Morty would have been way better if it ended with Season 2. What? I said it!
  • Family Guy, but only because I wish it never came back and it just stayed dead and forgotten.


Dexter went on way longer than necessary and the writing just got progressively worse, they had a solid arc for seasons 1-4 and should have ended it with 5. Instead we got two seasons of filler, then season 7 which would be decent except Season 8 retroactively ruins it. All of which is capped off with one of the worst endings in TV history.


Inazuma Eleven wasn’t that great to begin with but I gleefully watched every single episode. Inazuma Eleven GO was a miserable slog.


Oh wow, I’ve for some reason completely blocked Dexter from my memory. I used to watch the show pretty vehemently with my parents, through ups and downs in the seasons. When season 8 rolled around I couldn’t be assed anymore, and ended up reading the wrap-up online. That show should have swapped season 5 for 7 and called it a day, because what a trainwreck it became.


Community for sure. They really shouldn’t have gone for six seasons and a movie after all the Dan Harmon and Chevy Chase drama around the end of season 4. That combined with Donald Glover leaving really tanked the show.


Can we just award this to everything Showtime touches? Have they made any show that was slightly good and not run it straight into the ground?


I would echo Heroes, Dexter and Walking Dead. WD I only gave up on at the end of last season actually, which is all on me.

One that I am sure of is West Wing. Though I have re-watched several times and find the latter seasons fine, I really feel it should have stopped much earlier than it did.

One I am less sure of is Fringe. I watched two seasons I think? Until they revealed some kind of mirror world right at the end of a season. Decided I was done with all the teases about stuff (fooled me once with Lost) and never went back. I am going to assume it got worse. Makes me feel better.


I can think of one