"What's GOOD gamers?" - Positivity Thread


I feel like we have a tend to focus on the negative in recent years, for obvious reasons, so what are some big or small GOOD things happening in your life right now? Whether they be video games, your job, your hobbies, relationships, anything!

A few of mine:

My partner is moving in with me at the beginning of April! I am excited, seeing as this will be my first time living with a romantic partner.

Trying to cut back on my caffeine intake, and I’m feeling a lot better. 1-2 coffees a day is what I’m going for, and I’ve been drinking more water as well!

Picked up Blades in the Dark, and while I don’t have a game going right now, I’m excited to read through it!

Found an awesome bowling joint in Atlanta that my friends and I went to on Friday. I surprised everyone by rolling the best in our group, despite having not bowled in like 3 years. A 160!

Hit me with those good feelings, gamers.


God, where to even begin,

Well, first off, things are going really damn great. I’ve been on leave from my study for half a year now and have spent most of my time getting my life back together. I’ve started working out, I’ve sorted out my eating habbits, my economy, my sleep schedule, my appartment is actually inhabitable, I feel like I’m learning more and more about myself every week, which at times can be exhausting for sure, but man, right now? Right at this very moment I just feel such an awesome sense of peace and harmony. I’m experiencing new, interesting things every week, from music to movies to TV, I feel like I’m just bursting with joy some days. It’s been half a year since I was last depressed and sometimes when I look back to where I was I just get so proud of where I am today. I’m still not ready to start back up at school, but I’m confident I’ll get there when that time comes.

For now, things are just really, really, swell.


Congratulations on your partner moving in! Spent a year living with the husband so far and partnered life is A+, would recommend :blush:

Here’s my happy thoughts for the day…

  • The DnD campaign I’m running is going really well, I’ve managed to assemble a perfect collection of players, we’re warming up to each other and having a really grand time :grin: Tabletop games are really therapeutic for me so that’s been a great experience!

  • I have a holiday next week and although I can’t afford anything too crazy, I’m planning to devour Kingdom Hearts 3, which is honestly the next best thing after a trip!

  • I started to understand how to make music, after failing to make any progress on that front for many years. Learning new skills is a really cool thing.

  • I managed to get in touch with a very good friend whom I lost contact with and it’s cool to see that we still get along so well, even though we barely spoke with each other in years.

  • Some folks whose work I really respect said some nice things about some of my own work and it’s nice to get some validation.

  • My brother is going to marry this year and I’m really happy for him.

  • After taking care of him for a year, I finally found a nice home for my late mother’s dog. His new owner works in a wildife park and he gets to hang out with lots of other dogs and steal food from the kitchen.

  • It’s almost Spring.


My Large Son turned 1 yesterday.

Also, I beat Yakuza 0


Okay, I’m limiting myself to one dad-post, because children are magical, and I could go on forever, but:

  • I’ve had a lifelong fascination with birds, and I count myself as a bit of a birder. It’s not like my main hobby, but every time I go on vacation I research what birds to look out for and stuff. Anyways, on Saturday I took my infant daughter with me on an early morning walk, and as soon as we were outside she said “birds” and pointed in wonder to a group of starlings on the building in front of us. My heart melted! We spent the next 20 minutes or so pointing out birds to each other. It was wonderful!

My work gave me a small raise almost completely out of the blue, so it’s nice to see they at least recognize that I’ve made some sacrifices the past few months.

I’ve also been really glad that at least at the start of this year my passion for games have been seriously reignited. A big change from a year ago, where I barely turned my PS4 on for the first 3rd of the year.


I’m writing a bachelor thesis and it’s going pretty good.


Hell yeah to all the proud parents in this thread.

  • My baby has started grasping his hands together and now has like a few hours during the day when he’ll actively babble at me or my wife. It is very cool and very wild to realize he is now realizing his surroundings.
  • I am in the process of looking for a job which is very not fun but I am trying to maintain a positive mental attitude and am genuinely happy with how many responses I have gotten along the lines of “we aren’t hiring right now but interesting resume/personal story, things will work out.” Even if it is a generic email, it does feel better than silence.
  • One gamer thing I guess: I am close to finishing Wargroove and that feels nice. It is cute and good.

I’ve spent a decade in the game industry and have only finally ended up at a place I felt represented many of my values.

For the first time in my career I feel truly respected and valued.

This is such a positive change from the group-think, corporate, toxic and just plain abusive cultures at every other place I’ve been. No longer feeling like I’m failing people I love and care for by not directly confronting pernicious bigotry from people I work closely with has greatly increased my creative energy.

I’m working on my own stuff more than ever. It’s pretty incredible learning just how much a toxic environment will just suck your soul dry, while a positive one will fill you up with energies you had forgotten about.


Whilst there are a lot of things in my life that aren’t perfect. Job and relationship status - these can be fixed and may just take more time to solve.

Over recent months I’ve really started to value my own time a lot more. This has meant playing less video games - and more learning. I feel as if I have a reignited sense of learning, whether it’s new skills or learning more about history or another culture. Podcasts, youtube and books have all taken on a greater importance in my life. As has the urge to travel.

Last year I made and released a short film based on an idea I committed to paper. It’s not a masterpiece and if I could do it again, there would be a lot of things I would change. But I fucking did the thing that I’ve always talked about doing.


I’ve been stressed out a lot lately, but taking a step back it looks like everything is going ok. We’re in year two of living in our house and it’s starting to feel like our forever home. I’ve settled into a job I don’t mind and will hopefully take me to retirement. And we finally found a medication for my wife to manage her brutal chronic migraines. Heck, I’m no longer worrying about money on a daily basis, so that’s nice. Things aren’t perfect, but they are getting better all the time.


My wife and I are having a baby in August! There’s a parenting thread here that was really helpful to me and we’re so excited. I feel like it has really drawn us closer together than ever before. It’s going to be a wonderful year.


How are ya’ll decorating your home? I’m always into how people decorate their spaces. My partner and I wanna do specific themes for every room when we find a place together.

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Foxes, still good:


A month ago I wouldn’t have known how to answer this, but things have really turned around recently.
Just last week I started working a job again after being unemployed for just under two years, and I really like the work.
Because of this my depression has lightened significantly and I can stop feeling embarrassment and anxiety about being jobless, which just makes days much easier to get through and helps give me a renewed sense of purpose. (Those Nier:A themes really hit home during this time tbh)

Also my mom got an additional doggo to hang out and play with our anxious border collie, and dogs are just immediate comforts for me :slight_smile:


Oh gosh, is that a question you can write a book to answer. I’ll try to keep it short though!

For us, we tried to meld our tastes with the history of the house. We have a post-war home with plenty of bare wood trim, so we wanted to honor that. We got the trim refinished where it needed it, but left flaws intact to show its sturdy bones. To compliment it, we went with a lot of mid-century modern furniture and a few custom wood pieces. We quite enjoy art, so we painted the walls mostly shades of light grey so that the color doesn’t take away from the pieces we have from local artists and family photos. Aside from that, we wanted a homey vibe in the living spaces so we have plenty of blankets and pillows in the living room and bedrooms so you can snuggle up wherever you are. Oh, and because my wife is a librarian, we got lotsa books on shelves. I’ve transitioned to almost entirely digital with media so electronics and gaming stuff is a bit less emphasized in our space, but that’s fine by me.

I think the biggest mistake we made was trying to get the space “right” as soon as we moved in. If you’re planning on staying where you are long term, it’s better to take things slowly and be willing to reconfigure based on your tastes evolving and how you actually use the space. Hope that helps!

Oh, and if your house has vinyl siding, stucco, or anything else not brick, painting the exterior is a relatively cheap way to add your flair to the house. We painted our stucco buttery yellow with white trim and a hot pink front door and it looks fantastic.


Maybe kind of silly but I deleted Twitter and Fire Emblem Heroes (a gacha game) off my phone a week ago and am really happy that I did that and a week went by uneventfully. Those apps were the primary time sinks on my phone and not having them any more has definitely improved my mindset and resulted in me spending less time looking at my phone.


I’m getting married in 5 months time! I’ve been with my partner for nearly 18 years and we’ve never been able to afford to do it “properly”.

Both of us coming from large extended families, so potentially having to pick and choose who we could afford to invite caused us anxiety, as did the thought of having to navigate a long-running and very bitter split in my partner’s family related to her mother’s suicide 30 years ago.

Eventually we decided what was right for us. Our wedding is going to be in the local register office with just our immediate families present (14 people in total), followed by food and drink in a small private dining room at one of our favourite bars (it’s a beautiful building dating back to the 1830s).

I don’t live close to my parents and brothers, so don’t get to spend time with them all at once very often, and they’re all coming.

I can’t wait.


Congratulations congratulations congratulations! Your wedding day is a real wild and surreal thing and also so wonderful.