"What's GOOD gamers?" - Positivity Thread

My car died, and my wife and I decided we would share our car and make public transit work. I joined a bicycle collective that my friend works at and I built a bike on Saturday! I’ve been riding it and taking public transit and it’s been absolutely wonderful! I no longer am dealing with the stresses of car ownership, and I’m lucky that I live in a place with decent public transportation. This weekend I’m going to go canyoneering with my cousins and then next week I’m going to a national monument with some friends from the internship I am a part of. Life is good!

Edit: I also got tickets to Sound and Fury this summer, and I’ll get to see Have Heart, one of my favorite sxe bands of all time!


Bumping this thread because I friggin’ graduated law school today! Feels pretty great! What an awfully long three years! It was a pretty alienating experience but, on the bright side, it made me more invested in my own political beliefs and actions. Laws are bad and judges are worse!! I am feeling a lot of emotions today but the overriding one is GOOD.