What's the Craziest Thing You've Ever Sold?


Souls/Drugs are not that crazy under capitalism, don’t kid/incriminate yourself

Anyway, I’m just curious, as someone literally just told me that they once sold an egg incubator on craigslist at retail value after they were finished hatching their pet duck.

Another person said that they once sold a rat (domestic) through craigslist.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever exchanged for currency?


I’m pretty happy with one, but, it may involve some asterisks and not count.

So, we were playing survival Minecraft and World of Warcraft with buddies at the time. We were doing a “drunk raid” but halfway through, one of the guys found himself dry. Not wanting to leave, in no condition to go shopping, and short on cash at the time, he begged his wife, unsuccessfully, to make a beer run. She was mining for diamonds on our Minecraft server. She’d had a long day at work, and was having none of his bullshit. She had a mountain to level, and was settled in for the night. He was drunk enough by her estimate, and she didn’t see the up side of a louder husband now, or a groaning one later.

A proposition was made. What if, in exchange for making the run, and getting the beer, we handed over all our diamonds?

She saves time mining, clears the mountain faster than if she’d kept playing, and, I imagine on some level, she wasn’t all that against getting beer herself.

Twenty minutes later, diamonds in digital hands, she handed over a fresh case of beer.

Perhaps not that “crazy” of a thing to sell. Arguably bartered, and not sold.
Hopefully entertaining enough to have been worth reading.


This ridiculous creature from the black lagoon fish tank aerator… Let that part sink in.

I bought it when I worked at Goodwill and apparently it is like there holy grail of monster movie collectibles. So I made a nice profit on it.


this is a really good story! thank you for sharing, anime

my only question is how were you playing both of these games at the same time


So, I bought some neodymium magnets in senior year of college. I had brought a jacket from home with a security tag the store missed, and it turns out a strong magnet is the trick to getting them off.

After making it possible to wear my jacket without setting off alarms in stores, I didn’t have much use for these super strong little magnets, and they sat in my pencil jar.

I more or less forgot about them until a freshman on a For Sale Facebook group at the school asked if anybody would sell him a magnet.

Not that weird, in and of itself, but I asked the kid what he wanted it for and at first he said he had a hard drive to wipe. He recanted and said that was a joke when I offered to just lend it to him for free in that case. What he actually needed it for was to test the purity of some silver he bought. That sounded like a joke to me too but he insisted it was real. For that, he had to keep it.

I offered like, five bucks for it, but he said that was too high. He knew the price of a 10 pack of the magnets, and said that I was charging an exorbitant markup although it was about fair with the list price on Amazon without a Prime membership.

He counter offered with an absurdly low amount. Like, less than a quarter.

I was vaguely insulted and said I’d trade him for an Iced Coffee from Dunkin. He responded that not only was $2.75 still a ridiculous markup, he didn’t know where there was a Dunkin Donuts near campus. That struck me as bizarre since there’s one a few blocks from school on the major thoroughfare that marks one side of campus. The Chipotle was down that street so pretty much every student had at least met somebody down that way and passed by the Dunkin.

Annoyed, I asked him why he didn’t just buy the magnets online if he was so married to the prices there. He said he didn’t have that kind of cashflow at the moment, and counter offered with $0.47.

I told him that even as a college student I wouldn’t get out of bed for less than a dollar, and settled on the grand total of $1 because at this point I needed to see the kid in the flesh.

I rushed back to my housing from the spot I was studying on campus just as we got one of those uniquely Pittsburgh rainfalls that seem to belong in a jungle. I offered to give it to him the next morning since it was a shitty night and I doubted he’d want to come out in the middle of a downpour. He insisted that he had to have the magnet tonight.

I got to my room, dug out the magnets, and went to meet the kid in the building lobby.

He came to the door, soaking wet, in a polo and basketball shorts. He handed me a dollar bill and I let him choose a magnet from the package. They were all stuck together pretty well and in the process of prying one off he dropped it and narrowly missed attaching itself to a radiator.

I offered him tea or coffee, on account of the miserable weather even though at that point I’d be losing money on this encounter but he declined. Told me not to worry, he was Samoan, the rain didn’t bother him.

He than whipped out a huge silver coin and held the magnet to it. Sure enough it stuck (or didn’t stick, I can’t recall, but it proved the purity). I had really thought he’d been bluffing about the silver, but nope, he told me that after the coin he had a bunch of bullion to test back in his room.

I asked him why, for the love of god, he had bought a bunch of silver.

He smiled and said “This way inflation can’t touch me!” before bolting back out into the rain.

Later I looked him up and was unsurprised to see that he was both a Computer Science major and part of some libertarian brony group.

Every time I look back on this though, I can’t help but think about how he had cashflow problems because he bought goddamned silver. Dude, you’re a college freshman. Four years of inflation are really a bigger deal than having enough fluid funds to buy things that cost more than a dollar?


holy fuckin shit

where can i buy a bullion of pure silver


I don’t know, but if you need a magnet to test it, I’m your guy.


I dated a girl whose dad had given her a bunch of solid ingots of silver to store for him. She kept them hidden in a closet.

Seriously at least $10k worth of silver… her dad was kind of crazy and didnt trust banks

She also had a few coins that were worth a whole lot.


Also it may not seem that weird but it was super weird to me at the time. I’d wanted to never spend any money on Tf2 boxes… but the none day I said screw it and bought a key and opened a box.

And my first box had an unusual hat. I ended up trading that for a copy of skyrim on launch day, which kind of blew my mind. The couple days before that were just a crazy whirlwind of suddenly diving into the tf2 hat trading scene


I think the emphasis on precious metals is a bad move for people fearing societal collapse. Society needs to collapse a pretty specific amount for paper money to loose all of its value while hunks of soft metal still retain theirs.

That’s why my plan if things go bad is to stock up on spices. Radroach goes down easier with paprika which doesn’t exactly grow freely in the wastes.


I think I’ve got two?

Back in vanilla world of Warcraft days I vendored a hand of Justice (trinket that had a 2% chance on melee attack to attack again). I was an assassination rogue at the Time, and it wasn’t good for that talent spec. Little did I know later on I would actually get OTHER WEAPONS and it would’ve been best in slot for me. I ended up getting another one after many runs of blackrock depths, but my lack of foresight was embarrassing and kind of hilarious at the time.

I also had one of the really rare oudge hooks on DotA 2 (the bone claw one) that I sold for about $200 on the steam store. This was before they allowed people to “sign” items, so I missed out on being able to get dendi (a pro player that plays the hero that uses the item ) to sign it and probably get $500 for it :tired_face:


Signed digital items is still just the weirdest thing to me.


I suppose it’s fair to hedge your bets against any one given currency though. The dollar can completely shit the bed while the rest of the world does okay.

Still though… closet full of silver…


Relevant to the OP, I’m selling my rat cage today because all my boys hit their life expectancy pretty hard over the last few months and I’m moving out of town on Saturday


Aww, I’m really sorry to hear about that, that’s really tough. I raised rats for a few years and I definitely know how much of a bummer it is when they start getting old all at the same time.


But can that kind of collapse really be that far off? Remember how many companies cropped up after the 2008 financial crisis offering to buy gold? Can America be far from that with Trump at the helm. BUY GOLD NOW!


I don’t think metals are very useful for a total collapse of society. Unless you know someone who is still manufacturing things with metals or obsessed with gaudy bling, they’re mostly useless.

The real value is a more generic world value. Gold in the US, vs. gold in Canada, or gold in China, all has… not identical, but similar value. So if say, the dollar collapses, money invested in goods that aren’t dollar bills are better to have around. The idea that those goods should be “precious metals” with very rare application, when setting up for a post-civilization world never made sense to me though.


The woman who bought it seemed really grateful for the price point

She didn’t give me any sob stories or anything but I tossed in a water bottle and two space pods and she seemed genuinely grateful because those are expensive

They’re $8

And then a whole ton of my life gained a ton of perspective