What's the most excessive thing you've done for a videogame promotion?

Reading Patrick’s piece on the Fortnite galaxy skin scam just absolutely floored me. Like I know people are willing to do a lot of extra stuff for some videogame swag, but this seems to be on a different level to me. But its also got me extremely curious, have any of you ever went to some interesting lengths for some videogame related promotion?

So for me, it’s definitely gotta be Black Friday shopping. I don’t personally see it as too extra, but of course I’m biased.

For those that may not know what it is, it’s a retail mega-sale holiday that falls on the day after Thanksgiving in the US (yes, literally less than 24 hours after we give thanks for all we have, we rush out and spend money on things we don’t–I’m very much aware of the irony). Anyway, stores usually open reallllllllllly early, and have pretty good to very good sales on just about everything. I may have on more than one occasion waited in line for hours running on a couple hours of sleep for a store to open, just so I could nab some games at a deep discount…but like, haven’t we all lol?

This isn’t so much a promotion as a thing that wasn’t commonly available at the time, but I spent pretty much a full day two Februaries ago going between the two GameStops at opposite ends of my college town trying to find a Charizard amiibo.


after Kraft came out with its Pokemon-themed mac-and cheese:


my brothers and I would constantly bug our parents to buy more boxes so we could collect all of the discs on the back:

weeks and weeks of allowances were poured into this endeavor, and by the end of it, we’d managed to collect 'em all and collectively destroy our taste for mac-and-cheese.


I got a t-shirt for pre-ordering and going to the midnight launch of Metal Gear Solid, I guess.

Standing in a line that wrapped around a Best Buy on a Canadian January night for Burning Crusade midnight launch, probably.


Waiting in line for 2 Hours for the Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Nothing worse than destroying your feet standing in line to get a game you pre-ordered that you could just pick up tomorrow without all the people.

It took me 2 midnight launches to learn. But both times it was like a ready player one convention of nerds trying to prove they know more trivia about their favorite media property by having super loud conversations and acting out memes


I had a similar experience with the Pokémon toys at Burger King around 2000, or so, I ate so much Burger King en route to getting as many of those lil Pokémon as I could get my hands on.

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I’m in the UK and last September I brought a lot of US pop tarts from the import section of my local supermarket. I brought them all up, brought a couple of boxes for my friends.

There was Destiny 2 codes involved.

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