What's the most messed up thing you've done in a video game?

There was a PC game, years ago. It was before SIMS. The point was to colonize a planet (it might have been Earth). You started with two cells and worked your way up to industrialized civilization. I built up a nice little world, happy people, thriving crops… but I had an endgame in mind. I started intentionally making bad calls. By the time I was done, there was no evidence of life anywhere. I even killed the bacteria in the soil. I destroyed everything. I was a ruthless god!
It was awesome. And strangely satisfying.

I played this certain mmorpg, it had land you could claim and farm. I really wanted this particular piece of land but it was occupied. So I murdered the owner of that land until he quit after which I took it.


I dont make a lot of morally bad choices in games ever, unless I think some butthole has it coming and the game’s like “actually that’s Wrong” and that’s whack tbh, but as for like Actual “I’m gonna be a dick” choices my buddy and I were going through all their games on steam, most of which they didnt even remember owning, and we were playing this actually really involved 911 Operator sim and the first call was someone with a cat stuck in a tree and we decided to tell him “Climb up and get the cat yourself” and he Fell Out Of the Tree and Broke His Arm so we sent him an ambulance and hung up hahaha.


Goodbye Deponia has a puzzle you have to do where you literally sell two people.

I am amazed nobody said “NO” to the designers for that one, especially since it goes into a pretty racist place in the process.

As for bad things I did when I had choices, probably letting the crowd explode into a riot to save the president of Taiwan in Alpha Protocol.

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In the Metal gear game on gamecube I kept shoot at a dead bodyguard’s face till it was all bloody. I was weird youngling.

Wait what ? Thats a thing ?

In the original release of Vice City one of the weapons was tear gas. It was taken out at some point, probably around the PC/XBox release 6 months later. It was largely a useless weapon. NPCs would take some 1 or 2 damage then leave the affected area. Unless, of course, you were an NPC in the night club scripted to just dance on the dance floor. Throw a tear gas into the center of the dance floor and eventually everybody in the radius would fall over dead simultaneously.

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Probably the time I basically played Serial Killer in Fallout 3 before streaming for a friend. I killed everyone in Tenpenny Tower, cut up their bodies, and filled an entire room with body parts and closed them in. Then when streaming I opened the door and walked past it like it was nothing as he was suddenly startled and confused and I pretended nothing happened. But that was when I was younger and an edgelord.


The Deponia games are filled with dark comedy and it usually works, but Goodbye Deponia’s entire sewer segment is legitimately terrible. It’s a real shame because the series ends incredibly in Deponia Doomsday, but you still have to play Goodbye to understand it and that leads to one of the worst puzzles in point and click history.

I always wanted to try the Deponia series at some point but now i’m not so sure.

Killing one of my Sims in the original game:

Built a pool, let my Sim have fun for a while with their new diving board.
Froze time during their dive and removed the pool.
Sim bodyslams themselves into the ground.
They’re a little shaken. Nothing a quick swim in a new pool can’t fix! I rebuilt the pool, let them take another dive. Froze time again and removed the pool. Sim slams head onto the pavement.
“One more time,” I said.
My sim performs a perfect dive into the pavement one last time. Instant gravestone.
It was hilarious, but it made me sad. I reloaded my save.

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Killing animals/pedetrians that pose no threat, sometimes because they give XP or drop loot, others just to curb my boredom with a game :frowning:

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My first Dishonored 2 playthrough was 100% passive. No killing.

In my second playthrough, I killed everyone. Civilians, random folk, just anything I could see. I wanted to see how the game would react. Eventually, rats and witches started appearing.

On a lower scale, Far Cry 4 had me kill an elephant.

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I got through almost the entirety of the latest Hitman through full on assault. The second I got found out I’d end up in a shooting spree which would end up with a > 40 victims. The Hokido level was particularly bad because the spree ranged almost the entirety of the level with multiple costume changes & attempts to still hide (that all failed).

There is a moment when I played that where I seriously had to stop & go “What the hell am I doing?!”. I haven’t touched the game since because I feel bad about how quickly I go from stealthy & non lethal to emotionless mass murderer in that game.


Fallout Shelter.

At a certain point, the illusion of the game broke and I realized there was nothing to it but tapping things. No way to make anything better, no way to be strategic, nothing. It would never end either, I would just be upping people stats and making new people forever, all with no actual goal.

I decided to stop playing, but that wasn’t enough. I waited until everyone was grown and there were no children. I sent every single dweller out into the wastes with nothing. No armor, no weapon, not a single thing, and then I just waited. I watched over the following days and checked on my army and waited until every single one of them was dead, alone in the wasteland. Then I uninstalled.

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I killed my wife and ate 100s of chickens in Fable to see what being evil got you.

What I got wasn’t worth it, just made me annoyed the game had encouraged me to do that

I would suggest playing Randal’s Monday, which has similar humor (just with far more of a pop culture bent). If you can make it through that, you should be able to handle Deponia. It has a few tasteless moments, but they’re spread out and don’t last long.

If you want a Daedalic point and click that doesn’t have these issues, stick with the serious minded Chains of Satinov and the sequel Memoria. Satinov is solid fantasy fair, but Memoria is a brilliant and thoughtful title on storytelling and myths.

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Thank you ! I will certainly try Chains of Satinov and the sequel

Is the game you were talking about SimEarth? It was fun getting avians to evolve into the dominant lifeform on Earth.

I try to avoid doing messed up stuff in games, it’s just not my style.

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I started a new game of Civ 4 because I wanted to achieve a military victory; the only win condition I had not yet reached. The map generated two large continents with an ocean between. Over the course of the game I conquered every civilization on my starting continent and amassed an unstoppable military. The problem is France was all the while doing the same on the opposing continent.

What resulted was a military stalemate with neither side able to make a substantial dent in the military might of the other. We would periodically poke and prod for weaknesses, but we were both too powerful and able to produce and replace units too quickly. I was facing a never ending cold war, with one possible way out…nukes.

I had developed nuclear weapons with the intention of never actually using them (I know) because I wanted my military victory to be “real”, or whatever. Not to mention I wanted to “liberate” the French populace and annex the cities, not destroy everyone and everything. But, after holding out for years (in game) and facing no alternative, I let a nuke fly. The disturbing part is that after I fired the first one, the next dozen came much more quickly. After all, the line had already been crossed.

So, I killed millions (billions?) and irradiated the cities of a rival country only to realize that it made no difference. The French military was too large and spread out for the nukes to make any meaningful difference, anyway. A conventional invasion was still required, still impossible, and would earn me rule over a radioactive wasteland.