What's the most you've paid for a game?

Not including kickstarters.

Used/out of print: Realms of Chaos: Lost and the Damned (it was like $110 at the time, so I guess that was a good investment). Still probably the prettiest game thing I own. Adrian Smith pencils, geez.

New: Veins of the Earth.

And I guess, if you collected expansions and subscriptions… I’ve spent a LOT of money of WoW.

I used to live in Australia, so paying a premium on games was just a given. I remember I bought some collectors editions of some 360 games and that bumped up to $150AUS.

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Whatever I paid for Destiny, in time and energy and exhaustion.


I bought Titanfall and the season pass at release. I think it was $85 or so. No regrets. I got a lot of enjoyment out of the game and the season pass allowed me to look forward to the DLC packs rather than stress about their coming arrivals.

Full price on FFXIV on PC and PS4 for the core and expansion. As well as a digital collectors edition. I think that’s around $100ish before sub fees.

I bought the special edition of Fire Emblem Fates last year which was like, $70, which is the most I’ve paid for any one game like that. I did get the FE: Awakening 3DS in 2013 which was $230 but I literally didn’t have a 3DS before that so that was like, a console purchase too.

I don’t know the exact number but I definitely spent close to $200 on Dota 2 items. that was spread out over ~2 years so it didn’t like, ruin my life, but boy those $3 sets and $10 compendiums add up over time huh.

Don’t remember the price but I got the special edition of Ni No Kuni with the spellbook and it is fab.


Skies of Arcadia: Legends on Gamecube. Paid $80 for it at a local used games shop, and I still haven’t played it. It’s been on my bucket list for years.

You know, I knew that and that still upsets and surprises me every time I hear/read it.

Games like DotA (ie, ftp) present an interesting issue. I often spend a little money in them every so often because I feel like that’s the right thing to do. But I’m also the weirdo that goes back to pwyw games and “buys” more if I think I would up underpaying the first time.

If we are going lifetime, WoW takes it with ease, between all of the expansions, at least a second account, and years worth of subscription service.

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I mostly said WoW because I tend to never buy anything more than the basic edition of anything and often buy second hand but wanted to include some sort of video game. I imagine it’s going to be MMOs for most people if we talk lifetime.

If you count subscription fees and expansions, WoW. If you count cosmetic purchases, Dota 2.

I probably paid somewhere over 200 dollars for extra stuff in FFXIV (not counting the subscription fee) in the 5 months I played it.

Mistakes were made.

World of Warcraft and it’s not even close.

Base game, five expansions, subscription fees for about seven years, buying 25K gold so I could power level jewelcrafting at the start of Burning Crusade.

Skyrim collectors edition with the art book and dragon statue. I think it was $100.

As a bundle the Fire Emblem Awakening 3DS for around $240, my first 3DS.

Halo 5 CE and Titanfall CE were both $250 at launch. Regrets? Nah

When eBay and I were both young and spry in the late 90s I would pay top dollar for terrible Japanese N64 games. I forked over $100+shipping for an Evangelion game with frustrating controls and then again for the interesting but flawed Wonder Project J2. I really wanted to like both! I understand that $100 for a game isn’t all that much but to a baby highschooler it was probably the most I had ever spent on anything and felt like a fortune.


I’ve… put a lot… into League of Legends.

Like… a lot.

~ shame ~

Not including my constant subs to FFXIV and the money I keep giving Blizzard even though they do nothing to deserve it… I once paid a little over $100 for the collector’s edition of Dishonored 2. I loved the first game and the second I saw the goodies that came with it, I pre-ordered it during E3.

(I know you’re not supposed to, but sometimes I take off my glasses and grit my teeth and wear the mask for a few seconds.)

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