What's the worst thing that's ever happened to you in a GameStop?


When I pre-ordered the Odin Sphere remaster whoever put it into the system decided to put me down for the collector’s edition, even though I very much do not remember saying the words “collector’s edition.” When I went to pick it up I couldn’t swap for a standard edition because they didn’t receive any (hence why I pre-ordered, dammit.)

Just some silly stuff, mostly. Like that two to three month period where they were writing down “Song of the Deep” onto my receipts so I’d remember to check it out leading up to it’s release. Or the time I overheard one of the employees giving a sales pitch to somebody who didn’t know much about games, explaining to them that the Xbox was for “mature gamers” because it had the most M-rated games (the PlayStation apparently had the most T-rated games so obviously it was for teens, and Nintendo mostly E-rated games so it was for kids.)

But yea I dunno, I probably go into the one local to me at least once a month and I feel like every time I go in there every person working there is new. Busy store with an extremely high turnover rate.


Something similar to this happened to me, but they ended up giving me the collector’s edition of Halo: Reach for the price of the regular game. Apparently, someone with the same last name as me had come in and picked up my regular copy of the game, and they only had collector’s editions left.


I remember preordering Shadow of the Colossus and showing up on release day and they had no record of the preorder in their system, and the store manager demanding to see the receipt I definitely did not have from months prior.

But perhaps even more galling are the instances of just straight-up weird fabrication I’ve overheard from employees.

Example 1 (2006): “Dead Rising is essentially an official ‘Dawn of the Dead’ game - George Romero has personally approved it and everything.”

Example 2 (2017): “I wouldn’t purchase an Xbox right now. Sony is going to unveil the PlayStation 5 at E3 this summer.”


Ha! #2 reminds me of when a dude at Gamestop almost wouldn’t sell me a used Wii because WiiU was coming out. I’m someone who for most of his life usually bought consoles at the end of their cycle because there was always a great library of games waiting and it was always cheaper (I ain’t rich now by any stretch, but I’m better off than I’ve ever been so I can actually get consoles a bit after the come out now).

So I had waited to get a Wii and knew that the WiiU was launching in a week or something.

Dude kept stressing that it “made no sense” to get a Wii now about the new console and blah blah blah. I kept assuring him I understood everything he said, it’s just… this is what I do. Maybe in a few years I’ll get a WiiU.

He just kept arguing with me as if I was too stupid to understand what he was saying. I finally had to say, “You have exactly 30 seconds to sell me a Wii or I’m leaving this fucking store. Does that make enough sense to you?”


Wow that’s incredibly rude and like… super odd for them to do especially considering the store makes more money off of the sale of the used wii…

I did have an experience where the cashier tried really hard to get me to buy another game instead of the Curse of Osiris DLC for Destiny. “Dude… I’m gonna let you buy this, but please consider something else. I can almost guarantee you’ll like it more.”

I should’ve listened


This is a horrible experience all of my own making, but I shit myself in a Gamestop. I…gambled on something silent and lost.


Oh man, this. When I was younger, one time a dude who was probably 10 years older than me literally followed me through a GameStop staring at me, only a few paces away, without even trying to hide it. At the time I wasn’t as self-possessed as I am now, and I was just starting to get back into games after being driven away from them as a kid, so I just cowered and left the store and never stepped back into a physical game or comics store again for about 5 years. Now I’m 33 and fat and invisible and in this one respect it is honestly the best.


I remember a number of years back, when I was broke in college, I saw that they had put NEW copies of Far Cry 3 on sale for $20. At the time, that was actually a bit cheaper than the used copy. So I put an order in for in-store pickup, took a bus to pick it up, and then when I picked it up, they scanned the used copy and tried to sell it to me.

I told them that I specifically ordered the new copy, as that version was on sale, and cheaper. The employee told me that there was no way that was accurate, and a used copy would definitely be cheaper. After having to argue with the guy for a few minutes, and telling him I did not care one bit about used game discounts with whatever their membership was called at the time, the guy finally went and got a new copy, scanned it, and then saw that it was in fact cheaper. “Huh, that’s weird. You sure you don’t want to buy a membership instead? That will get it down to the same price as this new copy, and then you can get discounts on used games in the future blah blah blah.” At that point I just told him that I want to pay for this new copy right now and leave, or else I’d like to speak to the manager.

“Oh, well, I am the manager.”

And I’ve never set foot in a Gamestop again.


I stopped going to Gamestop (or EB Games here) probably around 2000 when I realized that Best Buy would sell me the same games with zero hassle and often at better prices. But I did go into one this year to pick up Burnout Paradise Remastered. I go by it every day for work and thought what the hell, they have to have improved their store experience in the intervening 18 years, right? But nope, I got the whole 10 minute spiel about protection plans, membership cards, and funko pops for some reason. Luckily it was release day so they didn’t have used copies to shove at me. At a certain point the cashier asked why I wouldn’t want the protection plan, at which point I replied that I have never ruined a game disc since my original Playstation and even if it does occur, I could probably buy the game for the same price as the “plan” in a few months. I paid for my game, walked out resolved never to come back, and spent the rest of my day wondering how such a terrible company still exists in seeimingly every strip mall in North America.


Went into GameStop on a lark and saw a Lúcio shirt in there with his most Jet Set Radio Future-lookin spray. So I rifled through the pile for my size b/c Lúcio is my boi, fixed it back up, took it to the register and the employee there is like:

“Oh you like Overwatch?”

Which is a difficult question to answer because Overwatch is a fucking infuriating game. Its modes, its community, its balance issues and how the crawl of reworks has effected Lúcio’s feel as a character. All of it frustrates me. So I say, “Well, I like Lúcio.”

And then we got into a whole talk that was really annoying about ‘How could I like the character and not the game he’s from?’ and ‘Well, what don’t you like about it?’ The answer to both of those being ‘Easily’ and ‘A lot’ respectively. Eventually I was pulled away from the counter after I got my shirt by my friend, who’d finished her purchase down the hall at another store and came to see what was taking me so long. I owe her my life. Who knows if I’d still be in there arguing salvage rights to Blizzard games if she hadn’t come along?


I’ve never been much of a used games guy but I got a GameCube pretty late into that cycle and decided to get Luigi’s Mansion and Pikmin used at a local EB Games.

I even asked “so you guys play these to make sure they work, right?” and was assured that they do, and I should have nothing to worry about.

Took both games home and lo and behold, both are totally fucked and wont boot in the brand new GameCube.

Take 'em back and ask for my money back and they try and pull that “shoulda got the protection plan” bullshit but little did they know I was a 12 year old kid more than ready to get my folks involved in shit so my dad chewed out their manager for like half an hour.

We got our money back.

The only time I’ve been to a GameStop since was for the Pokemon Sun/Moon midnight launch, which my friends and I went to drunk after spending the evening at a bar.


someone once said “Welcome, gamer!” which meant that they were calling me a Gamer and that is assault


That person was obviously a cop.

“Hello, fellow gamers!”


Come to think of it, it might have just been Bruce Geryk.

Then again, Bruce Geryk is basically a cop


I’m actually close friends with everyone who works are my local Gamestop. We get together and play the Pokemon TCG every Sunday. Most of them are LGBT+ or not white so its a really cool environment, but it also means that at least once a week one of them has a story about how a customer was homophobic/trans-phobic/racist.

All those stories are just kinda bummers though. Instead I’ll tell my own story! About a creep! Which is also kinda a bummer!

I’m hanging around my local Gamestop, talking to my pal who’s working the cash register on a slow day, and we are talking about how the only reason I haven’t sold my WiiU, is that it’s the only system that can play the best Fire Emblem game, Shin Megami Tensei: Tokyo Mirage Session #FE.

See, that was a mistake, cause as much as I do love SMTTMS#FE, a lot of it’s fans are less than stellar. When I told my friend I’d love a Switch port, two separate strangers both chimed in to say they’d love a port where we got the Japanese version. The difference between the Japanese and North American versions is that underage children had a lot of their more sexual outfits changed. A bikini is now a full t-shirt and shorts that kinda thing. Anyway this turned into a full of five minutes of two grown ass men, ONE WITH A DAUGHTER THERE WITH HIM, trying to goad me and my friend into saying we wanted to see underage girls in bikinis, all because they wanted their “lewdness”.


That reminds me of a guy at my friend’s college who everyone just assumed was a massive narc but was just really socially awkward. He would go up to groups of people getting high really enthusiastic and break into the conversation by saying “You guys all got some TREEEEES? I could really go for some TREEEES.” It was like a sad magic trick, you would watch him walk up to a group and they would all immediately scatter to the wind.

As for my worst Gamestop experience, I’ve had very few bad experiences with staff other than being asked a million questions at checkout for stuff I don’t want, and that’s not really something I fault them for. That’s corporate forcing them to do stuff, I don’t begrudge them that. The worst experience I remember is going in and having what looked like a 11-12 year old kid come in with his mom and picking out GTAIV. The mom looks at the box and says something about how it looks really violent, and the kid just loses it on her. Calls her a stupid ■■■■■, what the fuck does she know, that’s why they’re here and she said he could get it, just a full on angry confrontation with her. She then dejectedly went to the counter to buy it while the kid waited impatiently by the door and they left together. I’m sure he’s now blossomed into one of those delightful young men who is actively furious about womens in his realistic WWII game.


Griffin McElroy told me they didn’t have any PS3’s, and I later found out they did on a PODCAST of all things.

Feel like a fool.


I once rented a military game and really liked it and wanted to buy it but couldn’t remember the name of the game. Luckily I knew that if I looked at the save data on my PS2 memory card it would tell me.

Get to the store with my mom and ask them for a copy of Mohea Holt and the guy just looks at me like I’m crazy and tells me they don’t have that game nor does it exist. So I start describing it to him and he goes “Oh you mean Medal of Honor European Assault”.

Turns out the memory card just had it saved as an acronym + the profile name which by default is the characters last name Holt. Was the most embarrassing thing that happened to me at that age.


The worst thing that ever happened to be was when I was looking for a Wii when they were virtually impossible to find and being mocked when I asked if a store had any in stock. How the hell am I supposed to know there’s none in stock if I don’t ask?

Now, to flip the scrip, I worked at a Gamestop in the mid 2000’s at a store in a high tourist area. We regularly had customers from the UK come in and visit. And just as regularly, when they’d ask if these games would work on their PAL consoles back home, we’d knowingly lie to them to make the sale and they’d never be able to do anything about it.

We were pretty scummy.


Probably when I discovered Gamespot became Funko Pop headquarters and was profoundly skeeved out. It had been a long time since I’d last been in a Gamespot, so I had no idea.