What's your console orientation?


It seems like the standing console phase of the last generation has passed, but I am curious how many people keep their consoles in a vertical configuration. I haven’t done it since my Xbox 360 chewed up a disc while vertical years ago, and I don’t think I’ve seen a PS4 or Xbox One sitting vertical outside of marketing displays. So what is your console preference, standing or lay-flat?


Flat. I have a very small and light tv and not a lot of room on my shelf. It’s much more convenient to put the tv on top of the console.


Stacking stuff on your consoles? That’s some next level ish. Can the console still vent effectively?


It vents just fine. I will say when I used my PS3 I stood it vertically because it wasn’t a flat surface. Like I said, my tv is super light. It takes up very little space on the console. It’s about the size of a pc monitor.


I’ve had my PS4 vertical at school because I don’t have a space to put it horizontal (shelf built into the wall is not very deep but fairly tall). At home though I’ve kept it flat because it fits better that way, and I think I prefer that.


I have both vertical and upright consoles hooked up right now but I’ve always been a horizontal person at heart. This generation is definitely a horizontal one in my mind.


I used to keep my PS4 vertical until I somehow became convinced it wasn’t designed to be that way and I was making it sad, so I laid it flat. Is that weird?


I had my PS2 vertical because it looked much cooler, but heard rumors that it would scratch up discs or wear out the laser faster. Was any of that true? I’ve never dared to turn a console on its side since, especially if it involves having to put something in a disc tray.


My launch model Xbox 360 definitely had disc tray issues in the vertical position, but then again that console was one belching exhaust stack away from being a Victorian-era mechanical jalopy. Not sure if the issues hold for better designed consoles.


I’ve always had everything horizontal because I’ve been using the same TV stand for like 15 years and all it has are two narrow rows beneath it.

The Switch was a pain in the ass to fit somewhere; I have to pull the dock out when I want to grab the Switch from it.


My PS4 is horizontal with the front quarter of it hanging over the edge of the shelf because I have one that will constantly eject a disc if sitting on a flat surface.

It is a thing. There are dozens of us.


I keep all my consoles in a gyroscope constantly rotating for maximum airflow. They do tend to unplug them selves this way it’s a bit of a pain but I hot glued them into the gyro so there’s not much I can do


I never dared to orient my consoles vertically, I was scared it would scratch the discs. Often times the TV benches we’d use would have horizontal shelves in them so it never really made sense either.
I’d be interested to hear reasons why people keep consoles vertical, whether it’s an aesthetics thing, a limitation on space, or if marketing made it seem like it was intended that way.


The only console I ever used vertical was the Wii because it had that really nice stand that came with it! Otherwise I usually thought they looked better vertical.

I suppose the switch is technically vertical though?


Same as you, I had my Xbox 360 wreck a couple of game discs before I vowed never to trust a vertical orientation again. RIP Mass Effect 1 :frowning:


I’m not averse to placing them vertically, the PS4 even has spots to screw in a stand on the bottom. But right now I have my PS4 stacked on top of my XB1 with some 2" acrylic spacers in between. I think they’re technically doll stands? You can’t see it in the picture, but I put a little strip of shelf liner on top of each stand to protect from slippage. (Sorry about the glare.)


A lot less rainbow consoles than I was expecting.


I initially did the vertical PS2 thing, because how cool was that!?! But I kept imagining just how much strain must be put on the… spindle thing(?) being in that position even when resting and have made an effort to keep the consoles nice and relaxed in the horizontal position since.