What's your current big group game?

My friends and I have played our 250 hours of Iceborne, and a few dozen in Deep Rock Galactic. We burned out on Destiny 2 late last year, and now we’re looking for a new big group game. Bonus points to games that can go over the four-player standard, either in single groups or shared worlds. Play by post Civ 6? FF14 with that expanded trial? Subterfuge? What do you use to play together?

We’ve been getting back into Minecraft. I hadn’t played in a few years and had forgotten just how goddamn good that game is. Co-op is great because people can just focus on what they like best. One friends loves to mine, another loves to build fortifications, another has mastered the arcane art of redstone. Stardew is also good for that reason. I had never unlocked the community center due to my intense dislike of the fishing in that game but four of us got it done in a year and a half.

Fall Guys and Jackbox over Discord have been our go to recently. A couple of digital board games here and there too.

Monster Prom, Talisman, and Charterstone.

Been playing Sea of Thieves over the last couple of nights this week, it’s been pretty fun (the newer things they’ve added have made it seem a lot more… populated I guess? there’s just more to do I think).

Before that it was Monster Hunter Iceborne on pc (kinda stopped because I got burnt out on it on ps4. Been kinda meaning to go back to it though).

Stellaris/Paradox games can be a good time, and while DLC can add up depending which ones you deem “essential”, only the host needs to have access to the DLC, scaling well with a group.

Other than that, Destiny 2 is back in a good place for groups :see_no_evil:

How big have you gone with Stellaris? And how long do those games last? I really loved it when it first came out but haven’t played in a while. Wonder if I can convince my group into it.

Hm, I hadn’t been looking at the board-game-types because of our larger group. We did buy Tabletop Sim a little while ago (a group play of Gloomhaven got obliterated by Covid but never quite revived) so that’s worth looking into. Charterstone seems interesting, I hadn’t seen that one before.

For Stellaris I have unfortunately not gone very big, yet. I think I should also point out that some people have reported desync issues to varying degrees in the past.

The game length depends on a lot of factors - I’d probably suggest turning down the length of time before crisis and the like. In my experience the games can drag a bit for the last hundred years or so otherwise