What's Your Current Project?

Simple thread, we just talk about whatever project we’re currently working on and share some details with everyone else. Figured it’s a good way to get excited about one’s work again if you find yourself in a slump because it always feels nice to share your ideas with people. We could even leave feedback and possibly offer new ideas.

Myself, I’m wrapping up an article trying to get to the meat of Rick and Morty’s third season, which I read as Rick, a supposed “ubermesch” of toxic nihilism, is ultimately replaced in that role by the more humanist (as in the actual philosophy of humanism) ideals of Morty. I’ve already finished the first draft part explaining Rick’s contradictory personality and how different episodes hint at his real motivations and how he actually seems himself and others behind his faux confidence, now I’m trying to explain how Morty effectively retakes the family and the other Morty is being set up as a dark reflection of Morty’s ideals, further hinted by “healthy” Morty in the toxicity episode.

After that, I plan to write a piece explaining the predatory practices of SakuraGame, a publisher on Steam who’s basically robbing hentai game circles, and do a massive piece on the Deponia series.


im trying to ease myself back into doing… like, any art whatsoever at the minute

right now im dinking around trying to refamiliarise myself w blender, gonna be making a lil low poly model of one of the guys from You’re Next for funsies

here’s a lil orthographic drawing to that end:


Lately I’ve been working on a Let’s Play of For Honor for fun, to inform others about the game, talk a bit about actual historical arms and armor, and to work on my voice becoming more feminine. The project has been a blast. And it’s felt really good hearing others are entertained by and like it. I plan to do more in the future. I’m also planning a Halloween episode and an episode all about how gender and diversity in For Honor which I think is not talked about enough for the game. If anyone wants to watch the best place to start is actually Warlords and Cowards - Episode 2 though I dono’t start to talk about history until more recent episodes.


I’ve currently got this miniature on my painting table in an early state, mostly just primed with a few base colours down so far!


Trying to balance a few different video scripts

The more immediate one is a bullet point review of Far Cry - taking into account what it did very well but where it’s aged since. Will be done a similarly to my recent Painkiller Video - but I’m trying very hard to get myself interested in the project despite the fact I don’t feel I have a lot to talk about that’s Video worthy.

On the other hand I want to do something a little larger about Phantom Pain - coming from the perspective of someone who loved its gameplay systems despite having never played a previous MGS game, and why I think that’s why I’m more interested in something like Survive then the attention its currently getting.

That being said, I think general Winter Depression and a lack of interest my work is getting has put a dampener on this video stuff so far. Doing what I can to try and keep it up.

Btw this makes Rick and Morty sound a lot more clever than most talk I hear of it does.

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For the last while I’ve been doing a Let’s Play using the screenshot feature of the Switch. I have a tumblr with a series of image posts as I replay through Breath of the Wild.

I also played with extra restrictions, to make it more challenging and fun. You can find them in a link on the tumblr.

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How do you find doing screenshot LP’s? I’ve always wanted to do one for some games that don’t record audio like Nobunaga’s Ambition. Is it hard to compile the screenshots and script what to show and what not to show?

A weird thing that’s actually helped a lot is that tumblr posts have a limit of 10 images and the captions on each are short, just one line. So I usually just take tons of shots indiscriminately as I go, then when looking through them I try to find a little nugget of something happening that fits within those constraints. I split up everything into folders, and that’s when I’ll usually see what I can show in approximately 10 pictures, cutting ones that aren’t as necessary or good. Once I have to have only 10, it’s a lot easier to cut the 11th best one, or make the decision that this is 2 separate beats that needs to be spread over 2 separate posts.

So I’d recommend trying something similar even if you’re arbitrarily limiting yourself. And I find it a lot simpler than trying to edit video or just be entertaining as I go.

Oh and one last thing is, I often use the captions to fill in gaps where I could have technically used a picture to make it clear to the reader, but I preferred to edit down.

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This sounds like a pretty solid methodology. I always want to take too many screenshots then tweet them, download from there then put them in folders. I don’t know if there is too much of a difference in how PS4 share and Switch sharing there is.

Figures for Rumbleslam and some WW2 Germans and Soviets.

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It’s understandable, since Roiland is kind of a tool in real life and the fandom has become so horrid that it’s near impossible to divide them from the show. I also get people wouldn’t be wild about a lot of the nihilist themes, plus the series has a bad habit of sending mixed messages. I had to think on this for a bit before I could get my thoughts in line.

Ah well the Switch is handy there because all my screenshots go onto a micro SD card that I can just plug directly into my computer and copy them all onto it. Having to tweet and download them sounds like an annoying hoop to have to jump through.

Well now inspired by SuperBiasedMan and because I’ve been interested in doing it for a long time, I’m now working on an LP via screenshot of Nobunaga’s Ambition Sphere of Influence. Which should be a fun project provided the game isn’t too much of a jerk. A lot of it is actually just writing down the transcript for each story scene, spelling errors in the game and all. I hope it’s alright to link to another forum where I am doing it, if not I’ll remove the link.


The research I was assigned that I completely disagree with. I know I can get it done in a week if I really put the time in but I hate it and know it’s garbage no one will ever use.


I’m currently doing a few things. I’m writing a screenplay called “The Roadman”. I’m probably not gonna put this on like The Blacklist or anything, if I do it’ll be a few years, I’d want to refine it as much as I can before then. Its just a story idea that I’ve had for a while now and I wanted to do something with it.

And at the same time, me and a buddy are trying to realize a game idea I’ve had based around Poseidon. And a few others that aren’t as far along.

It’s kinda exciting, Its one of my bucket list items to make a game and its my dream to be a filmmaker and for the first time ever I feel like I’m really moving forward in both of them.


Editing the audio for a South Park The Fractured But Whole video. My main argument is South Park uses sensitive subjects the way Family Guy uses pop culture. Just quick references with nothing to say.

Not feeling especially strong on this video but I’ll try to wrap it up and do better next time.


I’m about 35 pages into what I’m hoping will be a contemporary horror novel about a guy beset by insects. I need to outline the rest of the book as the narrative in my head is bit murky after Ch. 4, but have been a lazy ass more interested in playing Divinity Original Sin than getting back to work on the project.

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I’m getting more serious about my home cooking. Recently, I’ve been having a good friend of mine over for a meal nearly every Sunday. It’s been great! I’m pushing myself to try out new recipes, but I’ve also been working on repeating some dishes to fine-tune them. I’ve started a excel sheet where I’m keeping track of what I’m cooking, when I’m cooking, the recipes that I used for reference and more. It’s become one of my favorite hobbies!


That sounds like a lot of fun. I’ve been meaning to get into cooking, maybe I should try treating it like this as a project and try to create meals for others.

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