What's your dream developer/franchise pairing?

Oh, this would be amazing. I have a friend at Respawn. I tell him all the time that I would love to see them do a total mech combat game.

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…can I have both?

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This one’s funny because they actually did throw some Fast & Furious DLC into FH2. I don’t remember a lot of particulars, but they got some cars from the movies and had Tej giving you special races to do and stuff. So yeah, I’d love to see Playground make a full Fast & Furious game.


Arc System Works with either a Fate/Grand Order game or to somehow be given the keys to Darkstalkers.

A huge Sony cinematic storytelling studio and Metroid. Nintendo can keep making the 2D ones, but they’ll never nail the horror this franchise is capable of.

I read this and immediately thought Kojima/Metroid and if he could avoid turning the Kojima male gaze on Samus while playing to his strengths, I would be very about it. But only IF he could do that.


Give From a Wario game. Let’s see how one can prepare to die when the player character is immortal garlic incarnate!

Kojima gets less horny when he gets to have variety. Death Stranding was barely leery at all compared to MGS4 and V. A Kojima Metroid would probably be MGS1 levels of horny at most.

That being said, give Hideo the opportunity to show you an ass and he will take it.


I don’t know whether it’s this thread or another thread but it’s time to talk once again about Jurassic Park Isolation.

I want the Alien Isolation team to make a Jurassic Park Isolation type game.

You swap the alien for dinosaurs obviously, but you can vary it with each predatory species having a specific hunting behavior - you stand still for the T-Rex but he can obviously smell you, you have to keep an object between you and a dilophosaur, you have to pray to whatever god you want to survive a pack of Velociraptors. You swap all the 70s analogue technology for all that 90s analogue technology. You pump levers, hack UNIX systems. You’d have open spaces to run around in as well as claustrophobic bunkers and jungles. Moments of raptors in the kitchen style terror and bits where you get to make Brachiosaur noises at actual Brachiosaurs.

It’s time to remake Tresspasser too while we’re at it. Feels like VR is made for that game. But who should make it? How about Valve?

Also if From Software could make a Warhammer 40k game please.


That’s funny, one of my first thoughts playing Aliens: Fireteam Elite was to idly wonder if you could do a Jurassic Park version. I immediately concluded the sheer number of enemies would be too goofy in that case, but JP Isolation would be great!

The Lost World lightgun arcade game (sit down booth, ofc) from Sega/AM3 is an all-time favourite, so to flip it I’d love to get that team back together for an Aliens shooter.


Second Extinction (it’s on early access and games pass) is basically Left 4 Dead with dinos. Now they’re mutant dino hybrids, some will shoot electro bolts at you. But yeah the sheer numbers is a little weird - not sure if I was feeling intense dino mega death even if they weren’t real dinos. Feels wrong to blast a rampaging Triceratops.

Loved The Lost World arcade game. Bummer it never came out for Dreamcast. I did actually obtain it more recently through ahem methods.

Of course how they really need to bring that game back is as a typing of the dead styled game. I’d basically populate it with dinosaur names and choice jurassic park quotes. You’d be frantically typing Quetzalcoatlus as raptors ran at you. Did make me want to make my own dino typing game via game maker studio, but as my skills at coding aren’t great, I didn’t get very far. I’d need to create my own typing interface and get apply random dino names to very basic sprites that ran towards you.

Coding is hard. But perhaps we are ALL the dream developer of our own dream games?

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My non-licensed entry for this topic would be the DotEmu/Lizardcube/Guard Crush trifecta picking up the sprite-baton from late 90s/early aughts Capcom. I miss those sprites! At first glance I was skeptical of Streets of Rage 4’s super high resolution art, but that game looks and feels fantastic. So pick your series; Final Fight, Captain Commando, Strider… Alien vs. Predator, Marvel Super Heroes… (Okay, so maybe a little licensing.)

Neversoft given Titanfall

Give me peak THPS Neversoft designing spaces with excellent lines to jump and wall-run through much as was the best of all the best Tony Hawks. And then, like, they’ve sorta made a COD game, they know how to make a shooter work.

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FromSoftware making a Vagrant Story sequel or remake.

Do I win? I think I win.