What's your favorite "bad" game


The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Now, I never thought this was a bad game, but when it released, no one in my corner of the internet liked it, and this has continued with every group of friends I’ve made since. But I loved it. The motion controls just clicked with me, the combat was invigorating, and I had a blast.

It’s not perfect though. The opening section is almost as bad as Twilight Princess’s, the flying overworld wears out it’s welcome about halfway through the game, Fi’s hand holding interruptions can be grating, and it can get repetitive refighting The Imprisoned and revisiting the same 3 areas below the clouds.

But in spite of all that, I loved the game, and it was my favorite 3D Zelda until Breath of the Wild.


Septerra Core for sure. It’s my favorite Final Fantasy game. That game doesn’t look good or play very well, but I kind of love the setting and the story. Also, I just found out that game was scored by Marty O’Donnell, which is wild.


So this is maybe not a game anyone has heard of, but I love BeatDown: Fists of Vengeance for the PS2. It’s basically a fighting game RPG where you play as one of five mafioso who have been betrayed and all have over-the-top dumb personalities. The battles are basically Virtua Fighter-esque (which is weird, because it’s by Capcom) but with ridiculous weapon usage and special moves. The voice acting is terrible but great and it helped me learn what a “shitkicker” was.


I loved how, by the end of K&L2, I was exactly as desperate, frustrated, and pissed-off as Kane & Lynch themselves. Really made me feel like I was part of the story.


Rebel Assault 1&2, which I will fully admit to being largely nostalgia. But there’s still something very satisfying to me about the lightgun style combat even now – when I tried out SWTOR a while ago it was like wrapping myself in a big old blanket when I started one of the space combat missions for the first time. And Rebel Assault 2 included a ton of dumb easter eggs, including a full MST3K mode over every single cutscene in the game, which is impressive dedication for a gag stuck behind a cheat code.


Having Queens of the Stone Age as part of the soundtrack certainly helps.


As someone who’s watched a lot of Sonic 06 LPs, I’ve just realized from that video that I’ve made a grave mistake not also watching Shadow the Hedgehog LPs (Shadow Android? What?). Anybody know some good ones?


I thought I didn’t have a great answer for this topic, but the first Dungeon Siege is one of my favorite games of all time so I may be a little higher on that one than most people.

Also, I know basically everyone liked Nightfire way more, but I had a lot of fun with my friends playing local multiplayer in 007: Agent Under Fire. Very reminiscent of Goldeneye.


omg i loved chameleon twist!!


I don’t think there are that many, but first one that comes to mind is DK 64. It’s aged worse than the actual game was when it came out but I still stand by my 8 yr old self knowing that game was good!


its the greatest story of our generation


you’re a hero, don’t let anyone tell you differently.


It shames me to say that as a kid I actually thought Shadow the Hedgehog was really cool because of the guns and motorbikes, because as a child I was scum.

I agree with @yaoi that it does have some good ideas buried amongst the awful awful cringiness and terrible gameplay though.


Metal Wolf Chaos isn’t a great game, but it’s got the president of the United States of America driving a mech and fighting a military takeover. It never made it over here (Japan only) but it’s got as much tone-deaf patriotism and tone-deaf English voice acting as a copy of Call of Duty melting in the back of a hot SUV. It’s dumb and bad and indefensible but I love it.


I’ll just say Area 51 / Maximum Force in the arcades. Those games are BAD. I’ve put tons and tons of dollars into them over the years, and will always love them.


Okay, actually this is my answer. When I was 11, this was the coolest game ever. Running in slow motion to kick people was SO satisfying, and my obsession with The Matrix was unrivaled. I have a very weird sense of nostalgia for Enter the Matrix. I think I beat it 7 or 8 times over the years.

Now, Path of Neo…that’s a different story. That game is damn weird.


Yoooooo! Enter the Matrix was rad! That game deserved way more credit for having some really neat combat.


The 1v1 fighting game mode that you had to hack to unlock was actually really, really good


kane and lynch 2 is the ONLY answer


Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace - The Movie: The Game. It’s such a weird game - Qui-Gon is consistently a dick, and it has Jar Jar, but you end up in a mini open world when you get to Tattooine. Also, I was 6 and it was literally the only PS1 game I had for 6 months. Fairly sure I know that game better than I know the movie.