What's your favorite "bad" game


Sonic and the Secret Rings. A Sonic game that actually goes fast, but too fast for the controls. Also it was on the Wii, so you had to drive Sonic like a car, by turning the remote. It was pretty broken and the story was farcical even by Sonic standards. But a friend and I spent hours competing at the levels and cheering each other on and laughing at the terrible dialogue, so I have really fond memories of that game


Kung Fu Kid for the Master System. It was by far the game I’ve played the most in that console (and that was the only console I owned for a good 5-6 years). It’s not a good game.


Even knowing the tumultuous history of Sonic 3D for the Saturn, I still enjoy breaking it out every now and then. It’s not, like, ground-shakingly good, but it’s enjoyable if you go in with a good mindset.


Trespasser. Even considering what a trainwreck the final product was as a game, I have to admire the ambition. Years ahead of its time imo


Star Wars Jedi Power Battles. Jedi badass power fantasy.

Dragon Age 2, primarily for the character writing and parry member conversations.

Final Fantasy 13 because that battle system is great.

Alpha protocol because spies.

The Conan mmo by Funcom. I love Robert Howard pulp work, despite the unfortunate racial overtones. Getting to exist in Conan’s world did it for me.


“One” on PS1, starring Bruce Willis. It was a pretty shit game but I rented it many times (I could never find it anywhere to buy? Also I was ashamed to buy it?) because it had the best flamethrower in any game ever.

For real though, this game is almost like a real live Cool Games, Inc game. Spend all the money on Bruce Willis and flamethrower physics and you’ve got a real winner.


I would add this to a ton of multiplayer games I enjoyed that everyone else seemed to hate. Another one in that vein, Metal Gear Online.


Oh man yeah, Dragon Age 2 got dunked on real bad when it released (perhaps deservedly so, with how badly it reuses its three dungeons over and over again) but the narrative was SO GOOD and it also felt like it was a huge visual improvement from DA:O. Plus it played a lot better on console, where I first played it.


Depending on what you define as “bad” the STALKER series is one of my favorites, and basically all of those games went through various levels of broken or “bad”.

Also Blood Rayne…Blood Rayne was dope.


Fear Effect 2! It handled poorly and was sold on idiotic teenage-level titillation (I was a teen at the time, natch) but it had a great sense of style semi-adjacent to Tomb Raider, and it surprisingly had a grown-up take on a lesbian relationship, which I did not see coming.


It’s always been tough for me to figure out where I draw the line in like “Okay this game is objectively bad but it does some interesting stuff I like” or “This game is really good it just isn’t polished very well”

My instinct is to say most Obsidian games. Your KOTOR 2s your Alpha Protocols your Fallout New Vegases. But I also like. Think those games are really really good?


Sonic Adventure 2 is… Not great, but I love it to death






I think Star Wars: The Clone Wars for Gamecube fits the bill for me. My brother and I used to play splitscreen co-op and maybe versus? I just looked it up and noticed it’s got a 73 on metacritic(whatever that’s worth) and was developed by Pandemic but I remember it being pretty bland and mindless. The main thing that stuck with me is the shitty blaster sound that would double up or more in multiplayer. We’d just hold down shoot for entire levels and I swear it may have hypnotized us into playing it. I think some combination of the shitty crt’s speakers and maybe a low quality audio sample in the Gamecube version combined perfectly, to horrible effect. We didn’t enjoy our time with it but we still put way more hours into this thing than were warranted. I can still close my eyes and hear that exact, shitty, off-blaster sound.


Oh god I remember that game. That was actually like one of the very first games I ever played.

I remember having to look up cheat codes to figure out how to get anywhere.


I have quite a bit of affection for Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom. It was a mediocre hodgepodge of Legend of Zelda and The Last Guardian before The Last Guardian was a real product. The dopey charm of the titular character did a lot to help me overlook how technically sub-par it could be and how uninspired a lot of the design choices were.

You know what? I’ll also say The Last Guardian itself. I can’t think of another game that made me so extremely frustrated by it’s wonky AI companion pathfinding and poor technical performance but also made made me sob and never want to leave my precious birdoggocat.


I wouldn’t say it’s a favorite, or good, or anything a game wants to be, but Ultima IX: Ascension was so ambitious and took so many risks and was the biggest blunder in all of gaming. I bought it in junior high and tried so hard to love it.

Nowadays it’s fun to play “spot the bugs.” There are so many. If you made a drinking game out of it, you’d die of alcohol poisoning before the end of the tutorial.


I also love Brink, the one true successor to Quake Wars, the best multiplayer game of the 2000s. It couldn’t have failed in my eyes no matter how hard they tried.

And boy howdy did they try


I really loved The Saboteur. It was a chore to control at times and a bit buggy but I just loved how striking their black and white version of Paris looked. It was a game that I just loved being in the environment the devs created. It was actually when color began returning to the world that I lost interest and put the game down.
I also genuinely like Apocalypse starring Bruce Willis. The platforming is truly terrible but as a ps1 dual stick shooter from nearly 20 years ago it holds up surprisingly well.


The first Kane and Lynch is bad but
I dunno.
I liked it.