What's your favorite "bad" game


I haven’t played it in ages but I think the first Kingdom Hearts is a good game. Right? Fun, interesting game play, interesting world, strange mashup concept, goofy story with endearing stories?

I think it’s good.

(can’t speak to the series as a whole since I’ve only played the first one)


It’s not horrible. I still enjoy playing it. But the combat is pretty basic, the puzzles suck, the camera is wonky and so is the jump which make certain platforming sections less than great. The gummi missions are nostalgic for me, but looking back there’s no way to defend them. I’m way into that story, but I know a lot of people aren’t. And honestly, if someone has no interest in the story of Kingdom Hearts, I think they should skip 1 (and Chain of Memories) and go straight to 2.

But the game also has a ton going for it. The art is gorgeous, the music is gorgeous, the characters are endearing, the worlds are varied, and the simple combat is mitigated by surprisingly diverse and well-designed enemy AI patterns and boss fights.

It was Tetsuya Nomura’s first time directing a game and it shows for better and for worse. There’s a lot of things they tried that didn’t work, but there’s also a lot of things that did work that no other games were doing at the time. It was bold and original, and it clearly came from a place of passion. But it’s still kinda “bad”.


There are a few RPG maker games in the 2000’s that i loved for their art, originality, and stories but were quite frustrating to play. OFF is my favorite, Yumi Nikki also comes to mind.


Yeah I’m gonna jump on board the Final Fantasy XIII is Good Actually train. I really love all the characters in that game that aren’t Snow, and the battle system is flawed but an interesting break from tradition.

I actually find the latter third of the game less interesting than the bits before you get to Grab Pulse but. Hey. It’s got Chocobos at least.


Hexen, because it was the first FPS I ever played, and it kind of blew my mind at the time. The hub world and multiple trips through each side world level design doesn’t hold up great today (and being honest, was kind of confusing and annoying at the time), but I’ll always love it.

Also Quest 64 for similar reasons. I didn’t have a console of my own until the PS2, and all my friends who did went N64 that generation, so Quest 64 was the first JRPG I ever saw. It took me until a few years later to realize that pretty much every system before or since has had better JRPGs on it.


I played an absolutely insane amount of Hexen on the Nintendo 64 with some friends of mine. It is a forgotten classic.


Dungeon Siege.

I don’t think it’s bad, just mediocre. Going back and playing it now the combat is far from perfect and the encounter design seems more like Diablo, where they throw hordes of enemies at you but instead of real time combat, you have a CRPG combat system that can’t really handle it.

But I love that game for essentially getting me in to CRPGs, and getting me curious enough to go back and check out Baldur’s Gate.


yo @Xenosynth with the very good Quest64 aesthetic. right on.

@Tahloolah sorry but Billy Hatcher is disqualified because it’s actually really fun from what I’ve played recently. also i could spend hours just bouncing eggs to hear Billy’s voice clips.

I play Sonic R every year and have really found memories of it and strong emotional associations. It’s not much of a racing game, but it has a cool sense of place and just looks gorgeous in places despite, and due to, its limitations:


Mario Party 2, Mario Party 4, Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES), Maximum Carnage (NES), Spider-Man: The Movie (PC)


Banjo Kazzoie

With the nostalgia glasses removed…


I’ll be the fourth to say Kingdom Hearts. I was 6 when it came out and it hit me in the same way Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke did at the time. Dearly Beloved still makes my tearducts well up sometimes. As said before the bosses, the art, and the music are it’s saving graces, but at a fundamental level it does not feel good in the hands.


I legitimately loved Sonic Shuffle and will defend it as being better then Mario Party till the day I die. Also really liked Sonic Adventures 2 back when it came out and I thought the treasure hunting levels were a lot of fun.

Since when is Kingdom Hearts considered a “bad” game? Both 1 and 2 got good reviews on release and they still hold up in terms of gameplay today. Only thing I can hold against it is that it became a Hot Topic main stay and even that is a petty and shallow thing to slight it for.


Glad this thread resurfaced so I can pledge my unending loyalty to Too Human.

There’s no question it’s bad, with the awful Valkyrie death animation, crazy difficulty spikes and completely unbalanced builds.

BUT with the right build, the dual-joystick style combat could be amazing, pinballing around the battlefield, slinging projectiles, taking out an entire wave of enemies in one zen-flow combo. When the game worked right, it really worked right.

I also completely unironically loved the silly technomancy take on Norse mythology.


Too Human had so much promise
I think it was my most hyped game, right behind Spore


Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge is a rather interesting game that’s all about the preparation side of an RPG. Make a deck and watch it play out against other decks. Try to make a deck, along with what’s basically a sideboard, and see if one can make one that can win a lot of matches in a row.

It’s really difficult to just make a single deck that can win everything, since everything has strengths and weaknesses and there’s a limited capacity for the chips in the deck. It feels like the distillation of the fun parts of deck building in a TCG.

I think there might’ve been an issue of communicating the appeal of the game, although it’s also rather low budget. The translation could be better too, as there are some glaring errors.


Hell, I appreciated how it brang in so so many battle network characters.


Sonic Shuffle had a lot of neat ideas that really should have been fleshed out in a sequel


The SNES version of Aladdin was better than the Genesis one and yes that is a hill I am prepared to die on.


Amen, brother.

15 characters


I played the Genesis version a year or so ago (having practically memorized the SNES version as a kid).

Genesis Aladdin is shit.