What's your favorite "bad" game


Does Mario Kart: Super Circuit count? I know that’s like the “worst” Mario Kart game, but it’s probably my second favorite behind 7


Super Circuit is not a bad game at all. The controls are great, the good tracks are pretty good, but the selection is limited. I know it’s the black sheep of the family but I don’t think it’s appreciably worse than any other MK aside from the restrictions it suffers from the console it lives on.


Do people think of From Dust as being “bad” or “oh that game, yeah I never played it myself but I heard it wasn’t terrible”?


100% agree. I feel like if they had called this “Dragon Age: Hawk’s Story”, or had some subtitle instead of a Roman numeral, it wouldn’t have received so much hate.


Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance II? I didn’t hear a lot about it when I was playing it, but to this day, it remains the only good game I ever played on the original Xbox that wasn’t a fuckin’ Halo game.


SNES version definitely played better, but I’d say the Genesis Aladdin looked better


I never got around to Dark Alliance 2 but the amount of time I put into Dark Alliance (on the Gamecube) was… I hesitate to admit the full extent, as the number is perhaps too salacious.


So many adventure games. I’m a fan of Starship Titanic because of the Art Deco design of the ship, the soundtrack, and writing by Douglas Adams.

I also like the late Sierra adventure games like King’s Quest 7 and Torin’s Passage, partially because they weren’t unfair like most Sierra games were.


I wasn’t super impressed with Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions when I got it, but it turned out to make a great podcast game. The action was diverse enough that I kept plugging away until it ended, and the story was so nonsensical I didn’t feel like I was missing too much skimming the subtitles. It’s probably very cheap now, and its sort of long so if you like idly punching things maybe give it a shot.


I love that game! The Spiderman 2099 sections were incredible. It’s actually still $20-30 most places I’ve seen it, but definitely worth it.


I like a lot of bad games. I’ve got a huge soft spot for the N64 Castlevania games. A lot of people hate Final Fantasy 8 but I like it a whole bunch even though I basically agree with the criticism. Shadow Man for the N64 is really interesting but actually playing it is tedious. And Koudelka is a trainwreck but I love it.


Agreed, I would play a 2099 game in a heartbeat. Noir, though…


It’s hard because a lot of games w/ technical flaws I enjoy, I’d try to argue are “good” games? Nier for one. Plus a couple of RPGs for Playstation.

That said, I’d argue that the Three Trials level in Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 should be taught in schools. It perfectly encapsulates everything the game does wrong and how not to make the same mistakes in the future. A beautiful thing…


Yeah! I was going to say The Club. It’s a mess but I got really into it.


No Man’s Sky lets me build a settlement on a stunning, completely traversable world (which I named after my best friend) and make friends with little animals. I like escaping to it at least once a month. Also, how the distances between planets within the same star system can be so vast that even using pulse drive it can take a few minutes. In those moments I put my ship in gear, kick back, and browse Twitter on my phone, much as I imagine my in-game character would be.

Fallout 4 landed with a resounding “eh,” but to date it is the first and only Fallout game to click with me thanks to the settlement system. Bless Austin, as well as Night in the Wood’s Scott Benson, for giving that mode its propers. I just want to make my lil’ settlers feel safe, and something about patching a busted wall honestly triggers ASMR in me.


For me it’s every sonic game from like Sonic Adventure to Sonic 06 (Adventure and 06 are excluded, I don’t like those games they’re just the endpoints). Also excluding the GBA games from that period, because the GBA games are pretty decent actually.


Jurassic Park for SNES and the game simply titled “Transformers” for PS2 are two games I loved that my friends all said were pretty bad.


Shadowrun! We should be friends.

I played a lot of Shadowrun. A lot.

I think I can make a case for this actually being a good game. As someone else mentioned, the premise of this thread is odd. If you liked a game then you must be able to put up some defence of it being good.


The DS tie-in to the first Michael Bay Transformers movie was something I got obsessed with. It went all pokemon with an Autobots and Decepticons version and I had the latter, because obviously. It had the original Megatron Voice actor in it hamming it up to 11 and at some point it completely diverged from the movie plot into a Starscream Vs Megatron battle to the death. You played as a silent OC decepticon and you could scan any vehicle in the open world to turn it into your vehicle form, it was ace. Played like shit, but not so much I couldn’t tolerate it for freeform Transformer roleplay as a kid. I think they actually had the balls to make Starscream kill off your player character at the end too, which was cool as a kid.


this is my goto so bad its good game because you can complete a run of the story in about an hour and feel satisfied with the nonsensical story that unfolds (especially if you start going on random good/evil tangents instead of a straight line). the opening gunshot sound when you confirm a memory card right when you load the game is killer, i laugh every time.

ive never finished it but the first hour or two i played Neverdead holds a special place in my heart because i had never laughed that hard nonstop at a game. The ragdoll physics when you lose limbs are comedy gold, and me and my friends started cooking up a backstory about the characters since your partner never once comments on the nonstop deluge of corny oneliners your dude spits out. Like this is just her job, every day she goes to shoot demons with this guy who refuses to learn more than five jokes and double refuses to keep them to himself.