What's your favorite "bad" game


I have some real good memories of playing multiplayer Starfox Assault.


Arkham Origins had one of the best Bruce-Alfred dynamics that I’ve seen/read/played. The Joker introduction was actually quite good and the cast of characters was really interesting.

The fighting always felt off and I think it ended up suffering by being an incremental improvement over its predecessors without introducing much in the way of set pieces or features.

All of that being said, I’m not sure if it necessarily belongs here. It’s considered to be the “worst” in a series of VERY good games.


I was reminded lately of Robocop the arcade game, which was fuckin terrible even at the time but I still put my quarters in, because it’s robocop. And the animation when he pulls the gun out of his leg.


I really like Brink. The ‘corporation versus the people’ narrative, the strange character design and the amazing title theme. The customization was also really swell.


Similarly, I still like Evolve


All of the WWE 2K games. Despite not enjoying the actual wrestling in these wrestling games, I still pick them up and put a few hours in every so often. I’ve found they make good podcast games since there isn’t too much to focus on, and I’ll occasionally have an inch to try and make something fun out of the “Universe Mode” (a mode where you organize your own wrestling show). However, I usually end up just spending a lot of time organizing the roster and setting up initial feuds before getting fed up with actually playing the matches.


I didn’t see Metroid: Other M on here, but I think people consider that a bad game based on the poor reviews? I wonder how much of the disappointment was more due to the pedigree of the series rather than the game actually being that bad. I picked it up again last month, and the controls are worse than I remember (moving in 3D with that Wii remote D-Pad suuuuuccckkss), but overall I still really like that game.


WET. Yeah, the Bethesda published action game. They done Rubi wrong and she deserves another, better game.


Godzilla PS4 was probably the worst PS4 game I ever played but I loved popping it in every once in a while and tossing around kaiju.


Vivisector: Beast Within

There is just something about that game that made me stick with it until the end.
The more you play it, the levels get better, the action gets better, the nonsense we call a plot ramps up, set pieces ahoy, and oh dear, what a glorious mess of an ending it has.

Would kill for a digital re-release.


I’m an avid collector of PS1 games, and by far my favourite of the bad ones (and there are many!) is simply titled “The Mission”. It’s an adaptation… of a TV advert Nike ran in the UK in the early 2000’s. It’s exceptionally shoddy in every conceivable way, but I adore it all the same. There’s no good reason for it to exist at all. I find it hilarious that it came out alongside most of my favourite (good) PS1 games!

If you want to know more, Kotaku did a great write-up of it a while back here.


i only like good games


Bold claim, that.


Well then it’s a good thing ALL games are precious and good in their own ways.


You joke, but if one enjoys a creative work, even if it’s “bad,” then one’s still getting something out of it. If one can derive some kind of pleasure or meaning from a bad work of art, then arguably there’s unintended goodness in it, despite itself.

So bad it’s good, in other words, but not so bad it’s worse.


As others have mentioned, bad is a bit subjective. BUT For me it was Gungrave, I game I grinded through 2-3 times and recommended heavily to all my friends… And they all hated it. It really clicked for me though - between the story and the Nightow aesthetic, it all just hit the perfect game for me, despite the insane repetition.


I agree that it’s become somewhat of a cult classic. Nowadays I’ve heard quite a few people say that they really like the game. It was pretty universally hated at release though. I think for your average Final Fantasy fan at the release of the game it would be a huge disappointment, because you’re not expecting the game to be so goddamn slow in rolling out its battle mechanics.

I had a friend who was playing the game much later once it was out on PC and was telling me about it and how great the battle system was - as well as how slow the game was to hit its stride. He seemed to like the game so much that I decided to get it myself. I went in being fully aware of how essentially half the game is a really slow intro, and ended up really loving it. It’s by far my favorite Final Fantasy game (and I’ve played over half of the main ones) and just one of my favorite RPGs in general. I really can’t think of a battle system in any RPG that I enjoyed as much. I think pretty much XIII is going to be enjoyable if you’re willing to have patience with it. No doubt the ridiculous amount of time it takes to hit its stride does qualify it as a bad game, but I view it as a game that is essentially really good with just the one huge major flaw of how slow it is to fully introduce all its mechanics.

Then again, I’m extremely biased towards the XIII trilogy because I’m super gay for Lightning. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I had a blast playing through Kingdoms of Amalur when it came out


Some of my fondest childhood memories are playing DK64 with my Dad. I don’t think we ever beat it, but I remember feeling like that island was HUGE and full of all kinds of secrets. In retrospect, it probably wasn’t that big, but… man. I loved that game. Banjo Tooie as well. But BT is probably one of the most perfect 3D platformers ever.


But that’s a good game.