What's your favorite "bad" game


Oh geez, that island was huge. I remember that game having, like, 100,000 items to collect, or something ridiculous. It really made me angry. That game legit turned me off of platformers for a few years. I don’t think I played a platformer after that until Psychonauts, which I played a couple years after release, so that must have been 8 years later. Plus, I was in middle school when it came out, and my Christmas consisted of DK64 and Resident Evil 2 for the N64. I ended up putting more hours trying to completely S Rank RE2 than beat DK64.

Yeah, DK64 definitely belongs on this list.


Since it’s October, I think I’m going to say Resident Evil 6. Capcom shot for the stars in trying to appeal to everyone (RE5 style horror-action? Check! Uncharted with Nemesis Jr.? Check! RE4 but prettier? Check!).

The reason I am willing to go back and play it on occasion, and why it’s always on my mind, is that it’s such a weirdly out of touch product and feels like a too many cooks (no not that ONE) kind of game.

Of course, RE6 (at least in my opinion) fails miserably at all of those, and even the fact I name drop three styles is … telling. Since Capcom gave the game a bloated scope with three campaigns that each seem to try those styles with a general connecting set of mechanics… and plot.

What’s interesting to me isn’t that it’s a bad game, it’s just when I talk to my friends about it? The degree of how bad it is seems contingent on what campaign my friends played first.

Those who played Leon’s campaign (like myself) found the game a bit more bearable until they tried another one… it’s like a halfhearted RE4 successor that slowly unravels the more the new mechanics interfere with your joy (I spent a literal 45 minutes doing the end of game rope climbing QTE). But for my circles - we saw sparks of the vibes we liked in tank-era RE and RE4.

Chris was just more of RE5 but made worse, again, by the game’s new systems.

Then, Wesker Jr. (Jake? was that his name?) that’s usually the worst for everyone I know? The idea of a Nemesis style enemy pursuing you in this RE5 but crappier gameplay isn’t inherently awful but it becomes worse when Capcom tries to make this the “Uncharted meets RE” campaign - the first chapter had Wesker Jr. running towards the camera with QTEs… and it was bad.

It’s an interesting game beyond that because it was out of touch with why action games like CoD were popular (polish, fine-tuned power fantasy gunplay, etc.) and it was also a slap in the face to fans of the franchise both by giving them more of what they were already starting to dislike. The whole story is also just a series of jumping the shark on a series that had already done that a few times.

The Ada campaign was somewhat interesting, and cool to play as the anti-hero in a proper story setting.

And, while I know many people are less keen on the final hours of RE7… it’s a much stronger take than RE6 and the hours before are so amazing (for me), even if the upcoming Not a Hero DLC may erase that goodwill.


JetForce Gemini,
Street Fighter 2010
Metroid Other M


Lords of the Fallen. I know, it is a mess with really unintuitive controls and sluggish speed compared to something like Dark Souls. But, I feel there is an ok game hidden within Lords of the Fallen. When you come to understand its systems its even kinda fun. I’ve been wanting to even LP it some day and try to show off what it could have been and what things the game actually does well. But pretty much no one I know of wants to play it lol.


Considering it was a free PS Plus game, I had a blast playing through this! Plus, I still haven’t beaten Bloodborne or any of the Dark Souls games, so it was nice being able to beat this.


Deadly Premonition. Love that game so much but it is undeniably awful :stuck_out_tongue:


In the past few years there have been several hahaha.

In 2015 my favorite bad game was Devil’s Third. Cool multiplayer that got shutdown after like a month and a short, stupid, and fun single-player campaign that was so dumb I couldn’t believe it. Big fan.

Last year we got another game that is widely loathed that I love: Star Fox Zero. What were they thinking? I had a great time but the game had almost no appeal to most people.

And then this year I played through all of Knack 2. I don’t know why we have a Knack series. I like the game but it’s hard to say why. It’s pretty, the gameplay is adequate, the story is nothing and Knack is totally lacking in charisma. Also, the game is at least twice the length it needs to be.


I’m sure I will think of more AFTER I post this, but some games I love that others didn’t (or that weren’t successful):

Singularity - This is easily one of the most overlooked games of the last gen, in my opinion. It wasn’t advertised well and didn’t succeed, but that wasn’t because it was bad. A friend I introduced it to also loved it, and it’s something I’ll forever consider to be an underrated gem. It’s not perfect, by any means, but has a really solid campaign and is a lot of fun.

Toy Story 3 - Seriously, this game was fantastic. It had a full campaign, which was good itself, but also had an entire second mode that was like Grand Theft Auto for kids. There was tons to do, and even as an adult I enjoyed the Hell out of it. Like the Cars 2 video game, it’s actually really good. This one is better though.

3-on-3 NHL Arcade - Unfortunately this one didn’t click with enough people. Holy shit was it ever fun.

Dead Space 3 - I still don’t get the hate for it.

Castlevania 64 - It was different, but I had a lot of fun with it.


I don’t know if it even considered bad, but Binary Domain was a really good gaming experience for me.
It was cheesy, had nice action, and the story was actually good and intriguing with twists and classic japanese drama.
Would love a sequel!


I got a strange amount of masochistic enjoyment out of Double Dragon 3 for NES. 2 was great but 3 had some… questionable decisions. It basically had permadeath, and you could only recruit 2 more fighters to play in later levels. That first level where you pretty much just had one attempt to nail it would have made adult me turn it off in disgust but kid me was deprived of games so i think it turned into a Stockholm’s syndrome situation where I hated it but also learned to like it a fair bit despite its many flaws.

More recently i would have to say Metroid Other M. I think it’s a lousy Metroid game, but dare I say it I had enough fun playing it to finish the game, and it wasnt for the compelling story that’s for sure.


I’ve heard that Castlevania: Mirror of Fate is this notoriously awful game but I don’t get it - I really like it


It controls like garbage, but I love Yakuza Dead Souls in all its lovely weirdness.


Mirror of Fate was far from bad, IMO, but it wasn’t great either. It had its moments and was decent overall, but it also got quite boring. Like the other Lords of Shadow games, it was a mixed bag.

The first Lords of Shadow was FAR TOO LONG. The developers seem to have decided to make that their goal – for it to be as long as possible. They really dragged certain parts out, especially the second chapter where you go through the forest hunting for crystals that hardly factored in later on. By the time it got fun, I’d already spent quite a few hours playing it and many of them were a slog.

The second was pretty ho-hum.


I would never call Singularity bad. I love that game.


The OP mentioned games that weren’t successful, too, so that’s why I picked it. I would never call it bad myself, but it failed to reach much of an audience which is too bad.

I’m happy to find another fan, though


True. True. No one played it lol. Their loss.


I’ll echo Lords of the Fallen. Very rough in areas like framerate, and the story was, whatever, but I liked the sluggish controls; they felt more grounded in terms of momentum, and not inhumanly fast like in Dark Souls (mostly the heavy weapons).

It’s very easy to become overpowered. I haven’t played the Surge, but I hope the balancing is better. LotF was only initially difficult.


Rise of the Robots. I have an unhealthy fascination with that game, and own most versions. While it did what it aimed to do graphically and, in some versions, sonically, its gameplay was an almost total failure. Despite that, every version plays differently, with some being worse than others. Over twenty years after the event, RotR is still the game I’d nominate for biggest example of style over substance, and that its execution was so botched when its flaws were so obvious amazes me to this day.


Bleach: The Blade of Fate is a game that I played way longer than I should have. It was sort of like smash bros a lot more sluggish. All the super moves were on the touch screen as well making it really easy but not very deep as far as I could tell.


Gotta say Donkey Kong 64. The game is a mixed bag, but I’m really in love with what the developers set out to do. I wish the overall experience kept the same highs as something like Banjo-Kazooie.