What's your favorite "bad" game


oh I genuinely enjoyed the ending to ME3 but then I also played it after the free update DLC thingy had hit


Mountain. I like talking to landforms.


Overkill’s Payday 2. The parade of DLC is embarrassing and I still love it.


FFVIII. it’s so absurd in so many ways and i can’t help but love it


bassin’s back bass featuring hank parker is a fantastic arcadey fishing game i’ve beaten multiple times


I picked up Battleborn from a Goodwill down here for $2, for the past several months I’ve been seriously enjoying the game because it broke down the MOBA formula in a way for me that’s digestable to enjoy. I now understand basic MOBA terminology, how items in MOBAs work, character builds etc etc. Yeah it’s got flaws, but the community behind it who still keep it active on Xbone have been super kind to me learning the ropes.

There’s also a character who has a 90s Nickelodeon font as a part of one of his taunts. It’s a very good game.

Randy Pitchford still a slob boy tho


Dead Space 3.

Oh No This Needs More Characters So I Can Post


I fucking love Destiny. Its gameplay experiences are fun, and the story got better, but god damn was the story shit out of the gate. Been playing since Beta too. But I still love it, and with the last update I’m now raiding every week, its been a blast!


I’m pretty sure I got through most of that game multiplayer & then restarted & played through the whole thing single player. It’s such a neat, particular thing.

…I even have a soft spot for the WiiWare “sequels”? Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King & Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Dark Lord. Even though they have nothing to do with FFCC or each other really. And are basically mobile games.


Thing about PAYDAY 2 is the actual action of aiming and shooting feels so good, but everything surrounding that has issues, well, other than the music!


Yeah its a real strange beast of a game. I think one of its biggest problems is its netcode, you can get some real weird desync stuff. I’m hopeful for Payday 3.


DA2 is such a perfect example of a bad game worth adoring to me. It’s weird character-centric story and 3 season TV show style main plot is so worth playing despite all the games problems.


I forgot about the desync! Yeah, that was all sorts of jacked!


I guess it’s gotta be Xenosaga. I fucking love Shion for being a cute, ridiculous dork.

Also, Christ is in the game and Mary Magdalene is a playable character/sexy robot who demands to be cleaned after random encounters which is dope and extremely LOL.


I was always fascinated by the “hacking” bit in the game’s menu. I really liked the game on console, but when I got it for PC years later at Five Below, I had a weird glitch that made cars bounce down the street as if their tires were legs, like “left-right-left-right.” Unplayable :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


The PC RTS Krush Kill ‘N’ Destroy will always have a special place in my heart, for what ever reason my brother and I played hundreds of LAN games against each other thinking it was better than Starcraft or Red Alert.

Going back to it is really tough but I still adore it.


A lot of old Genesis games are just pretty good to me. In particular, Last Battle and Lakers vs Celtics have a certain calmness to them that I appreciate


Star Fox Assault on the Gamecube is not exactly the best Star Fox game, but it’s still a pretty solid game in its own right with great split screen multiplayer. It plays around with the concept of transitioning between Arwing, Landmaster, and ground combat, which can be quite interesting.

Also, the music is super dope.


I’m having trouble remembering any “bad” games that I liked. Probably a sports game or something. Nowadays if a game is bad I just totally give up on it.


I loved Alpha Protocol’s story and characters almost as much as I loathed the gameplay.