What's your favorite "bad" game


dragon age 2 is my favorite dragon age and it makes me happy to see so much support for it here


I really enjoyed my time with Dragonball Z: Battle of Z on the vita. It is definitely one of the worst Dragonball video games I have ever played, but with it coming out at the same time as my love for the show was rekindled I had a blast with it.


YES, my Brink buddy. At least some of us know the truth.


Sonic Adventure 2 and Super Paper Mario (wii). It wasn’t as good as the previous 2 but it wasn’t bad.

I wouldn’t say I loved Evolve, but it was a lot better than it was received.


I owned and played waaaaay too much of Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup for the PS2.

Also I still think a lot about Custom Robo for the GameCube. Mainly because I liked it a ton but have never heard anybody talk about it an didn’t know if it was because it was bad or because nobody played it.


Kingdom Hearts was a major part of my middle school years, and it’s lodged itself so deeply in my heart it will never be removed. I fault no one for being unable to deal with it’s melodramatic bullshit, though.



So much n64 love here. We had so many less games than PS1, so we did what we could. Quest 64 felt like we all had to play it since it was one of the very few RPGs that system ever got.

But Extreme-G really won over my heart. Traced over the box art of my chrismas present to realize I was getting the game. And played it endlessly. Realizing it became impossible at the hardest difficulties because of frame-rate was sad. But I still remember how incredibly exhilarating it felt to go upside-down and loop-dee-loop.


It is the Tokyo Drift of video games aka the best video game


I loved playing real dumb house rulesets in Star Fox Assault’s multiplayer that the multiplayer was just not made for.

My favourite example was 2v2. Sniper Rifles only. First to 5 kills. You could only shoot your opponent while on top of a moving Arwing.

Some real dumb fun would ensue.


There are a lot of things wrong with Alone In The Dark (2008), but the mood and the game play (when is wasn’t glitching out) we’re great. I also LOVED the “previously on Alone In The Dark” when you loaded a save.

Oh man, same here but I came to it about 2-3 years ago and on the GameCube. My wife had played it a ton back in the day and we picked it up from a local game shop. I really enjoy that game, but just wish there was more there.


I rented Custom Robo A LOT from my local Blockbuster and really enjoyed it. I loved mecha anime as a kid so being able to play with toy robot models was so novel and fun for me.


We had a variation that was only using the remote guided missile launcher


Spiderman 2 on Gamecube.

Combat was annoying and the whole thing was full of chores and fetch-quests that were Assassins Creed-esque but somehow less interesting. But, swinging was fun (which is the whole reason anyone plays a Spiderman game if we’re being honest) and I always loved kidnapping some mugger and pile-driving him into the pavement from the top of the Empire State Building.


Probably Destiny.


Guys, hear me out on The Bouncer.

Yes, the story is dumb.
Yes, the character designs were peak-Nomura.
Yes, the menus were in that weird PS1-PS2 transition where people were just figuring shit out.
Yes, the campaign was single-player only.

But I grew up on arcade beat-em-ups and loved replaying them. The Bouncer was a beat-em-up DESIGNED to be replayed. A beat-em-up with leveling and persistent progression? Dude with horns and a cactuar logo on his back? Dog Street?

You’re a bar bouncer and you go to space in this game.


Silent Hill: Homecoming.

It wasn’t received with much enthusiasm by critics, but hey it’s got lots of Jacob’s Ladder influences, my favourite transitions to the Otherworld, and it was finally a Silent Hill game with GOOD CONTROLS. (While still being appropriate for survival-horror.)

Heck, by some measures I’m tempted to cite SH2 as “bad” just because of how poorly the UI and controls aged… I love that game so much but it’s holy cow it’s a tough one to recommend to new players…


spartan total warrior on the gamecube is basically a dynasty warriors game but it’s like the most ridiculously excessive thing i’ve ever played. there’s a part where the romans try to siege sparta with a giant bronze mech suit. it’s wild.

i feel like 9 times out of 10 “bad” games are way more interesting and experimental than “good” ones but i kinda feel like sorting art into “good” and “bad” is missing the point a little anyway


Good lord this game was so good in so many ways but it dropped a narrative ball so hard it just brought the whole thing down for me so hard. The whole “Vox populi are just as bad as their oppressors!” thing was just awful.

Also I really liked Mass Effect 3. Maybe it was because I didn’t play it until everything got patched and most of the DLC was out? (I agreed with Brad after the fact that Leviathan def should have been part of the main game)


oh my god I had completely forgotten about that


It’s not like I think less of the rest of the series either. 3 is just that much better.