What's your favorite "bad" game


I keep saying bad things about Final Fantasy XV, to me all the fundamentals in the game are either weak or bad and will never recommend it to anyone but yet I stayed up until 4 am for finishing it back in the days.


The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall. Broken mechanics, obtuse design, nigh-unto impossible dungeons and extremely repetitive content, and I put thousands of hours into it as a young’un, and I still replay it every couple of years. There’s still no game that makes me feel quite so lost in a giant, dangerous, living world that lets me be whoever I want.


I wish I could quit you, Hearthstone.


The Zeno Clash series. I love Ace Team, and Zeno Clash 1 is alright. It’s short and pretty weird, but not terrible. Zeno Clash 2 has got some pacing problems, as well as its odd input delay, but I love it all the same.


The Urbz is alright, but which one is better: the DS or the Gamecube version?


i’ve only played PS2. on that note i also have a special place in my heart for the psp version of sims 2 specifically


Probably the bourne conspiracy or sonic heroes. Yeah… Sonic heroes.


Academagia is a weird little “Life Sim” style game, in which you are a young wizard in their first year at the titular magic school. It’s in an outright fantasy world so it’s not a straight-up Hogwarts Simulator, but it’s clearly had influences from that direction. It is a bad game. The UI is god-awful and unreliable. Of the literal hundreds of skills and sub-skills you can learn and train in, only a handful will actually come up more than once in a single playthrough. Encounters and events are largely encountered at random, apart from a set few, and the writing quality varies hugely. Descriptions are poorly written so it’s impossible to tell what most of your abilities and spells will actually do for you. It’s also been out for 7 real human years and has been promising the Year 2 expansion for every one of those, and has not delivered (though there’s now 17 free DLC packs and it’s just been put on Steam so they haven’t abandoned it completely).
And yet I love it. All of the 80-odd other students are written and scripted such that they actually live and operate separately from you, so once you struggle through the system it becomes almost real, with real other students to befriend and be-enemy. There’s bullies, boring classes, interesting classes, good friends and bad friends, just like real school. It sets out to be a wizard school, and it actually comes pretty close.


Oh boy I have soooo many. Blue Stinger, Ilbleed, Deadly Premonition, Sonic Adventure 2, Mad World, Project Number 3, Shadowrun(the xbox 360 fps one), idk a million other games. I always meant to write something about how certain “bad” games stick with me WAY longer than a lot of great games. I think I just love games with ideas that are REALLY out there.


I was gonna say EDF until I read the OP.
I have a lot of nostalgia for Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko. It tries to be a platformer like Mario 64 with more adult humor and falls flat in both regards. The platforming is clunky and boring and the jokes are downright garbage. But I played it a lot as a kid and as such I guess I still like it.


Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy.

It’s a very unintentionally funny game. When things get downright ridiculous near the end, it still tries to keep a serious tone.

Shout out to Heavy Rain for similar reasons.


I can’t remember the truly terrible games I played, so the first ones that come to mind:

Heavy Rain & L.A. Noir - Listen. Detective games. I love detective games. These ones had interesting stories, beautiful environments, and some cool characters. Triple bonus points: there isn’t real combat (L.A. Noir has half-assed shooting, but it feels more like minigame sequences than a central component to the gameplay when it shows up).

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen - People consider this a bad game, I think? The story is low-effort fantasy, but something about it’s combat mechanics are just so satisfying and I love that you get a little companion to trick out – I mean level. To level.


i remember being so hyped for The Deer God when i saw the kickstarter and the first gameplay videos, but when i finally got around to buying it it was a glitchy rather boring mess … but its so sad because it had so much potential! like the concept was so neat. and i do occasionally still boot it up and play for 10 minutes until my deer falls into the void & i get frustrated and quit


in middle school me and my friends would jump off benches while shouting “BRINK”. that game was so fundamental to ironic internet weirdness


I can’t stand Jak II, but it mostly stems from the fact that the game is called Jak II: Renegade in Australia.


I had difficulty thinking of one and I think it’s because I don’t quite mesh with the premise. I think every game I like, I would make the case for why it’s good, rather than it being bad-but-I-like-it-anyway.

Like sometimes people talk about games like, say, Psychonauts, in terms like ‘well, the platforming sucks, but the world and the writing and characters are cool’ and I’ll defend that game’s platforming forever. I played it recently and I still think the general jumping, traversal stuff in that game holds up.

I guess the closest to the topic is maybe the 7th Guest. I still find myself wanting to defend it. I think the weird/bad acting and low budget FMV actually enhances the spookiness of the ghost characters, it gives the whole thing this weird veneer. But I can’t deny, when I played it recently the puzzles were often awful and the interface really got in the way and I wish Stauf would just be quiet and stop stealing my cursor whenever he wants to interject something.

But still, I have a soft spot for that game.


Shadow the Hedgehog is a bad game with a lot of really good ideas. I’d love to see a Sonic game with the alternate paths and multiple endings structure the game had.


Also it’s very funny to me that the game was made because kids kept sending SEGA letters that said that Sonic should have a gun in the new game. SEGA’s response was “well, SONIC can’t have a gun… but Shadow can”. That’s so wild! That’s like if you mailed Nintendo a bunch of letters saying Mario should fuck in the new game and their response was to make a game where Wario fucks. I honestly just can’t believe this game got made.


Mass Effect 3 - sans director’s cut ending, was a perfect end to the series and I am not ashamed to admit that I was a bit teary-eyed at the end and I will fight against the backlash that it got until I am in my grave. I didn’t need to know what happened to every member of the crew, because by that point I’d said my goodbyes and was busy disintigrating myself in order to make a new synthetic life-form.


think I’ve uninstalled this about 10 times now.

Managed to stay away since trying Duelyst but it’s just not the same.