What's your favorite "bad" game


I will never defend it, but I loved King’s Quest VIII and thinking about it still makes me happy. people say it wasn’t a true King’s Quest game, but it had that classic Roberta Williams “beating up ants with a hammer” scene so


BRINK B O Y S. game was incredible!


God, if there’s any game that deserves a kickstarted fan reboot that comes out in seven years, it’s Custom Robo. Some parts were illegal, man!


I didn’t really play the first one much, it’s XG2 that really stuck with me instead.

To this day it has one of my single favorite little moments in games, when your racer breaks the sound barrier.

There was one course where you were coming off a bridge and you could consistently pull it off at any difficulty setting and if I close my eyes I can still picture every detail of it. So good, even if the game wasn’t the greatest.


“Ctrl + F” - “Singularity”

Zero Results?!

You guys are all wrong in your opinions.
Singularity is one of the greatest games of all time.


Games that I love that other people don’t:

Mass Effect: Andromeda. Man, this game has some issues, but I still thoroughly enjoyed my time with it. Lots of fun throwing people around with biotic powers and riding around with my old space granddad and other friends.

Dragon Age 2. This one’s popped up on here a couple of times. I couldn’t get past the first few hours of this game when it first came out, but once I gave myself some distance from it, I found myself able to really break into what was there. Now I love it. It’s my favorite Dragon Age game, don’t @ me.

Fallout 4. I don’t know how bad people really consider that game, but I know it’s definitely not treated highly among the Fallout series. And I’m not saying that I like it more than the others, but I really got into that game and character that I played throughout it. Even with the far more limited roleplaying aspects, I really felt like I built a character with a lot to her.



As awful as so much of it’s long, and weird, bad storied history is/has been, as much as the development team has fractured, ignored feedback, dismissed feedback, done dumb things… the core of that game is/was magical.

The game has suffered from several heads, several identities, several business models, and years of development hell, but core combat mechanics of first/third person RPG class shooting with jump-jets in power armor has been a constant joy.


honestly that quiddich game was rad. I enjoyed the mechanics so much. always played as the japanese team bc middle school


Both excellent choices! I wasn’t even into Harry Potter and I loved that Quidditch game.


I’ve always had a soft spot for terrible Yu-Gi-Oh games. There was this weird Pokemon-style ARPG on the Gamecube called “Yu-Gi-Oh: Falsebound Kingdom” where you collected monsters to fight in turn-based combat. The framerate was awful, there was absolutely no depth to any of the RPG elements and the plot was genuine nonsense but for some reason I played it to completion 3 (three) times. Frankly I’m not sure whether it was all just an elaborate fever dream that I constructed, given that I’ve never encountered a person in real life who’s actually played or heard of it.


Mass Effect: Andromeda pre-patches.

They fixed the game in a hurry, and it ruined it for what I loved it for.

Before the patch, it was community-theater rehearsal of a Mass Effect fan fiction story. The writing felt thin and flawed, the characters felt like placeholders. There were awkward pauses between lines when someone forgot their queue. Blocking was a nightmare. People would be in the wrong place saying their lines, or forget a prop. Expressions were wild and over-done. Everybody looked a bit nervous.

I didn’t take the story very seriously then. It was a play, written by someone who knew what Mass Effect and modern sci-fi are supposed to be about. Here’s some questions about AI. Here’s some about privatization of military. What about exploration? Colonization? Genetic modification? All of the above. Some of everything, with poignant moments, with crystal clear ethos and intent, sticking out of a giant vat of vague choose-your-own-meaning. It was panto. It was the best panto game ever made, and it was charming in a broken, buggy, video games as fan production piece of media. I loved it.

Then they fixed it. Lots of it, anyway. The charm was gone almost immediately. Maybe it would have worn off eventually anyways, I know I was only about 25% of the way through the game when it hit. Everyone looked serious. Everything seemed to be working. I was stuck in the same vague story, which didn’t seem to really be trying to say anything about anything. It was a filler episode in a series that already ended.

My Asari doctor talked about her dancer mother, and her rough bouncer dad, who she learned medicine treating. It was… human, and cliche, and boring. None of these stories were alien. My Krogan was a grandpa, who didn’t understand computers. Boring, cliche humans, who I could like for their interactions at times, or on a whole, but I couldn’t escape questions about why this was called Mass Effect.

I don’t think I’m much further along than I was pre-patch. It’s already gone from something I was playing daily to my, “I really need to go back and finish that,” list.


Too many merely mediocre games in here.


I have a huge appreciation for No Man’s Sky, warts and all, and have spent… I guess almost a year now? doing a first-person log of my travels. I’m about ~1,594 tweets in now. It’s been a very weird and interesting way to play a divisive game like that.


Shadow the Hedgehog might be one of the greatest comedy games ever made.

One of my favorite things is how somebody on the dev team went out of their way to come up with an ending title for every possible branching path you can take in the game (326 in total, seriously) and they are all amazing. Everyone do take the time to skim these.


Edit: Also, can we talk about how there are endings in this game where Shadow fucking kills Robotnik? Every time I think about this game it fills me with joy.


I don’t know if it’s my favorite, but the first game to pop into my head was Technomancer. It’s janky, the writing is flat (or nonsensical in places), and the voice acting is pretty lackluster, but goddammit if I didn’t enjoy playing it, mostly for the setting, character concepts, and the story they were trying to tell.


I need to get back to No Man’s Sky…flawed launch and all it was still pretty much what I expected and wanted.

It was also very much the game I needed at the time, it was the first one I was able to play after my mother passed away…and somewhere that first system still bears her name.


It’s hard to pick a single favorite among bad games I like. I guess a lot of the games in the Atelier series would fit the description of enjoyable bad games. That’s not to say they’re all bad, but the arland trilogy was definitely rough as was Atelier Ayesha, but I still enjoyed those games.

I also have a love hate relationship with the Danganronpa series. What frustrates me the most with that one is that I feel there is a really fantastic game trying to come out, but it’s just ruined by a mountain of stupid writing and odd gameplay choices.


Yes Heavy Rain. It had its problems and got a lot of deserved shit from everybody, but I just really liked what it did overall. It sucked me in.


I had Extreme-G 3 on the gamecube on my first big screen TV as a kid and it was such a wild experience. Breaking the sound barrier and the ridiculous tracks just blew my mind.


I never finished XIII-2 or played Lightning Returns, but I have a huge affection for FFXIII. The story completely falls apart, but I loved the central cast a whole bunch. In fact, them not being around very much is a part of why I dropped off on XIII-2…

ETA: Oh man, how could I forget the most important bad game ever, El Shaddai? That game had problems on the gameplay front and a total “wow, we ran out of time/money” ending, but it’s also probably one of the striking games I’ve ever played in terms of setting. Easily worth sitting through the repetitive fights just to take in the levels.