What's your favorite "bad" game


100% right there with you. It’s the first game to make me catch feelings when it ended (middle school feelings, but feelings nonetheless). I even enjoyed playing through 1.5 on ps3 (and I’ve been trying to convince myself I do not need to buy it all over again on ps4, but I’m failing). But I can’t deny it’s a bad game in nearly every way, and one that I would absolutely despise if I didn’t have a history with it (though I will most likely be playing KH3 day one).


That’s a good question cause I can really only think of games I feel are guilty pleasures like Destiny. I haven’t played it in forever and haven’t played any of the DLCs but I used to play it a shit ton mostly just pvp and just felt bad about it? Like the shooting is fun but I moved forward at a snail’s pace and repeated the same shit so much I just felt bad about playing.

I guess that place has moved to Final Fantasy XIV now though but I don’t feel that guilty about playing that and I can pull myself away from it fairly easily these days.

Okay real answer, a boring one but a real answer. Deadly Premonition. Very charming game that’s kind of a fucking mess to play like I hated driving around the fucking town so much. It’s so terrible but it won my heart in the end somehow. Thanks Zach


Does skyrim count? I know it released to positive reviews but in the years since I feel like its become a punching bag in serious gamer circles. I just like to wander around picking flowers and mushrooms ya’ll


I remember being so deeply invested in the story as a kid, every story beat was a revelation to me. I played through 1 on 1.5 about a year ago and it was a much different, but still really enjoyable, experience. I was groaning at every scene and reliving my middle school joy simultaneously, haha. Couldn’t make it through CoM though (loved it on GBA, but I don’t think the transition to 3D did it any favors). It’s just a matter of time before I buy 2.8 on PS4, but I’m making myself finish Nier: Automata first. And I’ll be right there with you playing KH3 day one, no doubt.


you know what, the ds one was pretty alright thinking back on it. kind of a weird open world adventure game where you could customize your flat was a cool idea.


Wolfenstein (2009) is an average/not good late 2000’s shooter but it legitimately tries interesting things with its magic system and its hub world, and the X-Men Origins: Wolverine game tried to make a fun violent hack-n-slash Wolverine game, even if it didn’t really succeed at that.

Both were by Raven and you can tell they put an effort into making these games good despite how they turned out and so both hold a place in my heart.


I really like Lux Pain! It’s probably not that hot bc it does that “Visual Novel with bad minigames” thing but I thought the music was good and the characters were cute.



I’m a sucker for Apocalypse, the PS1 Game starring Bruce Willis.
Now l. I know that it’s awful. I know. It did give us the Tony Hawk engine afaik. But man. Those games like syphon filter where they didn’t have the mechanics of 3D movement down… oh god. So full of heart.


When I was younger I definitely enjoyed it as much as Banjo Kazooie. Now I can see how it’s a bit less concise or well crafted. But it still did most of what that genre set out to do. Had good puzzles, environments, platforming, mini games, bosses… A collectathon plat-former having “too many” collectibles is like a first person shooter with “too many” people to shoot! Still like DK 64 more than Yooka Laylie :confused:


Robot Alchemic Drive aka R.A.D. on the PS2 made by the good people who brought you EDF. This game definitely has issues but its got so much charm and in my opinion the most ambitious anime mech game ever made.

Video from someone running it on an emulator.

You control a human guy and have a remote control for the giant mech. But the catch is you need to position yourself to then stop and have a good view of your mech, the enemy mech and the landscape to fight. IIRC the controls for the mech were essentially rock em sock em robots style where the analog sticks control the arms of the mech and the R and L trigger buttons were your legs. Its basically playing a Pacific Rim-type of game and all of the buildings are destructible (something that would later be reused in the EDF games to great effect). You have to be careful because the enemy could take out the building you’re standing on so then you would have to move to get a better vantage point.

Nothing really has ever rivaled this game to me other than I guess Chromehounds, but its an entirely different experience.


honestly… wii music goes hard. i think jim irwin framed the game by saying that guitar hero was red octane trying to sell you a pot, but wii music was nintendo trying to sell you the pottery wheel (in a kill screen article that i can’t find at the moment).

its a tool for creation rather than finished songs that you are replaying. it creates a private moment of experimentation, rather than emulating a moment of public performance.

i’m not sure that it’s my favorite, but it feels like a game that people still find irredeemable because of bad marketing and dj ravi drums. and the music isnt always best, but it’s a joy to mess around with and its concept is so singular.


Came here to say this. Steven Heck is the best! I’ve actually played through that whole game on all difficulties. The veteran run is so awesome, you get like 120 skill points up front and a bunch of new dialogue options, if my memory serves me.


search topic - alpha protocol - there it is!

my favourite.

my second playthrough of alpha protocol where i just picked the aggressive option for every single dialogue choice is one of my favourite things i’ve done in a game, no joke. it is so much fun. i cannot even find video or written proof of what happens when you piss off your supposed love interest by being constantly awful to her.

actually heck it’s not a bad game, playing alpha protocol as The Worst Spy In The Entire World makes it a very good game regardless of anything else.


Obviously given my icon this might come as no surpise to some of you

But Kid Icarus Uprising might be my favourite 3DS game and Nintendo game of all time. Now I know it’s control scheme is so effed and it should never have come out on a handheld BUT…

It really is so inventive, constantly switching up its feel and with such likable characters. I had been a lapsed Nintendo fan since like… Gameboy Colour and this was the game that got me way back in the fold.



Kane and Lynch 2 is the definitive answer to this.



I’ve heard a lot of people didn’t like the Black & White games due to hype or whatever, but I’ve probably put hundreds of hours into them. I had dreams as a kid of playing BW2 before it came out, I made bad mods, but I had a lot of fun.


Gex: Enter the Gecko and Chameleon Twist on the N64 (the latter is a good, if unpolished game, the former a mediocre, but fun little genre exercise).

3D platformers, babyyyy


God I have such a nostalgic feeling with the 3d Gex games

But under no circumstance should that series be rebooted


I keep wanting to return to No Man’s Sky. This is a really cool idea for playing the game. I kind of wanted to do a video series with it when I was first playing it, but settled for just streaming my exploration. Hope to find the time to jump back into it at some point.