What's your favorite Disney villain and why?


A bit out of left field, but I recently saw Lindsay Ellis’ video “Are Disney Villains Going Extinct?” and thought to myself “I wonder what the Waypoint community’s favorite Disney villains are”.

There’s really not much to it. Although I will be disappointed if none of you join me in the ‘Yzma is the Best’ club. She’s such a rarity for a Disney villain: someone who manages to be funny and menacing. The only other villain that compares to her it’s Hades, in my opinion.


I think I’d have to call Maleficent my favorite. She’s got style. Turning into a dragon? Stylish.

Yzma is also a great villain, and I think a bit underrated when it comes to great Disney villains?

I also want to give points to Lady Tremaine for being absolutely terrifying to my 5-year-old self. She’s super menacing, and since she’s really just a regular, if terrible person, that makes everything about her even scarier.


I apparently at some point watched some of the show of the Emperor’s New Groove, and to this day occasionally get ‘Yzmopolis, my Metropolis’ stuck in my head? So, Yzma rules, yeah. (I think she gets underrated because she’s post-90s-renaissance and pre-princess and the frog onwards-resurgence ? maybe ?)

Malificent also very very good. I like Sleeping Beauty a lot. I like the vague impression that her and Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather have probably been bickering back and forth like this for centuries and Aurora is just the latest thing.

Anyway! I’m gonna say, for now: Dr Facilier. Because 1) he has a great villain song (and a great slight reprise of it later) and 2) I really like shadows that move/interact with things independently

Tho speaking of villain songs and reprises, Jafar’s mocking reprise of Prince Ali is incredible, and Mother Gothel’s reprise of Mother Knows Best is the best song in the entire film.


You know, honestly I’m going to have to call it a tie between Jafar and Scar. I think the slinky self-absorbed self-deprecation of Scar wins out in the end, though.

…This is a tempting launch point for the “queercoding of Disney Villains” conversation, but I am honestly too tired to do it justice right now.


Like @SuperMe said, Yzma is super underrated and I’d say probably my favorite. I kind of enjoy how the stakes feel a whole lot lower for most of the movie and maybe that’s just because of the silly tone of it all, but I think there’s something to be appreciated about it.

The most interesting villain would probably be Claude Frollo of Hunchback. He’s a terrible person by all measures, but his internal conflicts make for, well… a real good song about hellfire? But he’s uniquely terrible for a Disney villain, and that alone is kind of interesting.


The Horned King is maybe my favorite, because he’s just such an over-the-top evil fucker. Plus he gets RIPPED APART BY THE DARK POWER OF THE CAULDRON (or maybe just the souls of the dead? It’s not particularly clear), aka the most Metal Way To Die. I mean just fucking look at this shit:

Dude is FLAYED ALIVE! Jesus!

Plus I am pretty sure that is John Hurt voicing him.

Yzma is pretty great though.


I’m hopping on the Yzma bandwagon. Definitely the funniest villain while still being a total terror. The dinner/Kuzco transformation scene remains one of the most memorable Disney movie scenes for me.

I’ll also add in Dr. Facilier aka Shadow Man from Princess and the Frog. Not only is he the singer of one of the best villain songs, but I also love how the very thing he uses for his villainous deeds is what leads to his defeat.


I mean, isn’t it obvious?

…okay, not really. I just couldn’t resist.

My actual answer is Ursula, because I too want to be a gay witch who lives under the sea and curses people. Maleficent is a villain who is much more terrifying/intimidating/cool, but Ursula is just so much more fun and she seems to enjoy her job, so she’s kind of a role model.

Honorable mention to Judge Claude Frollo for having the best villain song, (no matter what some people may say) but honestly we have enough men who ruin things by being horny in the real world.


To this day it amazes me that Disney even attempted to adapt a book like Hunchback of Notre-Dame—and then decided to keep most of the character of Frollo intact? Such a weird, dark, morally ambiguous thicket of a novel to streamline down into an hour-thirty animated film!


It feels like a passion project in a way other Disney movies don’t. Not that there isn’t passion in the other films, but just the subject matter and darkness and not easily marketable nature of the story feels like something someone really had to push for to get made. I’d argue it paid off!


I’m really surprised to not see anyone mention Darth Vader.


Well fuck it, Loki’s the best Disney Villain then.

EDIT: Or technically I suppose, Stephen A Smith.


Cruella de Vil and because I slightly have a crush on her.


Disney’s DMCA takedowns because they ensure the brand stays pure.