What's your favorite waypoint URL?


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If other, please specify!


Voted for new.donk.city, but culturalmarxism.club is also great.


waypoint.zone is the one I actually use.


Discourse.zone is just about the best


I didn’t know about culturalmarxism.club


Wheres http://creamyroll.com


I don’t think I’ve ever actively typed any other URL to reach Waypoint’s homepage than “bazinga.zone”.


new.donk.city by a mile.


I’m v. pleased with the waypoint community that culturalmarxism.club is running away with this poll


bazinga.zone please


I’m fond of http://justbonerjokes.com, but that’s because I bought it.

The URL I actually use the most to get to Waypoint is http://new.donk.city. That’s just too perfect!


I own creamyroll.com

so thats my favorite


I’m pretty partial to Discourse.zone, myself.


extremely happy at the winning, and correct, choice


Man, everybody forgets about the best URL, http://whatsgoodinter.net.


Haaaa, same

6 months later, the main way I reach the site is still: type waypoint.com, press enter, facepalm, type bazinga.zone. every time


I’m surprised nobody has bought them Anime.Bad or something similar.

favourite will always be Bazinga.zone


Obviously I have to put in a word for the one I set up, http://sadrobots.club


Gotta put my vote in for http://bastionfucks.com


I still have Vice Gaming in my bookmarks, and I’m afraid that if I click it again it’ll just update with Waypoint branding.