What's Your Favorite Weapon in 'Monster Hunter: World'?


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Current favorite weapon: Switch Axe! Want a semi-challenging, always engaging, but approachable weapon? Switch Axe! Want the best looking character? Switch Axe! Want to hug giant dino legs? Switch Axe! Want to cut off every tail in your way? Switch Axe!

Want to learn: Gunlance, Regular Lance!


Semi-challenging is exactly right. It gives me JUST ENOUGH to pay attention to. As I said on twitter last night:


baby lemme get that sweet gunlance action stab stab stab ka-BLAM


Heavy Bowgun, what I like about it is all the ammo types make it like the swiss army knife of MH. Need to slice off parts? Slicer ammo. Attacked by a swarm of smaller enemies? Spread. Need a huge attack on a fallen monster? Wyvern.
(there’s also the option to shoot teammates with healing ammo or armor buff ammo)
There’s also the full auto mode, which makes me feel like Jesse Ventura in Predator.


Longsword! I love the range and speed of it. It’s easy to pick up and has a high skill ceiling. I didn’t think I’d enjoy maintaining bars in order to keep my damage up, but it’s actually quite rewarding each time you activate your finisher. Also, the fade counter attack that chains into an instant finisher makes you feel so badass every time you hit it. Not only did you see right through the monster’s move two strikes ahead, but you completely filled your gauge too. So cool.


The Lance became my old reliable that I can go back to for any occasion. Recently I’ve been trading around between the greatsword and the longsword depending on what type of fight I’m heading for. I really love the longsword’s reach, but playing hit and run with the greatsword is also extremely rewarding.


I haven’t played World yet because I don’t have a console. I’m waiting on the PC release in the fall. But my Journey through the weapons in the series has been long and complicated, and mostly consisted of switching to a new weapon when I made a new one on a whim and it ended up being far better than anything else I had.
When I started in p3rd I fell in love with the switchaxe, then while helping someone farm I got enough parts for a longsword that dwarfed my other weapons in power, and ended up falling in love all over again.
My Current Favourite weapon is the Insect Glaive, and I came to it in much the same manner, I was playing XX with my trusty sword and shield, when I made an Insect Glaive that was near endgame level, and I couldn’t justify using anything else. While I used it all through G rank I fell absolutely in love and never really went back.
I love the Insect Glaive. I love jumping into the air to dunk on a flying monster and nail a mount, I love wailing with my bread and butter combo on a downed monster, dishing out all the damage. I love nailing those hard to get extracts and going to town with a triple up. It can get super frustrating when you just can’t get that red extract and spend far too long lobbing your kinsect at the monster over and over again, but overall you can’t gt better. I can’t wait to airdash around playing the floor is lava with my prey.
Overall there are very few weapons that I hate though, the gunlance is a little too slow for me and I could never get into the greatsword, but other than that hand me any weapon and I’ll have a blast.


Started out with the Dual Blades – since this is my first monhun game, I wanted a weapon that didn’t take too much attention while I got used to the rest of the interface. DBs let me mash out enough damage that I was effective while I got my bearings.

I’ve been making my way through more of the arsenal, and while I love the Charge Blade, it also feels like there’s just too much setup for me to get those big hits going while playing solo. I’m sure there’s an element of inexperience and not yet being able to read monster cues well also.

I feel like I need to try out Gunlance, it looks like a really fun combination of blasting and tanking.

But for now, my weapon of choice, for the reasons Austin and others have described: Switch Axe. It just feels like the perfect balance of complexity and big hits for where I am as a hunter right now.


It’s gotta be the Hammer for me,

It’s impact hits look so good and it insanely satisfying to nail a monster several times with it’s sliding charge attack leading to a mount.


GUNLANCE. I can create three different types of explosions on demand? DEAL SOLD NO REGRETS. Also that reload animation is good as all get out.

That said, I finally got around to trying the SWAxe last night, and it’s real, real satisfying to thwack a monster right in the face instead of blocking. Still trying to get used to the transitions, though; there’s something a little disorienting about the speed differential between axe and sword modes.


I’ve only played 4U properly previously, but I wasn’t much for the ranged weapons in it. It was hard enough to manage the camera with melee, so after getting to grips with the insect glaive then bouncing to sword and shield after I read online it was kind of considered a crutch, I assumed it would be the same in World. I was, after all, a Sword & Shield Main. All I did in the beta was quickly duck in to see if the moveset still felt nice. It did.

Once I was actually in the game though I thought it’d be a good idea to play around with the others - it’s what the training room is for, right? I picked bow first, at random, and I haven’t picked up a different weapon since. Maybe it’s the need to be close, but not too close - a game of managing your distance for that sweet spot of damage. Maybe it’s the need for things to line up just right to sink a full combo into something without errant arrows or your hail shot hitting nothing but the floor. And maybe, more likely, it’s every moment where certain death is charging me down and a charged Dragon Piercer swims down the length of a monster, ending the hunt there and then.

It’s probably the last one, but generally I’ve found hunting with the bow, especially alone, to be very exciting. Especially with aggressive, mobile monsters like the odogaron, those tense moments of positioning become a dance, weaving away from talons and open maws with a dodge charge and responding in kind. There’s an odd vulnerability to being the person with a bow, stood within arms reach of their prey. It’s fun.


I gotta say, seeing Patrick use the hammer during the stream on Monday was great! I’d assumed that it was going to be a lot more like the great sword: meandering, slow set up times, etc. But seeing him backflip around and watching him analyze the world for places to get jumping attacks in was fantastic!


Its always changing! This is why Monster Hunter is able to get its claws so deep in me, whenever I get bored I switch weapons and its like I’m playing a brand new game to learn. I put more than a hundred hours into Hammer years ago and haven’t touched it since, and if I end up giving it a spin in World it will almost be a new experience all over again. There’s honestly no weapon I don’t have a blast playing with though. Maybe Lance is the closest to just being “good”

If I had to name an actual favorite it might be the Insect Glaive though. I like how it feels to just thwack with, I love the acrobatics it lets me pull off, and managing Kinesect juice is a fun little management task within the larger context of the hunt


So I’ve had to think about this a lot because my choices are pretty limited just by the nature of what I enjoy. I like to be fast, and I don’t really like to have to juggle a lot of mechanics.

So initially the dual blades were absolutely for me, and I still like to bust them out. They’re fast, flashy and you can get by without a whole lot of precision, and I like a lot about that.

Eventually I decided that maybe I wanted to try something else and I gravitated towards the Light Bowgun. Again, it doesn’t slow me down much, I like that I no longer have to worry about sharpening, the ammo adds a bit of depth but isn’t too hard to manage and the mines you can plant feel fun, especially in co-op. This is my go-to weapon now. When I switched back to the dual blades I still enjoyed them but I felt sort of … naked.

The only other weapon that I feel is really fast is the Insect Glaive, and I’ve messed with it a bit in training and I’m interested in it… but it seems like a LOT. Not only do I have various useful combos to learn, but I have to be able to use this bug effectively, manage the meta-game of charging up the weapon, use the bug swarms for additional damage and it just feels like there’s so much going on with it. I will take it out sometime and see how I get on, but I don’t think that’s gonna be today.

Also I know it’s a complex weapon to use, but being a musician, a musical weapon sounds like somethin’ else, so I do want to try the hunting horn sometime.

So for right now, the answer is: Light Bowgun.


In previous games I mained Long Sword, Hammer, and yes even the Switch Axe. But this time I fell in love with the Sword and Shield. It feels kinda weird going back to basics. No real special meachanic and low(!) damage but you’re just so fast and versatile.

The new backstep charge attack can lead to major damage, stun, and an easy mount. Its super easy to reposition yourself with the base stab attacks. And after hours with other weapons, blocking is a godsend honestly.

Also using items/slinger without putting away your weapon(especially since you can move around now) is really helpful. Makes it super easy to engage and disengage. But back to that charge attack, landing that on a monster is more difficult than most weapons charges and feels fantastic.


I wish I cared for any of the hammer designs I’ve seen cause that screen-shake and impact is unreal


That might be the big problem with hammer for me. It seems fun and powerful, but I just don’t like the way the hammers look.


I highly recommend trying the Insect Glaive when you feel like you’re ready for it. It is a lot to keep track of but it’s so worth it.


Proto Commision Axe needs some love in this threat. Being able to switch from Sword and Board and giant two hander on the fly is so freaking good. Gives a nice mix of offense and defense for my particular play style.

I also have begun having a huge appreciation for the Insect Glaive. Being able to drop some healing, damage boosts, and mounting all from one weapon is a lot of fun.