What's your favourite Horror movie?


I’m going to be boring and say The Thing (1982). Fantastic setting, some great performances, chilling practical effects, superb pacing and imagine my shock, the two black actors don’t die straight away! What’s yours?


Audition (this post needs to be longer for some reason)


Final Destination 2. An unpopular choice I’m sure, but the elaborate death scenes are so well choreographed.


I really like Cabin in the Woods but I generally don’t like horror movies (I scare easily! They just freak me out and I don’t enjoy it!) so I’m almost certainly missing a lot of the playing with genre tropes and such in this movie.
I knew I wanted to see it but go to the cinema because I didn’t know how well I’d cope and wanted to be able to pause it to take a break if I needed to. It was fine, actually, but you know.


I watched Get Out a couple months ago and it blew my mind.


It’s so hard to choose!

Since you said The Thing, I’m going to narrow it down to Halloween or Alien.

Now, as the thread grows, I’ll see all the movies I forgot…
Can’t pick just one.


I generally can’t handle horror myself either. My poor brain gets too stressed out more often than not to really immerse myself in the film >.>


My favorite slasher-type horror movie will always be Friday the 13th I just always thought Jason looked really dope no other reason tbh haha it’s just fun and dumb without being so gorey I’m grossed out.

My favorite actual scary movies tbh are really recent, the Conjuring and Conjuring 2 are REALLY good, like I was shocked how much I actually cared about the main cast in a way I never ever gave a crap in most other films because you go into it expecting some or all of them to die, but despite all my efforts these movies endear me to the cast. I WANT to see them make it out. It sucks all the spin-offs are so bad…


Hellraiser and The Blair Witch Project are basically tied for my absolute favorites, though if push came to shove, The Blair Witch Project wins out. I’ve just never had a movie more profoundly shake me to my core.


It’s gotta be Psycho for me. I saw that when I was like 10, and no joke I had a twitch in my eye for like 2 days after that. Any movie that can do that to you is good stuff


Not my personal choice for best ever, but Final Destination 2 is wildly underrated overall. I think it’s way better than the first one.

Favorite all time for me probably goes to The Blair Witch Project. I just love everything about its approach to storytelling. That or Scream. Screw what anyone says; the approach to horror that spends 40 or so minutes making you care about the characters is how you make the violent moments meaningful. I personally feel like horror movies that want you to care more about the killer than the victims kind of fundamentally misunderstand the ways that the genre is a representation of very real dynamics of oppression and rooting for the Final Girl underdog (or general archetype of that kind) who overcomes is a pretty vital part of that.

Favorite in recent years is a tie between Raw and You’re Next.


my ex was the type to interpret ‘I don’t like horror’ as ‘I would like horror with someone there to look after me’ and he was so wrong.


My favourite film that is a horror film is probably Alien. I love that film a great deal, though its horror-ness isn’t at the forefront of what I love about it. It just has such a wonderful sense of space and collision of cohesive and fully-realised aesthetic worlds and the actors are all perfect and I just love it.

My favourite horror in terms of horror? Hmmm… I would have to watch it again, but Kill List had a sense of domestic threat and unease that I found very real and unsettling in a way that more outlandish or gruesome films aren’t for me. It’s all about relatability, I suppose.

Speaking of which, I wouldn’t call any of his work horror as such, but David Lynch is a master at evoking that same sense of terrible unease in apparently benign settings (that menacing ceiling fan in Twin Peaks…), as well as realising the intangible formless dread of nightmares.

I do like recent spate of - do they call them “psychological horror”? You know, The Witch, It Follows and the like. I really enjoy those sorts of film a great deal, but I don’t personally find them very scary. Similar with The Orphanage, though I wouldn’t necessarily categorise it alongside them.

I mean, a lot of the stuff that really scares me in the moment is jump scares and gruesome stuff. They both work on me, but neither usually particularly impresses. Me. It’s like, “Argh, you got me!”, but not much beyond that. I’m sure there’s something great of that sort that left me feeling exhilarated, but I just can’t think of it right now.

I have The Exorcist on Blu-ray and have never watched it, so that’s Halloween sorted.


Don’t Look Now. Great, great buildup and such a tightly paced film in general. Burnt Offerings is also very good.


All those reasons are why Alien is my favorite movie, full stop.

But if I had to pick my favorite horror movie, it’s actually Re-animator. It’s hardly even scary but it’s just so much fun. It’s one of the shining beacons of B-movies from the 80’s. The Road House of horror!


Very hard to choose.
Have very fond memories of seeing Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive in an art theater as a teenager and the audience just completely losing their shit. One of the weirdest, funniest, and goriest horror movies I’ve seen.
Blair Witch remains a constant favorite of mine, understated, creepy, really effective use of the medium that inspired a lot of filmmakers.
In the Mouth of Madness because it’s the best of my favorite sub genre, cosmic horror (or Lovecraftian, weird fiction).
The last part of the movie where Sam Neil loses his shit in true Sam Neil fashion is so good!


From Dusk Till Dawn is my personal favorite. The first half of the movie is just a Tarantino movie and then it seems like he hands the keys to Rodriguez to make his vampire movie. I don’t think any movie has pulled off that kind of shift quite so beautifully before. Hot Fuzz and World’s End come close though.




Peter Jackson’s Braindead, Sam Riami’s Drag Me to Hell or Ridley Scott’s Alien for me


It’s gotta be Alien.