What's your go to snack food?


Somebody recently gave me a bundle of different flavored slim Jims which have replaced cheezits as my go to junk food for the time being


My go to snack food is chips. Any chips. But specifically tortilla chips or salt and vinegar chips. (Or pretzels if I’m feeling adventurous.)


Peanuts. More often than not I have a bag on my desk in work. Thankfully I have low blood pressure, so the salt intake is good for me maybe sorta kinda


Salt and Vinegar Kettle Chips. It makes me so mad they’re not in gas stations and 7-11s around here though, but also then I’d be 30lb heavier.


Go to SNACK food: tamari almonds or some dried fruit, usually banana chips, mango or pineapple
Go to JUNK food: any kind of licorice or gummy thing preferably from our local candy shop but I will not turn down a Twizzler or Red Vine.


When I was younger I was definitely adherent to the stereotype of Doritios being my go to snack, especially when playing games. Although, Dr. Pepper > Mountain Dew. I have a killer sweet tooth, if any of those new Oreo Thins enter the house it’s just bad news bears. the snack I most regularly eat these days is probably hummus and veggies/chips.


I keep a big bag of unsalted mixed nuts and raisins in my cupboard at all times. They’re great for filling that spot, tasty, and not super unhealthy either (I love me some salted peanuts, but I already have a tendency to put too much salt on my food as-is so I make some semblance of effort to keep it down in my snacking).


So many things, but lately I’m big into microwaveable popcorn. Not only delicious, but comes in a pre-defined size and requires just enough effort to prepare such that I won’t destroy it all in one go–something I will do without hesitation with a bag of peanuts, big bag of chips, chocolate, etc…


I mean Dr pepper is objectively the best soda


Ghost pepper chips and spicy hummus. I just like pain.


…Where does one find ghost pepper chips? These have now become my favourite chip and I haven’t even had one yet.

Edit: Just gave it a google. $133.66 on Canadian Amazon haha. At least shipping is free.


Trader Joe’s bag of mixed nuts. I can’t be trusted with an open nut container, but I will limit myself to only one bag for a snack.


I love chips and hummus or guac. They’re usually something I bring as a side for my lunches and will snack on it before I make dinner and such. But the main thing I keep around just for snacking on is trail mix. And I have to be careful about keeping it around cause I will eat way too much of it when it’s available.


Snacks: cherry/Roma/small plum tomatoes, (all) olives, carrots, various bits of cheese. (Making me slightly less stereotypically European, I don’t mix this with red wine).
Junk: pierniki, Jaffa Cakes, Mikado (no idea why but that’s what Pocky is labelled as here), lychees.


Pretzels, preferably in rod form, but I’ll go for twists, sticks, snaps, whatever. Just not the nugget-sized things. I cracked a tooth on one of those a while back and now I’m wary of them.


I used to be a Dew and Doritos kinda dude, though I’ve lost my taste for both. I like to think it’s the healthier diet in general making me taste the salt and garbage more.

I like a good yogurt with some fruit and granola. My friends say that makes me sound like a mom but fuck them it’s good shit.


Trader joe’s.


Almonds or some mini carrots.


Cookies, any cookies.


Currently can’t stop eating English Muffins