What's your go to snack food?


i was just gonna say ‘ass’ but it’s not a long enough post so,


I’ve had this on and off thing with Smart Foods White Cheddar Popcorn for years. I’ll eat it for months, get completely burned out on it, and take some time off.

But the cycle always begins again…


Whatever’s in the cupboards. Try to play this by buying carrot sticks and hummus but more often than not I’m just guzzling white bread and cheese and biscuits.


Cheese and crackers, or pita/tortilla chips and whatever dip I have around.


Are we talking butter or jam here? Gotta admit I also kinda think it sounds like ass


There’s this lime and sea salt popcorn on sale at a pub up the road from me and I legitimately ate like three bags during a quiz a couple of weeks ago. So good.

Otherwise chocolate. Anything chocolate. Anything covered in chocolate. Chocolate fingers particularly.


Don’t really eat snack food. I guess my go to is fruit of any kind. Bananas, strawberries, avocados, cherry tomatoes.


Anything that has chile and lime on it. The best? Bag of chips from a street vendor in Mexico that is doused in Valentina hot sauce, lime, and salt. Woof.

Also, seeing a distressing lack of fruity candy on here. If jolly ranchers could sustain human life alone, that is all I would eat.


Cadbury Fingers

Went to World Market, bought them once, and it was over. I’m addicted. Wish I could stop craving them so much because shit’s expensive. Honorary mention to the dairy milk and wispa biscuits.


Actually been guilty of Butter AND Jam.

But yes going down on some english muffin has a certain ring to it.


yes these are the best! also I like biting the ends off and sucking hot tea up through them (is there a non-disgusting way of describing this…) bc it’s delicious.


Potato chips. I’ve managed to stop eating a lot of junk food in general but I cannot quit you, chips.


Salt and vinegar chips. Preferably kettle cooked.


I really enjoy Starburst, Skittles, Jolly Ranchers, all that, but it can’t be a regular snack, just an occasional thing, otherwise my already not-so-great teeth would be much worse :frowning:


KIND maple quinoa clusters with chia seeds have been my go-to for a few months. Probably a little bit healthier than the bag of peanut butter Snickers I was slowly destroying.


Pickle chips all the way.


Try Cheese banana wontons. Easy to make and takes like 5 minutes. My wife will make me one when i feel hungry at nights. Here is a link check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcnSUdnUvic&t=29s


hint of lime tostitos baybee


Flamin’ Hot Monster Munch.


Roast Beef Monster Munch.

They are equally delicious. I cannot pick a favourite.


My go to snack is protein bar…Try it