What's Your Most Memorable Multiplayer Gaming Memory?


So there we were, surrounded by fog...

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AvP classic 2000
Me as marine vs three aliens since my group left.
Hid under a train(?) and cried.

10/10 would poop my pants again.


In Rainbow Six Siege the other day we were playing defense, it was 1 v 2 and my other teammate was down a few feet from me.

I was playing Doc so I went to shoot him with my healing dart. Well I scrolled instead of clicking and shot him in the knee with my revolver. He didn’t make it.

The last remaining player on the other team downed me, I healed myself, recovered and took them out while they stood over me trying to figure out where they had gone wrong.

I laughed so hard I couldn’t select an operator next round and had to play a recruit.

Teammate, if you’re a Waypoint forum visitor, I’m so so sorry, I really didn’t mean to shoot you. And Ash, gg friend.


In For Honor, wiping team from the other side of the map with a grenade.


America’s Army. This was way back in the day when it was still a small game and before the big 2.0 update. I’m 13 at the time and an average player at best. We’re playing the bridge crossing map and I’m the last alive on a team with randoms and the other team has 3 members left. I go prone near the objective.

First enemy comes around slowly, using the cover of the trees. He’s scary close and I panic fire. He’s so close I would have had to try to miss him. He drops before he can react.

Second enemy comes straight down the road making a bee line for the objective. I usually fire too early but this time I hold my breathing, both in-game and in real life, line up the shot, and drop him.

My body is shaking at this point. I can feel the pressure of my team watching me. The silence of the map is also eerily, a quiet, snowy map with a dense fog. There’s a stillness in the air that adds even more to the tension. And I’m sure I’m going to choke, the pressure is too much, I’m going to flub. I know I’m not a great player, I know I mostly got this far based on good positioning and unaware foes.

The last enemy tries to skirt the edge of the map and slip past me, but I see him off in the distance and take a shot, aiming slightly high to compensate for the bullet drop.

He goes down. We win the round. I’m grinning as I read the chat fly by as everyone on my team starts congratulating me. For the first time in a multiplayer game, I feel like a hero.

For a goofy kid who usually doesn’t make big plays in real life sports, it’s this ecstatic moment of saving the day for the team. I’ll never get that feeling with sports, I never have the guts to go for the big plays, but I got it with a video game and it was glorious.


For me it was while playing Warhammer Online (the MMO), but before, a little of background: before that I mostly had played Ragnarok Online, which pvp (and by extension the gvg) was kind terrible plagued by you must be a certain level, needing to have absurd rare stuff and all related issues. But Warhammer, while had it own share of issues, the pvp/gvg/rvr experience was very fluid and accessible, since it the whole thing was divided in tiers of 10 levels (where higher level character could not enter, while character below a certain threshold would be raised to certain level) everyone would be around the same level/gear (in general sense) so pvp was much more enjoyable.

But my most fun experience, was defending one fortress, I was just walking around and saw the warning, if I remember right, either there was way to teleport quickly or if I got there fast, but anyway - soon I and other players rush to defend the place, while other player came to attack. From there one there was rather fun siege.


Overwatch. CTF. Lijang Garden. It was 2am and I was dead tired but I let my friend talk me into playing one more round on the condition that I would play Torbjorn, build a turret above the flag and just sit there with my trusty sit emote for the entire game. Which I did. Successfully defending the intelligence against each push with well-timed Molten Cores.

This lasted until the final minute when, with the score still tied 0-0, I decided to be the hero Lijang deserved, got up off my ass, and walked the long way around on my tiny dwarf legs to the enemy intelligence. They also had a Torb defending but he seemed really intent on camping his turret, which I just spammed down with shots while healing myself with the armor I’d built up from camping my own turret the entire game. Took them both out with health to spare, picked up the intelligence, and secured the win just as time ran out.

Overwatch players, don’t underestimate Torbjorn. He will mess you up.


For me, it’d have to be custom games in Halo 1. I have a distinct memory of this capture the flag map where we’d placed the spawn points right next to the flags and set everyone to spawn with rockets. I remember the waves of the bodies being blown around the circular room by the explosions was hilarious to my friends at the time. Back when ragdoll physics alone were enough to be novel and entertaining. Man I feel old now.


Forgive the run-on sentence is but I’m using speech to text it was in counterstrike I think 1.4 1.5 I’ve been playing on a server called canes layer for about six months and it was a great community it was run by someone who make sure there is no cursing on the server and we had really good ad men’s so generally it was much more pleasant environment than most other counterstrike service at the time they had their own clan on the server the canes Lair clam and the best player in that clan was super man’s crotch
Being in college and having plenty of free time meant that in six months are playing I improve drastically to the point where I was asked to join A Cal-I clan
So the one particular match that stands out to me was around that time when I have gotten super elite elite it was on the Italy map and I was playing a counterterrorist and Superman’s crotch was on the terrorists is come down to just me and him and we are both walking so he didn’t make any foot noise and try to find out where the other one is through glimpses and occasional sound cues I deduced that he was probably around a certain corner I wasn’t 100% sure but I made an educated guess my point I was around the corner and I aim to where I thought his head would be if he was standing in the corner that I was around I took a deep breath made the decision and whipped around the corner but before I came into view and he came into view I started firing - pre firing if you will and my first couple rounds went into the wall before I swung around the corner and the continuous fire stitched up his chest into his head and he died
He started screaming about how I could know He was there and that I must be using aim bot must be using aim bot. I calmly talked him through the process I used to defeat him and all the little tricks I picked up and he was generally impressed I got to the point where I was the best player on the server in certain situations and certain maps I could never snipe well though but getting his respects and having him accuse me of cheating because I was so good was one of the proudest moments of my gaming career

I’m dying to get on battlegrounds I watch all your streams as well as giant bombs and polygons awful squad but I need a new graphics card but is soon as I do watch out for Pochinki Spice Latte!


Not sure if this is what you meant, as it isn’t an online multiplayer, but my dad and I used to play Golden Eye on the N64 all the time.

For me, those play sessions make up some of my fondest gaming memories and were wonderful bonding experiences with my dad. For my dad, those memories are nightmares.

I was the worst to play with; constantly screen peaking. I would get one kill at the start, ensuring I had an early lead, and from there on I’d just camp behind walls. If he wanted to catch up he had to come to me. But doing that meant certain death, as I was hiding in the shadows with a moon laser.

My dad may have hated it, but I was having fun, and when it gets down to it, is that not the greatest gift a parent could ask for?


I have two:

  1. an all nighter on Halo 3 a week or two after it dropped. We had Monday off, so we put a solid 12 hours into BTB. It was stupid fun, even though I wasn’t very good at that game.

  2. Three-person clear of Crota Hard in Destiny 1. This was right before The Taken King dropped, so we were “stronger” than intended but good lord that was difficult.


Playing Halo 2 split-screen deathmatch with my younger sibs and their friends. I got very good at screen-peeking, appearing from behind corners to dispensing death with dual-wielded SMGs.

I am garbage and they prefer not to play competitive games with me anymore.


The first time my friends and I LAN’d four original xbox together and played Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow multiplayer.

We even ran the two teams in separate rooms with very long Ethernet cables and used headsets to trash talk each other when grabbed.

The terror of that first match as the mercs on Deftech-Belew is a stain on my brain.


Oh man I played WoW from core through the end of Frozen Throne so I got a lot. I could probably write a whole book about falling in love with someone I knew I could never be with, because that happened. Or how good it felt when, on my way out of WoW, I managed to lead my raid group of goofy scrubs to get their bone drakes from Hard Mode ICC. The night everybody got them was the night I unsubscribed. It felt right, like going out on top.

But instead let’s just go with the time I met the administrator of my favorite Counterstrike server (beta 5? beta 6?) at a house party and got the admin password. Being able to kick people you didn’t know off the server so you could long on and play was pretty cool to a guy in high school. I feel a little bit bad about that, but not that bad. I still remember the server address and password.


Two spring to mind.

The first was many, many years ago playing City of Heroes. I was on my ice/storm controller, and I’d joined a selection of seven other randoms to do some missions with. We were poking around a Nemesis base when our scout got bored and decided to superspeed around an entire room looking to see if the thing we were looking for was there – because superspeed came with stealth, so he could do that.

Except. Nemesis snipers can see through stealth.

He aggroed the entire room, bringing about six groups – each group meant to be moderately challenging for a gang of our size – down on all our heads. Our teleporter immediately legged it back to the stairs, a safe place from where to rescue everyone else, one at a time – and I stood in the entrance to that room, cut loose with every power I had, and held all of them back. Maybe half a dozen guys made it past me out of that sea of enemies. I never felt more like a superhero than for those 30 seconds or so.

Then the teleporter zapped me to safety and without my control the rest of the team died in seconds. Can’t win 'em all!

The second was playing League of Legends. I was solo-queueing as Karma (a support character who at the time was never played by anyone, as far as I could tell) and got matched with a premade team of four. The match got off to a rocky start due to some poor communication but things improved and we started winning. Anyway, while the rest of my team was off doing… something… I was clearing top lane, which had been severely pushed – and I got jumped by three of the enemy. I legged it, as you do when you’re playing support and the enemy carry drops on you, but I was a long way from safety and I was pretty certain not to make it even with Karma’s fancy speed boost power.

And then, with me on about 1/5 health and still running, the entire rest of my team piles out of a bush and drops on them. It was a real YES! moment – even more so when a moment later my powers recharged so I could just turn around and drop healing/slaying fans right into the melee.

That match ended with the team I’d been matched with calling me “pro Karma” and the enemy team shocked that we weren’t a premade of five, with how well we’d worked together. One of the best matches I had.

Actually, honourable mention to the other super-memorable game I had in LoL where we were getting pasted but the enemy Cassie was so obnoxiously abrasive all we had to do was hold out until two of her teammates ragequit and the other two voted to surrender rather than spend any more time listening to her. That was also pretty memorable.


Star Wars Galaxies.

For those unaware of the game, it was the Star Wars MMO before Old Republic. It had a wealth of features that made the game very open world. Like player cities, huge planets, and resource mining. A lot of freedom for roleplaying including a class that was just for changing the looks of players, tailors that could create a wide range of clothing, emotes, faction armor, and multi-pilot spaceships.

I bought this game when I was 12. Well my mom did. A EBGames employee had the pleasure of explaining to me what a subscription-based game was for the first time. I can not even imagine the stress for the poor soul. I left that store that day with a game that would impact my view on games themselves and games I like for the rest of my life. A game that open my eyes to the world of technology. A game that helped me open up to others. Having been a shy kid my entire life.

I am sitting in the virtual rendition of the Mos Eisley Cantina. The iconic music playing in the background. My character is a Bothan. The dog likes creatures reponsible for giving the information about the second Death Star to the Rebels. I am maxed leveled. I am a Rifleman, but I am also a Creature Handler. I raise and train the animals of Star Wars to help me or others in combat or to just to get around. On the ground I am aligned to the Rebels. In space I am aligned to no one(An actual option). I am a member of the Opposing Forces Guild. Our city Aurora located on the wasteland desert planet Lok.

So is this story going to be about a raid? A dungeon? A PvP event? Nope. It is about the many times I would just sit in the Mos Eisley Cantina for a couple hours. People would come and go all day. Because a crucial part of the game belonged here. Buffs. To get the good buffs you needed to visit the Cantina. It was here that real players who decided to have their characters be Musicans or Dancers called home. There they would dance or play from a list of different dances and songs. While using different instruments or props. Even bringing their own unique takes by being able to make customized routines.

Right between the Star Port and the Cantina you would find traders. Advertising their wares and shops off-world. Players who landed had to cut through the wall of advertisements to make their way to the Cantina. This is where the community was. It was here I made friends. We talked. We argued. Got caught up in drama. Role played. As the steady stream of people came and left. With players leaving credit tips to the Entertainers as a thank you for the buffs.

The best part was the spatial chat. When you left the Cantina you would no longer see what the people there were saying. When you typed a message, it popped over your head like a comic book. Using commands like /yell or /whisper not only changed the look of your chat bubble, but it impacted the range in which people could see what you were saying.

As a kid this game was like being invited to the Chocolate Factory. I was completely blown away. Being a part of that community was something very special that I will never forget. I am always looking for a game that can harbor a community like that game did. As I wave to people in Destiny 2 and I see them wave back, a part of me escapes back to those days a decade ago in that desert cantina.screenShot0009


For me it was way way back playing the original Medal of Honor:Allied Assualt for the PC. We were american, and restricted to their weapons. Both my buddy and I were running Garands, as well, we were on voice comms. We were separated on the map, each doing our own thing when he starts hollering at me he’s being chased by a german with the, I think, STG 44 rifle. I tell him where I am and he joins up with me. Instinctively, we both take a knee and wait for the german to come around the corner. As soon as he appears we both light him up, I don’t think he even got a shot off. I can totally imagine the person behind the keyboard being completely surprised to come around a corner and be met by what was essentially a firing squad. It’s been 15 years and we still bring that memory up every once in a while.


A few weeks after the Rocket League PS+ period. This was before everyone was doing sick aerials in the game and I couldn’t keep up anymore.

So approaching the last minute of the game, blue team (the opposing team) goes for it and we are tied at 1-1. Now, Rocket League did for me what no other multiplayer game did: I did not chill in that game online and the last ninety seconds of each match make my heart race.

I think this game in overtime took more time than in regulation. No one let up. People were clearing the ball successfully, and there wasn’t too many chances up until the final thirty seconds of the game. The ball runs down the right side of the field, and I quickly pounce on it to position it right in front of the goal. Rocket League has this good thing where even if you’re playing with randos, they are usually in the right spot to make plays.

I drive to the net, hoping to side boost it in for a goal, but a teammate gets there before me and launches the ball at high speed, and as luck would have it, the ball hits the crossbar, rebounds away and starts rolling to our zone. I demolish a guy trying to go for it, and quickly rush back to defend.

I start backpedaling into our zone, watching everyone crowd the ball into the right hand corner. Finally, someone banks the ball off the wall and it is floating straight at me. My eyes light up and I wait, wait and hit it dead on. It soars through the air for a second or two, finally hitting the wall above the opponent’s net. I’ve been tracking the ball the entire time, and as it comes down again I boost jump it into the goal and the final score is 2-1. I distinctly remember my heart beating so fast in that 5-min OT and not celebrating my OTW, just looking at the screen and thinking ‘Holy shit’

I think I might have video of this somewhere? I’ll have to go and look. But yeah, I’ve never done team sports, but that was the closest I’ll get to a ‘clutch moment’.

EDIT: PS Share button is great. (I don’t know why this has no audio, probably a funky thing with the Premiere export)


I’ve got a really good FFXIV story, actually.

So me and a few members of my Free Company are doing runs of A12 (Alexander - Soul of the Creator), trying to get the weekly drops for whoever doesn’t have them. We pug a few people and one of them happens to be a dude who’s streaming. I think it might have been for a charity thing, but I don’t think so and I don’t remember enough to say for sure. None of us are stream shy, so we just kind of shrugged and got into it.

Well, we eventually make it into Phase 2 of the fight, and our FC main tank starts getting a little thirsty for the Limit Break. He does this sometimes when he thinks people are “taking too long to hit the LB” and since it wasn’t current content, he didn’t think it mattered. So Ellie hits the fucking tank LB and gives us a useless damage down for a few seconds. We wipe to Enrage for a number of reasons, at 1%. I immediately call Ellie a fucker in party chat and we try again.

We eventually win it, and later go check out the footage on the guy’s streaming archive, since lost to time. Not only did our wipe delay his dinner but I got the player commendation.

On a more embarrassing note, back when Sophia Extreme first came out, I joined a learning party to get a better handle on mechanics before doing it with my FC (we cleared, eventually). All us pugs get on Discord and we start going at it. We get past the DPS check and die a few times before our DRK quits. We fuck up the queue through inattentiveness and eagerness and queue in with one (1) tank and one (1) healer and six (6) DPS.

It did not go well.

Luckily, for your entertainment, I have video of this from one of the other party members. Warnings for LOUD.

It is still, hands down, one of the funniest fucking moments I’ve ever experienced in this video game.


Dragging 4 OG Xboxs to my friends house with 4 TVs and having all-weekend 16-player Halo tournaments in high school.