What's Your Mouse Sensitivity?

So I’ve been playing a lot of TF2 and have found out that my regular sensitivity wasn’t feeling right for the game. While doing this I recently found a video from TF2 pro player, B4nny that talks about sensitivity and what to look for when setting it up, it’s really good.

Based on the info on the video, my previous sensitivity was 10.5", meaning in order to turn my view a full 360 degrees, I had to slide my mouse 10.5". I recently dropped it down to 8" and it feels great now. It feels like a good balance, as I will make large turns with my arm, but make fine aiming adjustments with my wrist. I’m starting to see how it feels in other games, like Rainbow Six Siege.

I’ve also felt like since playing at a more medium fast sensitivity, it feels much better on my large (18"x16") mouse pad, than playing at a slower sense.

My cousin swears by turning his mouse sensitivity almost as low as it’ll go and using a huge mouse pad. When he plays CS or PUBG, he puts his entire arm in to moving the mouse around. Claims it gives him better aim (and supposedly cuts down on wrist problems).

I will admit the few times I’ve tried it out and dropped my sensitivity down even one notch (via a button on my mouse) that I do tend to land shots a lot more easily because it helps dull twitchy movements, but in most contexts I can’t stand a low sensitivity for looking/moving.

Which seems to tie in to your video, watching it now.

I usually keep my sensitivity at what I could call “medium-high.” Unlike my cousin, who has a gigantic desk to put his huge 2 square foot “mousing surface”, I have a tiny little keyboard tray that almost doesn’t even fit an average mouse pad. I gotta keep that sensitivity high just because I can’t cover a lot of surface area when I move my mouse.

Unfortunately that means that I miss a lot of shots in games like PUBG.

My mouse isn’t too sensitive. I’ve knocked it off the desk a few times and I didn’t get upset.

high enough that anyone who uses my computer (work or home) immediately complains, is that bad?