What's Your Non-Food Comfort Food?

You know that pleasant fallback when everything else sucks, and you just need something warm and familiar? I’m curious what types of things everyone turns to when they need their comfort food (besides actual food). Maybe it’s something that gives enough mental engagement to suck you away from the rest of the world, or maybe it’s mindless repetition that just pushes enough of your buttons to be satisfying and/or soothing.

For me, it’s a couple things. I’ll put on Parks & Recreation on Netflix, pick a random episode, and go. Because sometimes, even if you’ve heard the joke 20 times by now, it just is never not satisfying to see Chris Pratt point to the computer screen and say “Hey Leslie, I typed your symptoms into the thing up here, and it says you may have network connectivity problems.”

As for gaming, for a good time it was the satisfying cadence of popping off headshots in Destiny. But lately, I’ve found solace on the high seas of Sea of Thieves, trimming the sails, finding buried treasure, killing skeletons, collecting animals, and slowly (very, very, very slowly) watching my gold and rep meters go up, all while enjoying a beautiful game world.

So what about everyone else? What are your defaults when nothing else is getting the job done, or you just need a mental health retreat?


Jon Bois videos. Also sports in general but especially Jon Bois videos. Probably my personal favorite just for the simplicity and how deep he dives into such a relatively small moment, though YMMV. Every episode of Pretty Good is, in fact, pretty good.

Also sometimes videos by old TF2 youtubers I used to watch a couple of years back, and gaming-wise, definitely Pokémon, and Overwatch, and Into the Breach, and Half-Life 2. I’m getting a new gaming PC soon and was thinking about trying Sea of Thieves, so that might end up on my list as well.


Read title; expected a thread about xylophagia or similar. Well played discourse.zone, well played!

A warm bath, a cold beer, and a laptop with Netflix on it.

Taking a nap in a hammock on a warm day in the shade, preferably after dozing off reading a book.

Coheed and Cambria / Always Sunny or Modern Family / browsing my collection of RPG rulebooks (and fantasizing actually having a group to play them with) / Hitchhiker’s Guide series + like 500 other novels that I read a long time ago / Mass Effect and Dragon Age series games

Detective Conan. I’ve seen literally 700 episodes and 15 movies of that series, and I’m not even a regular anime watcher. Every episode is a tight little mystery, often surprisingly dark, wrapped in a cute, friendly veneer. I’m a huge mystery fan, and Detective Conan consistently pleases me and is just a joy to spend time with.

I also love the little cultural flavor details that often play into the mystery. For example, a mystery might be the result of someone mimicking a Japanese djinn legend in order to hide their identity, so they’ll explain the djinn/other culturally-specific detail. It often makes the show feel transportive.

Always Sunny and the ME series are also in my ‘comfort food’ rotation. I’m still bitter that Always Sunny was removed from Netflix back in December.


Going for a long walk on the marsh when it’s rainy and listening to like a Hop Along or Mountain Goats album real loud

Or getting into bed and seeing what specifically the lets players I liked in high school are playing now

Also horror films? Because a lot of horror can be really formulaic it’s kind of comforting to watch and be able to expect what’s coming up OR it’s fun to be really surprised and shaken when the formula is broken in interesting ways

Northernlion’s Binding of Isaac lets plays and cuddling with a friend, also small routines because autism and OCD

Like several of the previous posters, my non-food comfort food is essentially any familiar routine.

I like to re-read books, or watch the same Let’s Plays on Youtube, or watch the same episode of Game of Thrones online. I played Minesweeper for hours instead of doing my work. For slightly more mind-involving stuff, I will sometimes wind down with a tower defense game after a stressful day. There is something really satisfying about seeing a long line of units get destroyed by your interlocking network of cannons.

Happy to see lots of love for It’s Always Sunny. It’s encouraging that we all get a kick out of watching these horrible people play out the worst traits of human behaviour. Also, real talk. I don’t like admitting to this, but the gang kind of represents the group of people I hanged out with in the first few years of university. When you are in a group of people like that who are accepting of everyone’s flaws… It’s not a healthy place to be.

I’m in the UK and still have it on Netflix. Thank God. I don’t know what I’d do if it was removed - buy it on DVD I suppose… but still I have so many favourite episodes from so many different seasons, it would suck if I had to change the DVD whenever I wanted to watch it.

Thoughts and prayers for everyone in the US.


In recent years my “comfort food” has been the Forza Horizon series. When I need to wind down I just hop in a cruiser car, pop in some music (perhaps the Drive soundtrack), and just… drive. I’m really hoping for an FH4 reveal at E3.

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TV - Star Trek: TNG or Brooklyn 99
Games - Destiny is that ratty old t-shirt that’s the most comfortable article of clothing you own.
YouTube - Gunpla (Gundam model kit) reviews or build alongs.

I was just starting to get into FH3 when Sea of Thieves came out, and then I fell down a Dragon Age hole. I’ll have to get back to that sometime soon, because that is one gorgeous world to explore.

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Take your time, Australia will be there when you’re ready. FH3 is a great fallback when you’re not sure what to play. :slight_smile:

My ultimate comfort media is the 1974 Murder On The Orient Express. Something about being snowed-in with Lauren Bacall and Albert Finney, who’s in top scenery-chewing form, just makes everything feel right with the world. Plus, my husband and I bonded over it on our second date, so I can indirectly attribute it with hooking me up with a pretty great dude :two_hearts:

Watching old Giant Bomb quick looks I find funny, if I have ever had a bad day I can just line-up the Sleeping Dogs quick looks and get a smile on my face.

Also just going for a walk with a podcast or album I love. I have listened to old Adam and Joe episodes tens of times, but they help a lot.


GB Infinite has been a bit of a godsend. Used it last night when my baby didn’t want to sleep.

Historically, anything that could consistently make me laugh was really just the best medicine for a rough day. Back when I had cable TV, that was The Daily Show or Conan. Now it’s Giant Bomb or Drunk History.

Whenever my partner is out with the kids, I take the opportunity to play Rocksmith as loudly as I can stand.

It’s my pups. Two yorkies, Mogwai and Wookiee (Side note: every vet or groomer we’ve ever had spells it “Wookie.” Come on, people, learn your shyriiwook!)

They’re just whatever I need whenever I need it. Bummed out or just tired? A curled-up pupper on your lap will soothe your woes. Want a little pick-me-up? Curled up pupper. Need to share your joy with someone? Curled up pupper. It’s foolproof.


I discovered Sunny in 2008 and managed to turn my two brothers and friend group onto it. After watching every episode way over 10 times each, I just put it on as background noise when i’m falling asleep or unwinding after a long shift. It’s honestly the perfect tv show in my eyes.

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