What's your Pet's name, and what do you actually call them?


Charles Barkley


This is Tarkus (I didn’t name him)

other names include (but are not limited to):

  • Fluffy Peanut
  • Fuzzy Little Gremlin
  • Inspector Brambles
  • Potato Wedges
  • Jingle Jangle (The Drug From Riverdale)
  • Stinky Poop Butt
  • Dreamworks’ the Idiot Baby
  • basically any series of words that come to mind


This is Perry :slight_smile:
Also known as Perrywinkle, Per-Per, Purry, Purpee, Perpushatina, Perpushishtik or Ouwe (Dutch for oldie) because he is 10! ^^


Guys, this is seriously the best thing Waypoint has ever done.

EDIT: And I really like Waypoint!


Hi, this is Suna (meaning “sand” in Japanese - we are mostly a Japanese family), he is a friendly and curious cat. He is seven months old. He loves boxes and baskets and plastic bags. He is developing a water fetish.
I also call him, Goober, Goobie, Young Man and Suna-chan.


This is my dog Mango:

We call her:
Destroyer of Flip-Flops
Despiser of Baths


Name: Wendy Darling
AKAs: Wen, Wen-Wen, Weng-Weng, Weng-Weng da Penguin, Fluffy Butt, Sweetie Pie, Snowpants Cat, Huntress

Name: Waffle Iron
AKAs: Waffles, Waffs, Waff-Waff, Waffle-baby, Little Shit, Stinker, Cuddler, Lil-Bud, Bud-Bud, Butt-Butt, Panther


We have a couple of cats:

Name: Clementine
AKAs: Clemmy, Clemmy-cat, Clemmertine, Clemmer, Clem

Name: Kallo (named after Kallo Jath, the salarian pilot from Mass Effect Andromeda)
AKAs: Kallo Kitten, Little Baby, Baby Boy, Sweet Little Man, Shadow Boy, Shadow Baby, Box Baby (because he loves cardboard boxes)


I have a labradoodle called Cole but I mostly just call him “dog”.


I feel like you and Kratos would get along :grinning:


Haha its more in a Snoop sort of way. I probably should have spelt it dogg.



This is Clementine.

Little Bean
Sweet Bean
Sweet Pea
Becky (when she’s being a Becky)


This is Darcy. He’s 8 years old. 3/4 golden retriever 1/4 alsatian and yes the alsatian makes all the difference. He’s a very intelligent and sensitive gentleman. Sometimes gets in trouble with other dogs on a lead but loves nothing more than a big cuddle on the sofa.

He goes by Darce
Darcelton Doggy
Darcy Dog
Darcy Doggy
Darcy doo dah
Darcy face
Darcy Warcy Pudding and Pie
Bark man

This is his brother Moby (named after the whale). It appears naming your dog after a big old metaphor that could be read as God, mother nature, or absolute chaos and man’s dilemma as mortal beings in an immortal universe - does probably play havoc into your dog’s behaviour traits. He may look cute here, but he’s very disobedient and very clingy.

The Moby
Moby puppy
Mobz Moby
Moby Face
Mobz Man
Shit face
Puppy Face
Posh lad
Scourge of the seas
Moby Bastard
Vanilla Puppy
Vanilla Bastard/Dickheaded bastard

Notice how Darcy is the dog, Moby is always the puppy. That probably explains why Darcy is always so obedient and sensible and Moby is just a scoundrel and gets away with everything. We probably still treat him like a puppy which probably influences the way he behaves.


This is Norma Jean, named after the late Marilyn Monroe.

We call her:

Norman Reedus
The Dutchess


This is Winston, the younger, prettier half-brother of my other dog. He’s a Pug-Jack Russel (it’s a guess) mix. He just so happens to be possessed by a demon from Hell and is named after Winston Churchill. That last (deeply unfortunate) part isn’t my fault, I gave up my naming rights on Winston’s half-brother, Gavin.

Off the top of my head:

  • Winpin
  • Winstantinople
  • Winton
  • insert adjective(s) here Boy
  • Detective Bones
  • Asshole
  • Wintop
  • Pinpin
  • Winstont
  • Demon
  • Jerk


This is Harvey AKA
The Bad Orange
Demon Spirit
Why Harvey Why
My Awful Orange Boy
My Terrible Orange Son
Heavy Heavy Harvey
Hungry Hungry Harvey


Had a cat growing up. He was originally my brother’s car who was going to stay with my parents while he moved, and then he became a permanent member of the house before I left for college. He still lives with my parents, so I guess he’s their pet and not mine anymore.

In any event, his name is Morpheus, after Sandman not the Matrix which came along and ruined that particular reference. I called him… Morpheus. It doesn’t really lend too well to cute nicknames although my dad calls him Morph sometimes which just sounds weird. Occasionally I would call him buddy or kitty, but I was never big into making little nicknames for him.


Thanks! Pumpernickel is a dachshund/springer spaniel mix. We’re not entirely sure since she is a rescue dog (came from a hoarder house) and we don’t know her history beyond that she was about 6 months old when we got her.

Clementine looks very sweet too, I love Pomeranians.


Doughnut. Usually I call him Doughnut. Saying “doughnut” is fun in almost all situations.


Actual Name: Hiccup
Nicknames: Piplup, Hiccypup, Bubby