What's your "Phoenix down" moment?

I’m not even going to mention how old I was when I realized that Santa Claus didn’t normally have an E at the end.


The cultural impact of the Tim Allen classic is undeniable.


I was sitting in my visual rhetoric class and realized that in Undertale the dialogue for Papyrus is written in Papyrus and the dialogue for Sans is written in Comic Sans.


how dare you teach me this dark knowledge abotu Undertale.

how dare

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goodbye. I’m am dead.

I definitely didn’t get it until the reveal of who he was working with.

This moment happens so often in games.
I remember in Halo Reach when one of the Spartans dies from ONE sniper bullet in a cutscene and I was like “that wouldn’t even take out her shields what is going on”!?

That’s just JRPGs my guy.

The Legend of Legacy is their “Gears of War”

Just thought of a new dark one which is “Gears of War” where the COG soldiers are just COGS IN THE MACHINE OF THE GEARS OF WAR

God do ya’ll think Cliffy felt real clever when he came up with that?

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In my defense, I don’t actually play Dota 2, but I did realize just the other day what the game’s logo is supposed to be.

It’s the map.


I learned that saurian means lizard-like, which makes the name Saurian from Mass Effect a little funny to me.


Grimauld Place is not a pun. It literally is Grim Old Place. Auld = Old


I’m psyched to read this thread in ten years or so when all the tweens playing Death Stranding right now realize every noun in the game is pun or metaphor.


His name is Bridges.
But he builds bridges!


They won’t be able to have that moment because they’ll have seen Kojima explain each and every one of them for 4 hours a piece.


DIEHARDMAN is what really gets me


Someone else posts about an F1 driver who is bad
Me: sounds like a real f zero
Me, five seconds later: OH MY GOD I JUST GOT WHY IT’S CALLED F-ZERO


I come to y’all, head in hands, to share my most recent Phoenix Down Moment. I am ashamed to say it happened while I was playing Death Stranding.

Spoilers I guess: In the game, I helped a couple who had been using the timefall to grow and prepare food quickly, and they had given me a case of their beer. It was called “Timefall Porter,” which at the time just sounded like a normal name for a beer. It wasn’t until I saw the cans on the table that I realized it was another pun. “Porter” like the middle name and occupation of the main character. My heart sunk deep into my stomach.

I feel like I owe you all an apology. It was less than a week ago that I was clowning on hypothetical tweens in this very thread. The Gods saw my hubris, and they struck me down.


for bonus marks, Porter as a beer style is literally named after Porter the profession, as they were the original clientele who wanted a stronger, darker beer to relax after their strenuous daily work.


I am SO owned!!!