What's Your "Podcast Game"?


Looking for a new game to play while I catch up on podcasts. Getting tired of Diablo 3. What games do you suggest?


Here’s some games I like to play while I listen to podcasts:
Killing Floor 1/2
Heroes of the Storm (against AI)
Rebel Galaxy
Total War Shogun II
Planetary Annihilation
Cities: Skylines
ELITE:Dangerous (but only if you’ve got a flightstick)
If you are looking for a similar grindy loot game try Grim Dawn or Marvel Heroes


Recently, it’s been Elder Scrolls Online - the biggest reason I sometimes keep the game sound on is the wonderful soundtrack.


Stardew Valley, Stellaris, and Cities: Skylines.


My podcast games of choice are the Paradox grand strategy games: Crusader Kings 2, Europa Universalis IV, Victoria 2, Stellaris (never been able to get into Hearts of Iron, though…).

Also, when I’m in the mood: Stardew Valley, Cities: Skylines, Kerbal Space Program, Civilization, RimWorld, or Dwarf Fortress will all do the trick.


Seconding Stardew Valley and Civilization- I think low-key peaceful games and strategy games both give you enough room to think and process the podcast while still playing effectively.


I second the inclusion of Stardew Valley from @VEKrueger - I also listened to music when I was deeper into Minecraft a few years back.


Terraria’s good, Civ too. I like management heavy games or those with little plot.


Breath of the Wild’s actually been a really good one for me lately. A lot of the more chill exploration moments are great for catching up on pods.


I need a new one myself, but in the past I’ve gone with Destiny and Spelunky. I never really had people I played Destiny with, so I caught up on several podcasts while grinding strikes and the occasional Crucible match


Recently, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Puyo Puyo Tetris. Prior to that, it was Titanfall 2 and Tricky Towers.


When No Man’s Sky was petering out for me I either listened to the FTL soundtrack (way more fitting for that game tbh than its actual soundtrack) and listened to podcasts.


I find it hard to listen to podcasts and read at the same time, so Spelunky works really well as there’s almost nothing to read.


Honestly it’s Torchlight 2 for me, but since you said you’re getting tired of Diablo 3, I have been known in the past to use slow or turn based roguelikes as well a la FTL or Dungeons of Dredmor.


Unsurprisingly, Stellaris is a great one. =)

I like Spelunky and Flamebreak as well. Superhot is pretty effective for zoning out and has just enough thinking to keep it humming along, especially in some of the challenge modes.


Binding of Isaac! Relax to your fave podcast and try to get through a few runs.


For me it’s Overwatch random hero mode


Anything that’s kind of “Puzzle-y” or turn-based stuff. Lately it’s been Civ, Cities Skylines, or Superhot


Stellaris has been my go to recently, but Polybridge is good for low-stakes/low-distraction fun.


rogue legacy and binding of isaac did it for me with 90 and… 250 hours respectively. i would feel less weird about this if isaac’s aesthetic wasn’t so aggressively Not My Thing but it really is just the perfect level of not too distracting for me to listen to stuff over