What's your preferred style of Macaroni and Cheese?

Something I’ve found over the years is a lot of people have their own specific way of preparing Macaroni and Cheese. It probably has to do with how easy it is to safetly adjust to ones personal preference and make from scratch in general.

As an example my roommate likes putting tuna fish in it where as I like adding something like peas or broccoli to it to give it subtle bit of crunch.

So what is your personal touch to macaroni and cheese?

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I am admittedly not much of a mac & cheese person but my preference is something with either pickled jalapenos or tomato soup. Something with acid to cut the fat of the cheese.


I like to mix some blistered cherry tomatoes through that m&c. Maybe you cooked those tomatoes in red wine vinegar. Maybe you put some chillies in to blister with those tomatoes. The world is your oyster when you’re trying to bougie up your mac & cheese.


I don’t like milk sauces much, so I tend to either cut mac & cheese 50:50 with a tomato sauce, or I just melt grated cheese directly onto pasta without making a sauce at all. (Or I melt it in a splash of pasta water and add black pepper, if I’m not feeling lazy.)

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I thought I’d never see it again once I became vegan, but there’s a few restaurants that do a great job, and we’ve got a book by Bosh! which has an amazing version. They’re all going to be a bit more involved, but are also completely worth it.

I think a lot of recipes use boiled and blended cashew nuts, and most use nutritional yeast, though Bosh skips the nuts and uses a relatively straightforward roux.


Ever since I figured out that homestyle mac & cheese isn’t that hard, I can’t do the boxed stuff any more. I also don’t have a particularly strong preference for cheeses, though, pretty much any cheese you have a lot of on hand can make a great mac & cheese.

I do have a favourite additive, though, and that’s broccoli. It adds just a little bit of snap and a little bit of bitterness to a meal that can otherwise be pretty one-note.


Sprinkle that shit with panko crumbs and get you a nice soft crusty top in the oven.


Love mixing some ketchup in there, a move that disgusts almost everyone that’s seen it.

The number of people talking about adding a tomato related item to their mac and cheese is a lot higher then I would have ever guessed. Maybe I need to try this?

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I have three ways I usually make mac n cheese, one of which was mentioned in the OP. I have always loved tuna in my macaroni and cheese. My wife hates tuna (just the smell makes her sick to her stomach), so I don’t do this too much. I usually only do this when she’s out of town for work, which pre-COVID was at least once a month.

Another way I like to make Mac n cheese is with some browned hamburger and tomato sauce. When made with boxed Mac n cheese, it’s a bachelor’s take on goulash, I guess. But it is delicious.

The last way I’ve been doing it is the newest creation of mine. My wife and I get these gluten-free chicken nuggets at Costco. Sometimes, I’ll chop a few of those up and mix it in to the mac with either some bbq sauce or franks red hot sauce. Both of these methods give a cool, layered take.

currently, my preferred style of mac and cheese is mac and cheese either box or full on scractch baked mixed with onions, jalapenos, and bacon. is great on it’s own, and also goes great in quesadillas and burritoes


I like Isa Chandra Moskowitz’ Broccoli Mac and Cheese

The recipe

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I’m telling y’all: put a dash or two of mustard powder in your mac and cheese. Really imparts a subtle, yet deep, note to the dish.


I saw a recipe that recommended a bit of dijon mustard; do you find that mustard powder offers a better flavor to your mac?

I’ve found that a little mustard powder, along with some ground beef, makes a simple copy-cat cheeseburger macaroni Hamburger Helper. My wife and I have done this quite a bit, and if you pop some high quality cheddar in there, you get a dish that has the same notes as HH, but a much better taste profile. Well worth it.

I’ve only ever tried it with powdered mustard. I assume dijon would work, but I’m not sure how well since the powder is a more concentrated mustard flavor.

Dijon mustard - or any mustard sauce, regular yellow works too - has a vinegar element, which can be a nice way to cut through some of the heaviness of a cheese and cream and butter sauce… but I hate vinegar, so when I make that sort of boxed/Kraft-style of mac & cheese, I just use powdered mustard. :cheese:

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Boxed mac and cheese with a ton of garlic powder, chili powder, and red chili flakes. It’s got a little kick and is absolutely amazing!


For the cheese I use an even mix of extra sharp cheddar and gruyere. Once I mix the cheese sauce and pasta, I also add translucently cooked yellow onion. Before baking, I top it with panko and slices of tomato